Where these rules use 'CO' or 'GM', they're equivalent.

1. All Theta Fleet rules apply.

2. Posting minimums: All players are required to post a mission log (either solo or a joint post) once per two weeks (14 days). The CO and XO should aim to post once every week (7 days), but must post at least once every 2 weeks.

3. If you need LOAs, talk to the CO...Preferably before you need to go away. Even just "Balloon went up, will be gone for X reason, don't know when I'll be back" is good in a pinch, though. An LOA is for two weeks. Extended LOAs are for a maximum of eight weeks. Both of those can be finagled with with an eye to extending the time you're on LOA/ELOA, so long as nobody depends on you at that immediate moment (you have no joint posts you're leaving hanging and no essential posts that need to be done to advance the plot) and you let the CO know you're still breathing and interested.

4. Basic "house rules" as posted by the CO:

    A. If you have been told by the GM (that's me) not to do something related to the game, don't do it. If you have been told by the GM to do something related to the game, and there is no specific rule against it, do it.

    B. Check the OOC drama at the door. I will listen to you if you need to vent, usually (some days, even I will beg off). Others might not.

    C. If you attack another player OOCly, or drag OOC stuff IC, I will bite you. You do not want that.

    D. 3 strikes on point C, and you're out. First time, I warn you privately. Second time, the warning goes public, and I may impose other sanctions as I see the need. Third time, you go byebye unless you can show me a *really good reason* why not within 24 hours.
    Fortunately, strikes expire: at 30 days without a strike for the first strike, 60 days without a strike for the second. If you reach a third strike, any strike expiration dates become irrelevant. I reserve the right to proceed immediately to removal if I deem it necessary.

    E. If you want to appeal a decision of mine to the Theta Fleet JAG (or my TGCO, as applicable), you may do so. I will even *help you do it*. I do not fancy your chances in most cases, but you may try.

    F. Theta Fleet's rules apply to this sim as to all other Theta Fleet sims. If you manage to get banned from all Theta Fleet sims (something that is hard to do, but is eminently possible), that includes this sim.

    G. Chain of Command: Learn it. Use it. In general, it goes Non-department-head, DH, XO, me. Air group, it goes element leader, flight leader, squadron CO, wing CO, XO, me. Marines, it goes MXO, MCO, XO, me. If by chance you occupy one of these rungs, it goes from the person above you. If you are having a conflict with someone on one of these rungs, it goes to the next person above them. If the conflict crosses departments, it goes to the XO, then me. This applies to OOC matters as well as IC. Skip levels in the chain, and expect my first question to be "Why did you do that?" We will not move on until you can give me a good answer to that. This is essential if I am to maintain my sanity.

    H. Department heads (including aerospace leaders of squadron CO and up): See G? That's why I *need* to see you active. DHs are the first teachers of players - in RP as well as all other matters to do with simming. The XO and I will help, but you're the first line.

5. Only the CO, or the XO at the CO's discretion, will control the flow of time. A really easy way to see your CO's player shoot steam out of his ears and generally come down on you like a ton of bricks is to do it yourself - I have seen sims derailed, repeatedly, because everybody was deciding that for themselves. When I or the XO decide what date it is, use that! Backposting will be permitted, but should be clearly marked as such in the title of the post.

6. The rating is 18+. However, your fellow players may be reading from work (hopefully while not on the clock) or other places where reading explicit stuff is a no-no. Kindly keep these facts in mind when you post, either IC or OOC. If you question whether something is good to post, talk to me *first*.

7. I run things fairly loosely, as a rule, on OOC stuff. However, when I post rules stuff (which will be explicitly noted in the rules category of the wiki) - it's meant to be followed closely. Whether that be posting formats, content restrictons, or whatever. It may seem like niggling minutiae to you, but I'm generally writing them in an attempt to keep things sane, civil, and organized. My rules are few, but they're key.

8. It is highly recommended that all players have access to AOL Instant Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, or Google Chat. The CO has and uses all of those, regularly, and will use them where possible for OOC organizing, post facilitation, and general running of the sim. It is hoped that it will be possible to organize group chats somehow, but no promises.

9. This shouldn't need to be mentioned - except it does need to be. Have fun. There is zero reason to do this if you aren't having fun. However, keep in mind at all times - this is not Serious Business. We play it serious, but that's because it helps get into the roles - and because ICly we are dealing with serious business. All these rules are written with the objective of making "have fun" easier to do for everybody, from the ICly lowest-ranking crewman to the CO.

10. As a corollary to 9: If you don't want to participate in a post, you don't have to - usually. The exception is if the post is essential to a plot. In those cases, the GM earnestly requests that you swallow your boiling rage against your fellow player and try to play on. You'll have his gratitude, when he knows you "took one for the team".

11. New players must post their first post within one week of the CO hitting the accept button on their application, or be removed without further warning. Exceptions will be freely made if you communicate with the CO.