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Lieutenant Eobard Winchester-Caine

Name Eobard Lucas Winchester-Caine

Position Chief Security Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6’2” (188cm)
Weight 214.2lbs (15st 3lbs)
Hair Color Black (lightly peppered with emerging grey)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall, muscular man, his black, grey peppered hair is usually long enough for him to comb over neatly. On duty, his visage is that of a man inspired by a stern focus, commanding the respect of those subordinate to him. Many years of combat-related duty have left the once boyish man, with a ruggish face only made more pronounced by the dark shadow left after shaving. He carries his mass with ease, making barely a whisper as he moves, each step being calculated.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Commander Timothy Winchester (Ret.), American, 65.
Mother Eliana Caine, Irish, 62, retired.
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Meticulous, Studious and loyal to a Tee, Eobard's personality is clearly a match for his role in security.

He is highly dedicated to his work, and, will continue unfinished assignments in his quarters, to the detriment of his already feeble social life. He is a stern man who expects nothing but the best from his peers, always pushing them to be the best he can.

That said, he is known to make personal projects out of those who are falling in standards. Standing firm by the notion that it's a leader's job is to hold the hands of those who need a push until they can walk on their own.

He is a very private man, and, is rarely seen socialising, even off-duty, preferring to keep himself to himself whilst he focuses on his physical, and, mental well-being, and, work.
Spoken Languages Federation Standard, French, Italian, Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan (Rudimentary)
Strengths & Weaknesses Positives:
- Studious: Every situation is a lesson as far as Eobart is concerned. He is also undeterred by reading long documents if it if will benefit his work.
- Selflessness: A trait Eobart would consider a must for anyone who hopes to protect. Eobart has no fear of death if the payoff is the life of another.
- Loyalty: Eobart's entire life is, and is most likely to be, dedicated to Starfleet Security. He is willing to do whatever his Commanding Officer deems necessary to protect the crew.
- Compassionate: Whilst being a stern leader, Eobart is aware that we all have bad days, and, is more likely to individually train personnel than discipline them; within reason.

- High-Expectations: Whilst being available if assistance is needed, he expects his personnel to work the best that they can. At this can lead him to push his staff to backbreaking limits.
- Loyalty: As with anybodies loyalty, it can be blinded. At times, Eobart is known to follow orders without question, regardless of the repercussions.
Ambitions Eobard’s ambitions would appear lesser than most. Rather than the typical climb to the top of the chain of command that most officers envisage when looking to their futures. Rather, Eobard would prefer to one day become Executive Officer aboard a ship. A role that would suit him significantly better, allowing him to attend to the departments and assisting the Commanding Officer without having to give up on too much of the dirty work.
Hobbies & Interests A man of simple pleasures, Eobard would much rather read one of the latest holo-novels than spend time with an ancient classic. Mostly, however, he would typically spend any time allocated to reading on garnering new information on technological advances, debates, and, progressions from within Starfleet Security; after which he would be eager to look into implementing them within his own department.

He enjoys music, as most do, and would admit to not preferring a specific genre, and, that he would listen to whichever style took his fancy at that moment.
He enjoys spending time in the gymnasium, or the holodeck, and views physical training as being as much a hobby, as a requirement of his role.

Whilst rare, Eobard is willing to spend time with others, however, he prefers to keep it infrequent due to having ill-practise with socialisation in the off-duty sense.

Personal History

Personal History 2360 - 2378 (0-18yrs Homelife)
December 15th, 2360 marked the day that the Winchester-Cain Clan was completed. After 6 years of marriage both, Timothy Winchester-Caine and Eliana Winchester-Caine, where overjoyed to finally accept someone whom the pair had yearned for since their union. Up until the age of five, Eobard enjoyed a life with both parents, with his father taking a security assignment at a Starfleet Office near their home, and his mother taking a sabbatical from her research in order to make sure she witnessed as many firsts as they possibly could before returning to her field research position with a civilian owned Archaeological team.

During this time, Eobard formed a strong relationship with his parents, particularly his father. It would be this bond that would lead the boy to follow the footsteps of the many generations of Winchesters before him and aspire to a career within Starfleet Security.

Eobard’s first great test of life came in 2365 when his parents determined that it was now appropriate for his father to resume his career as a ship-side security officer, meaning he would go from seeing the boy almost every day to the handful of times that his assignment returned for supplies, refit’s or shore leave. This caused a massive rift between himself and his father, and, caused the child to retreat into himself, focussing on learning what he could to fill the void created with knowledge. This also caused a strain with himself and his mother, but it was rarely addressed as the pair wanted to enjoy the rare opportunities in which they would spend time together.

This behaviour would persist for nearly nine years, around when Eobard hit 13 when his received a troubling message From Starfleet. Being that 2374 marked the second official year of the Dominion War, it was natural that as many able-bodied Security Officers were flung to front lines; both ship-side and planet-side. A few weeks prior, Timothy had sent a transmission warning his family that his ship, along with several others where to deploy to a contested planet, where troops would be deployed planet-side to combat the Jem’Hadar who were causing chaos on the only hospitable planet in the system. That was the last time they had heard from him, but Elaina was certain it was purely down to the nature of his assignment.

Unfortunately, Timothy was currently en-route to Earth aboard the hospital ship, U.S.S. Asclepieia, after suffering several injuries during a particularly intense battle. The household soon spun into a panic induced flurry, making the house as comfortable as possible for when Timothy returned home. It turned out Timothy had found himself on the wrong end of the Plasma fire and was shot in the leg, burning away the skin and muscle and breaking the bone. The Medical Officer presiding over his treatment signed him off on medical leave for a 3-6 month period whilst he rehabilitated physically, and, mentally.

After spending time together the Winchester-Caine men managed to repair their relationship, but the last few years of self-imposed seclusion would prove hard to shake. His father would return to the fleet only one month before the Breen Assault on Earth, an event that would further push Eobard towards his goal of joining Starfleet Security. This event would prove to spur the young man forward academically, working as hard as possible to ensure Starfleet would notice his application when the time came for him to apply.

With this burst of incentive, Eobard would prove to be of above average intelligence and demonstrated this by achieving exceptional grades. His mother, proud of his achievements, and, believing his success deserved reward bought the young man his first motorcycle as a Graduation Gift. After spending all of his life in Ireland, the young man would finally earn himself a seat at Starfleet Academy, and, leave his dreary hometown swapping it for the proud institution that was Starfleet Academy.

2378 - 2382 (Academy Years)

Eobard thrived at the Academy, and, thoroughly enjoyed his experience there. He had chosen a Degree in Interstellar Relations, which required him to complete courses in Xenopolitical Analysis, Comparative Politics, Advanced Interstellar Relations Theory, and, UFP Security Seminars. He also took up two languages, settling on Klingonese and Romulan. As electives, he opted for Cyber Security, Criminal Law, Starfleet Defence Policies, and; Conflict Analysis, resolution and Negotiation.

Furthermore, thanks to his hard work during his high school career, and his positive progression at the academy’s Academic Individual Advanced Development program in his fourth year. This saw him enjoying a year of experience garnered working under the Security Team at Starfleet Security’s HQ in San Francisco. Academics aside, Eobard enjoyed the typical student experience. It saw him working marginally on his social skills and tackling the right of passage that was that of the young love. After completing a 12 week intensive Security Training Program focusing on weapons training, Physical Training, and, policing the fleet; he graduated and began his journey as an Ensign within the United Federation of Planets Starfleet.

2382 - 2385 (Security Officer, U.S.S. Tegucigalpa, Ambassador Class Heavy Cruiser)

Eager to get himself acclimated to life in space, Eobard opted to hop straight on to the first ship that answered his application. At first, he found it difficult to become suited to the isolation life amongst the stars brought. Being that he’d spent a majority of life interacting with his parents, more so his mother than father, and had only slightly dabbled in socialization, Eobart found it hard to interact with his peers. This caused him to once again become somewhat without, yet his dedication to his work never deteriorated. Life aboard the cruiser was mostly mundane due to the exploration aspect of its assignment at the time. He did gain much experience, however, most of it was patrols, keeping an eye on the ships systems, and, planetary protection.

It wouldn’t be until his 3rd, and final, year aboard the Tegucigalpa that Eobard had a chance to demonstrate his combat effectiveness. During a routine mission to observe strange anomalies that had been reported by passing ships, the Tegucigalpa found herself at the wrong end of an anomaly that affected the ship's systems forcing the crew to work around the clock to pull themselves from the situation. Being unable to defend herself, the Tegucigalpa found herself being raided by an opportunistic band of Pirates. With no communication systems, the crew of the Tegucigalpa was forced to defend themselves, and the teams repairing the ship until they could get systems back online.

After years under the observation of the Chief Security Officer, Eobard was granted the opportunity to lead a small team of enlisted personnel to Main Engineering to assist the overwhelmed security team that was struggling to push back the assailants, whilst keeping an eye on the repair team. Armed with rifles Eobard and company quietly, and, quickly, navigated the corridors, stunning and tagging the Pirates, assisting with getting them to the brig. Finally making it to Engineering Deck, Eobard came up with a plan that would see his team bottleneck the Pirates so that fell into the firing line of each security team, leaving them with virtually no cover. The tactic worked, and Eobart found himself earning his first official service commendation. The Captain also deemed it necessary to place forward a Promotion Recommendation for the Commissionary Review Board. He wouldn’t see his review until he transferred.

2385 - 2390 (Asst. Chief Security Officer, U.S.S. Ponce de Leon, Intrepid Class Light Cruiser. Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade)

2385 was a year of development for the young officer. After serving on the Tegucigalpa for three years, Eobard decided to commit himself to a five-year mission, hoping to learn more about the galaxy in which they live in. Making a bold move, he applied to become the Assistant Chief Security Officer of the U.S.S. Ponce de Leon, an Intrepid Class Light Cruiser. His bold move paid off and, thanks to the CO of the Tegucigalpa Eobard was offered the opportunity shortly after submitted. He was also pleased to become aware that his previous CO’s Promotion Recommendation had been granted, and, that he would take up the rate of Lieutenant Junior Grade as soon as he started his assignment.

This assignment would turn out to be one of great growth for the Security Officer. Due to being almost stranded with only the ship's crew as company, and with having to share a smaller mess, Eobard found that he would have to form friendships if he wanted to keep his sanity in one piece. Slowly but surely, he became friends with a few another officer who shared the same studious and curious nature and easily acclimated to life aboard the ship. After almost a year on the ship, the young officer began to form what would probably be his strongest relationship outside of his family. During a routine contraband search, he came across a hot-tempered enlisted Engineer who could probably write an encyclopedia of profanity. Initially, they rubbed one another the wrong way, constantly bickering and finding reasons to argue with one another. However, after an away mission went wrong that had seen all hands lost but the pair of them, the two eventually began developing a bond that was likely to last well into the pairs lives.

After five years aboard the assignment, After a series of botched assignments, Eobard had begun to ponder whether being ship-side was truly what he wanted. Over the last five years, they had lost a few crew members due to accidents, combat that hadn’t gone in their favour, or had reassigned to better prospects. For the last few months on the Oroonoko, he spent much of his time viewing the open positions list accessible to all servicemen fleet-wide. After a few months of consideration, he opted to take up an Assistant Chief Position, with the opportunity of being a shift Chief to gain experience aboard a Starbase, hoping the day-to-day policing would have him yearning to be amongst he stars again.

2390 - 2392 (Asst. Chief Security Officer, Beta Shift Chief, Starbase 71)

Other than a promotion to Lieutenant, nothing above the standard line of duty occurred during Eobard’s time aboard the Spacedock Class Starbase 71. However, Eobard’s enjoyed his time aboard, soaking up all the experience it offered, and appreciating being taken under the wing of the stations Security Chief. Over time, the Lieutenant began to feel his yearning be ship-side return. With more experience under his belt, he decided to apply for the role of Chief Security Officer aboard the U.S.S. Jerusalem.

Service Record

Service Record 2378 - Enrolled Starfleet Academy, Interstellar Relations Major.
2382 - Volunteered with Starfleet Security, Conducting Minor Security Assignment.
2382 - Graduated Starfleet Academy w/ First Class Honors, commissioned to the rate of Ensign.
2382 - Assignment: Security Officer, U.S.S. Tegucigalpa.
2385 - Receives Service Commendation for Daring Tactics
2385 - Receives Promotion Recommendation to the rate of Lieutenant Junior Grade. Promotion granted by Starfleet Commissionary Board
2385 - Reassignment: Asst. Chief Security Officer, U.S.S. Ponce de Leon.
2390 - Receives Tour of Duty: Strange New Places, for completion of 5 year Expeditionary Mission.
2390 - Promotion to the rate of Lieutenant.
2390 - Reassignment: Asst. Chief Security Officer, Beta Shift Chief, Starbase 71.
2392 - Reassignment: Chief Security Officer, U.S.S. Jerusalem.