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Lieutenant Adam Cypher

Name Adam Cypher

Position Chief Combat Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft 2 in
Weight 174 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Adam Cypher is tall and well-built. He tends to exercise a lot to keep himself in shape, mainly because it 'helps him think', rather than wanting to be in shape or looking good. He tends to dress informally when out of uniform, preferring comfort to any fashion that may currently be doing the rounds.


Father Daniel Cypher (Civilian - Professor of Astrophysics)
Mother Diana Cypher (Civilian - Corporate CEO)
Sister(s) Ariana Cypher(Starfleet HQ)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Adam Cypher is a driven a focussed individual. He is professional and task oriented when on duty and only tends to really relax in the company of friends when off-duty. He has an eye for detail and a talent for organisation which makes him very suited to his position on board the USS Jerusalem.

Cypher has a sense of humor that, outside of dire situations, he will tend to expose to others, on or off duty. He can laugh and crack a smile, even when on duty, and he can usually do this without losing his focus, though is aware that some people cannot and tends to limit those things to when he works with people he knows well. To those under him(his department) he tries to be supportive and encouraging, though he can be as hard on incompetency and laxness as any drill sergeant.

His earlier struggles after his Academy days has placed more than a little insecurity in his psyche and, though he hides it well, it plagues him nonetheless. He is a romantic at heart and tends to look for the best in people, which has often led to heartbreak and disappointment. He maintains his somewhat naïve views, though his older and wiser self has tempered it with caution.
Spoken Languages Federation Standard, Romulan, Klingon
Strengths & Weaknesses Weaknesses:
* Can get tunnel vision at times and be focused on one thing too much
* Can be too calculating when aggressive action is required
* Can be too critical of his own performance, over-analyzing it
* Puts too much faith in data and can at times ignore his instincts

* Very good at tactical and strategic planning
* Exceptional memory and cognitive skills
* Has ability to focus for long periods of time
Ambitions Command his own ship
Hobbies & Interests * Painting
* Physical exercise and sport
* Technology(particularly Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence)

Personal History

Personal History Born April 21st 2364, to civilian parents, Adam Cypher had a life of comfort and plenty as a child. He was loved and nurtured and there was very little in his childhood he could point to and say, 'That could have been better'. Even as a child, Adam Cypher was different from others. He was more serious, learned faster and tended to excel at anything he tried. It was only later that his single minded focus on tasks started to be a detriment to him.

Fortunately, his parents identified his special needs and placed him in a school that enabled him to learn how to 'throttle back' on his focus and keep things in perspective. He had a brilliant analytical mind that could handle and process information, making connections between data that computers would find trouble with. It was recommended by his teachers that he pursue a career in academia but such aspirations were far from the young man's mind.

He had always known he would attend Starfleet Academy, both his parents believing that the organization would be best for their son's unique talents and knowing he would likely be bored anywhere else. He breezed through the Academy, graduating in the top 5 percent of his class, his weaknesses once more contributing to him not achieving the top spot.

His first few deployments were rather underwhelming for both himself and his commanding officers. Having chosen the tactical track, he struggled initially to adapt to the broad range of duties that a tactical officer had to perform. His performance assessments were inconsistent, praising his ability to perform certain tasks in one assessment and then marking him down on that same area in the next review. It was during this period that he considered resigning his commission and he came really close several times. A few of the senior officers he served with saw something in him and convinced him to stay.

It all changed with the design of Starfleet's new carrier classes. A dedicated Combat Officer position was created and he was among the first to be sent back to the Academy for Starfleet's new Advanced Combat Operations course. He graduated at the top of his course and returned to duty as Assistant Chief Combat Operations Officer for the USS Phoenix.

He excelled at his duties, really handling the great focus and information processing abilities needed with efficiency and skill. It felt like he had finally found the niche for his particular blend of strengths and weaknesses. His performance impressed his CO and his assessments were nothing but glowing recommendations for promotion to a senior position.

Having completed his tour of duty aboard the USS Phoenix he has been redeployed to the USS Jerusalem, this time as the senior Combat Operations Officer on board. He is both excited and eager for challenge and for the first time since he had joined Starfleet he was feeling like he had a place he belonged.

Service Record

Service Record STARFLEET ACADEMY - 4 year program(started June 2382 - Age 18)
- Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
- Graduated fourth in class

USS Baker (joined June 2386 - Age 22)
- Tactical Officer
USS Alamo (joined April 2388 - Age 24)
- Tactical Officer

STARFLEET ACADEMY - 6 months(started January 2390 - Age 25)
- Advanced Combat Operations course
- Graduated first in class

USS Phoenix(joined June 2391 - Age 27)
- Assistant Chief Combat Operations Officer -
USS Jerusalem(joined January 2392 - Age 27)
- Chief Combat Operations Officer