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Lieutenant Soren Himmel

Name Soren Wilhelm Himmel

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 49

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 195
Hair Color Dark Brown (slight graying)
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description Himmel maintains a fit physique, or more like he spends too much time working that he doesn't take lunch. His eyes are the most prominent feature, being the first thing people notice when meeting him. He will mistakenly go a few days without shaving resulting in pronounced stubble.


Spouse Dr. Regine Himmel, M.D. - age 48
Children Dr. Catherine Himmel, M.D. - age 26 - Resident
Ensign Dietrich Himmel - age 26 - Engineer, USS Kirk
Father Dirk Himmel
Mother Ada Himmel
Brother(s) Pastor Martin Himmel - age 52

Personality & Traits

General Overview Soren is a workaholic, he loves what he does and he is good at it. However, Soren does not give off any sort of arrogance. When it comes to his work he is usually more reserved a closed off. Offering help to young Engineers, but always independent on his own project. Outside work he can be reasonably social and doesn't hesitate to build a relationship. He can sometimes come off as being rude when he has other things on his mind, particularly getting the job done.
Spoken Languages Federation Standard, German, Greek, Hebrew
Strengths & Weaknesses A very intelligent man and hard worker. He doesn't hesitate rolling up his sleeves and turning some wrenches. He would argue that he knows a job is done right if he just does it. He can sometimes take too much responsibility handling minor tasks that could be done by junior engineers, something he is working on.
Ambitions All Soren wanted was to work hard, explore and start a family with his wife. Now, he is looking to get away from Earth and explore the galaxy. Working hard in his profession and doing his job well.
Hobbies & Interests Soren has always enjoyed the reading of philosophy on Earth and more recently of other worlds. As part of his interest of exploring he enjoys doing some reading on other culture's philosophy. He also is intrigued by other world's development of technology.

Personal History

Personal History Soren Wilhelm Himmel was born November 10, 2342 to the German family Dirk and Ada Himmel. Soren grew up outside of Munich, Germany. His family prided themselves on their German engineering and always remained inside the old sovereignty of Germany. His father worked with designing transports, specifically for domestic use around Earth, vehicles that would travel under the Earth’s atmosphere. As he moved up he would help in the designing and maintenance of outer space ships. Soren's family had never a desire or need to leave Earth or Germany to "explore" or see other places. They were always content with their situation on Earth and the only trips for Soren’s family remained on planet. His uncle did make trips to the Moon for his work involving mining. Soren, however, was the first of the Himmel family to leave the Solar System.

Under his father's supervision, Soren would develop his engineering skills. He would watch his father work and aid him with projects as Soren grew older. He had a keen skill to figure out how things connected and work. With this natural skill he even developed ways of designing small engines with more efficiency. He would try to get his brother, Martin, to join him in his projects, but Martin never had the same interest. Soren developed better social skills, always seeking out friends to test his equipment or at the very least watch.

During Soren’s teenage years he began reading up on starship engines and ship construction. Not only of Starfleet vessels, but alien ones, outside the Federation. This also sparked his interest in philosophies and cultures of other planets. His brother was showing a strong interest in entering the ministry, and they remained close. So talking with one another always left Soren in amazement over the ideas and thoughts shared or differed among people. The information of engines and culture fascinated him and lead him into more interest in Starfleet.

Soren applied to Starfleet Academy when he was 17, and he was practically a shoe in. His knowledge on starship engines exceeded many first year students at the Academy. He was accepted into Starfleet Academy, College of Engineering and began his course work in 2360 in San Francisco. While at the Academy his interest in the classics and literature was sparked more, now that he practically lived in an entirely different community from his own. Art and music also began to interest him. His course studies were relatively easy for him since he had experience with engineering and it gave him time to indulge and those other interests.

Soren's Academy days were very influential and he became close friends with fellow engineering student, Ron Allaway of Scotland. Between the two of them they were some of the brightest engineering students. They also caused a lot of antics to get the attention of the female students, and finding ways to win them over. Many were failures. While Ron and he caused some trouble, his friends found Soren to be very thoughtful, trusting and had the heart of an explorer.

Soren graduated from the Academy with the class of 2364 with a Bachelor of Science in Starship Engineering, Warp systems emphasis and Starship Architecture. He was ranked in the top 5% of his engineering class, but 30% overall. His first assignment was to aboard the USS Farragut, a Nebula class. He was slightly disappointed because he wanted to get his hands on the new Galaxy class ships being introduced more.

Before his first assignment aboard the Farragut, Ensign Himmel went back to Germany for some time with the family before making his departure. While home he caught the eye of a University of Berlin pre-med student, Regine Meier. Apparently she was from a small town outside of Munich and did not make many trip in town until many of her friends moved there. They quickly fell in love. They never understood why, but they thought it was because of their common interest in philosophy, art and music.

The Farragut was exactly the experience Himmel was looking for when he entered Starfleet. His tour on other ships at the Academy did not compare to his experience with the Farragut. The places and cultures he saw were beyond any dreams he had. Regine and Soren kept in contact during his year with the Farragut and upon his return, before taking new orders they were married.

Soren found himself in a tough position, because he wished to remain with Regine, but also get back out into space. An opportunity came up for him though. He was confronted by a former engineering prof to help in the Sovereign class project. Soren was only a year out of the Academy and felt that there wasn’t much he could do to help. However, his professor sent in a good word and they brought him apart of the large team to construct a new flagship of the Federation.

For the next five years he was able to remain on Earth with Regine as she finished medical school at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and were gifted with newborn twins, Dietrich and Catherine. He aided engineers with the Sovereign project. He was one of the youngest ones apart of the entire project, and did not hold any prominent position. However, he was well respected and looked to for handling construction and testing. His part was relatively small, but he felt he had a great impact.

He was then given the opportunity to provide support for the initial testing of the Sovereign after it had been built. The next two years were spent working out the kinks and making it more efficient. Himmel was hoping to receive an engineer slot with either the Sovereign or the newly built Enterprise-E. Those ideas were dashed quickly once the Dominion War broke out. Ships needed engineers to support the increase in damage. Himmel recognized the call and volunteered to be reassigned to help the Federation at war.

Lieutenant Himmel was almost thrilled to be back out in space, however the circumstances quickly humbled him and he was assigned to the USS Galaxy apart of damage control. The Galaxy was a prominent ship during the War and was nearly destroyed. Soren saw firsthand how dangerous the space could be and he longed to be home with his family.

After remaining an extra year with the Galaxy after the war, to assure conflict was over for a time. Himmel decided to go back to Earth, and remain with his family as the children grew up. He took a position at the San Francisco Fleet Yards, familiar to him after the Sovereign project, and he helped with refits. He was also able to attend grad school at MIT where he received his Master's of Science in Warp Theory. With his schooling he would also assist as an adjunct at Starfleet Academy instructing a few classes.

He served there 7 years, working his way up to a supervisor of refits. At the same time he watched his children grow and go off to college. Dietrich took the same route as his father and went to the Academy. Catherine, however took after her mother and headed toward medicine.

Himmel was anxious again, and sought to return to space. His time home reminded him of his family, never wanting to explore and it upset him that he remained so long. He took a position immediately aboard the Galaxy class, Venture. Regine was able to join him aboard the Venture and assisted in sickbay where she could. Soren was a key figure among the crew, able to fix problems quickly. They were there for 5 years until Regine wanted to go back to Earth. She had her fill of exploring and wished to settle back down to a calmer place, where threat seemed farther away. Soren wished to continue his service and they came to an agreement. Soren would continue his service in Starfleet and Regine would remain on Earth. The parting was difficult, but they never doubted.

Soren moved to the USS Deimos where he was made the Assistant Chief Engineer. Soren liked the Deimos and the Luna Class. There they sought deep exploration and the smaller vessel was comfortable to handle. Almost too comfortable because Himmel found himself bored occasionally. He would always volunteer for away team missions and get himself involved with the Deimos’ overall mission. The Chief Engineer even sought his advice on particularly difficult problems. For the first time Soren desired to be the Chief Engineer of his own ship. In his years of service he always enjoyed just being a part of the team and doing what he could for the betterment of the ship or crew. Now, he knew that he should hold that position.

Soren found the new Ascension class carrier, Jerusalem, seeking a Chief Engineer. He heard about the Ascension class. Very large ships, nearly double the length of the Sovereign class and uses 4 cores to maintain the warp field. When he was with the yards he kept an eye on its development. And was impressed by it sheer size and systems. The Jerusalem would certainly be a new challenge to tackle. Himmel sent up a transfer request in hopes of receiving this new assignment.

Service Record

Service Record Starfleet Academy, Class of 2364
-B.S. in Starship Architecture and Starship Engineering with emphasis in Warp Systems

USS Farragut, (Nebula-Class) 2364-2365
-Junior Engineering Officer (Ensign)

Starfleet Corps of Engineers, (Sovereign-Class Project) 2365-2370
-Structural Engineer (Ensign)
-Warp Systems Officer (Ensign)

USS Sovereign, NX-90201 (Sovereign-Class) 2370-2372
-Engineering Support Officer (Lieutenant Junior Grade)
-Senior Propulsion Officer (Lieutenant Junior Grade)

USS Galaxy, NCC-70637 (Galaxy-Class) 2372-2376
-Senior Damage Control Officer (Lieutenant Junior Grade)

San Francisco Fleet Yards, (Refit Dock 3) 2376-2383
-Architectural Engineer (Lieutenant Junior Grade)
-Warp Systems OIC (Lieutenant Junior Grade)
-Engineering Refit Supervisor (Lieutenant, 2381)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2378-2380
-M.S. in Warp Theory and minor in Starship Structure

USS Venture, NCC-71854 (Galaxy-Class) 2383-2388
-2nd Assistant Chief Engineering Officer (Lieutenant)
-1st Assistant Chief Engineering Officer (Lieutenant)

USS Deimos, NCC-81122 (Luna-Class) 2388-2392
-Assistant Chief Engineering Officer (Lieutenant)

USS Jerusalem, NCC-61658 (Ascension-class Carrier) 2392-Present
-Chief Engineering Officer (Lieutenant)