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Commander Declan Macclure

Name Declan Macclure

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El Aurian
Age 683

Physical Appearance

Height 6'02
Weight 235
Hair Color sandy brown
Eye Color green
Physical Description A stocky man he looks youthful as do most of his race though his eyes do show significant experience, he keeps his hair cut short and has a close trimmed beard kept neatly groomed.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Sovan (estranged)
Mother Melia (deceased)
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family Several he is trying to reconnect with

Personality & Traits

General Overview He seems for all the world like a laid back more casual officer, his office is not horribly cluttered but it has clutter where it needs it.
Spoken Languages Federation Standard, French, German, Latin, some Latin,
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Can relate to various crew through experiences
Has a strong foundation of logc, tactics, command theory and military theory
Always wants to learn new things

Has an impulsive streak
Ambitions Retiring somewhere a small cabin in the woods
Hobbies & Interests Cooking, archery and history, he is also a tinkerer and an accomplised metalsmith, In addition he has a collection of several antique weapons, some of which he may have carried himself.

Personal History

Personal History 1805 in the Highlands of Scotland, a small research vessel sent by the El Aurian Science Academy to study the history of Earth crashed and was rendered un flyable even with the repair options, two of the three man crew had been killed in the crash leaving the lone survivor stranded in Scotland.

As was the standard protocol the ship was imploded after being stripped of supplies and the lone historian looked to disappear in to the crowd in London England, deciding the larger city would allow him to blend in and wait for rescue, Rescue never came, however he did manage to land a job as a metal smith's apprentice , working with iron and steel, while living in a small rooming house when, in a fit of foolish bravado, he signed up for the army to fight Napoleon, During his enlistment in the Coldstream Guards, he was selected to serve as a runner for the commander of the forces, the Duke of Wellington.

During his service he did his best to as it was put "stay out of history" his job was far enough behind the lines to avoid both death, and the possibility of being recognized. It didn't stop him from being mentioned in dispatches once for running an order through fire to one of the cavalry officers.

After Waterloo, he moved off then disappeared, realizing that he couldn't stay the same age for hundreds of years, leaving a note he had left for Australia.

From that time he worked odd jobs and moved around England to stay out of the way, he took jobs as a coal miner, chef, dock laborer, Driver, both horse and truck, while moving and disappearing to keep his cover, When 1914 came around, he was a Police Constable in the Metropolitan Police Force, when the call for troops for king and country rang loudly and with several of his colleagues he joined the Royal Scots Fusiliers, from 1914-1918 he served with distinction, eventually earning the rank of Sargent, with a decoration to his name, a Military Cross, for valor.

After the war he moved around again, this time back to London where he worked more odd jobs before finding his way to schooling. During his education he learned to fly small aircraft, which brought him to the attention of the Royal Air Force, he was commissioned a Lieutenant and trained to fly Spitfires during the Battle of Britain, it was during this time that his actions in downing a German Bomber, and veering his wounded plane to a safer landing space resulted in his being decorated with a Victoria Cross from King George VI, while he recovered from a broken leg he was assigned to General Staff, Then reassigned to work with the allied commands when planning Operation Overlord.

After the war ended he Emigrated to the United States and found a place to hide, He disappeared again, the next time he found his way in to the US Navy, he went in to OCS, not wanting to get the publicity an appointment would bring, where he found a good niche in the surface fleet, serving on several vessels up to command of a cruiser before being moved to shore duty where he served on the staff of Supreme Allied Commander-Europe (SACEUR).

After his retirement he disappeared for a long while, wanting instead to just hide out and wait for rescue. Eventually a Vulcan survey team showed up and one tricorder scan, the cat was out of the bag

Deciding not to make too much on it, he instead went home for a bit to both publish his finding and reconnect with family, he had been away too long and he couldn't fit in so he came back to Earth and after a few hundred years of observing the cultural changes and observing history,

Finally around 2315 he was selected for admission to Starfleet Academy where he studied engineering and focused on warp theory and matter/antimatter reactions.

He moved up the ranks in engineering, finally serving as field XO/command of the USS Duke of Wellington, a Defiant class stationed outside Deep Space 12.

He was selected as XO for the Jerusalem when the slot came available.

Service Record

Service Record 1810-1815: Coldstream Guards, Private: Infantry soldier.
1815: Promoted to Lance Corporal, served as Clerk and Messenger Headquarters staff Selected to serve as a runner.
1815-1820: Corporal 2nd Hussars, dispatch runner
1821-1825: Oxford University: History and philosophy double major
1900-1914: Metropolitan Police Service; Constable Awarded Kings Police Medal 1912 for investigation in to serial murderer.
1914-1915: Kings Own Scots Fusileers, Private promoted to Corporal after training
1915-1918: Kings Own Scots Fusileers, Sargent.
1941-1942: Flight Lieutenant RAF, Coastal defense unit
1942-1943: Command Staff: London, Aide to General staff Promoted to Captain
1943-1945: Command Staff: SACEUR, Rank of Major, planning for operation Overlord
1945-1947: Translator/ Staff office Allied Occupation Forces, Belsen Trials.
1961-1965: University of Wisconsin Madison BS Mechanical Engineering.
1966-1967: Commissioned as Ensign US Navy
1967-1969: USS Forestal, Surface Warfare Officer Damage Control specialist
1969-1971: Lt (jg) USS Fox, Damage control and operations
1971-1974: Lt. USS John Paul Jones Navagator
1974-1978: Lt, Shore duty, MS - Mechanical Engineering Universtiy of Virgina
1978-1980: Lt Commander: Staff duty Pentagon, Aide to Chief of Naval Operations
1981-1982: Naval War College, Command staff training
1982-1985: Lt Commander: Instructor US Naval Academy
1985-1988: Commander: Executive Officer USS Iowa
1988-1990: Captain: Commanding officer USS Antietam
1991-1993: Captain: Staff offficer NATO, Aide to Supreme Allied Commander Europe
1993-1996: Rear admiral lower half Commanding officer, Naval Training Detachment Great Lakes IL

2315-2319: Starfleet Academy BS Engineering Specialization matter/Antimatter reaction
2319-2321: Rank of Ensign USS Bozemann, Engineering officer
2321-2325:Lt(jg) USS Artemis Third watch commander Engineering
2325-2330:Lt(jg) Utopia Planatia Shipyard theoretical research
2330-2336: Lt Assistant Chief Engineering officer USS Griffin
2336-2360: Leave of absence Engineering professor Charles Tucker school of Engineering Florida
2360-2363: Lt. Starfleet Academy, Command staff training
2363-2366 Lt. Starfleet Academy, Masters degree Engineering, Focus on Warp design and theory.
2366-2370: Lt Commander Assistant Chief engineering Deep Space 6 Operations and support
2370-2376: Lt Commander Chief engineer, USS Nebula
2376-2386: Leave of Absence, Oxford University Visiting Engineering and History professor
2386-2387: Command school and refresher training Starfleet Academy
2387-2392: Lt Commander: Chief operations officer Starbase Deep Space 12,Commanding officer USS Duke of Wellington: Definant class
2392- Present Commander: Executive officer USS Jerusalem.


1815: Mentioned in dispatches
1916-1918: Military Cross for valor during Battle of the Somme, Mentioned in Dispatches same battle, Kings victory medal, WW1 service medal, Meritorious Service Medal
1942:Victoria Cross, for guided ditching of his Spitfire after destroying a German Bomber, Distinguised Service Order valor during battle of Britan
1945: ww2 victory medal, Kings service medal

US Navy:

Legion of Merit, Distingused Service Medal, Bronze Star, Navy commendation medal, Surface warfare officer's badge, several campaign ribbons.


2319: Academy Graduation ribbon,
2322: Meritorious service commendation
2360: Commendation for meritorious service
2370: Engineering medal of merit
2390: Medal of valor for actions agains Orion pirates.