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Lieutenant Phoebe Halsey

Name Phoebe Alissa Halsey

Position Chief Combat Operations Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 168lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Short in stature, petite in posture; Phoebe's physique is not that dissimilar to that of a majority of the human females found throughout Starfleet. Her face is heart-shaped and is usually adorned with an approved amount of makeup to draw attention away from her forehead and towards her eyes.

Never one for mundane consistency Phoebe wears her hair in a variety of styles, each one depending on the amount of time taken vs the time she has. Typically this means she ties it back into a messy bun leaving a few curls to dangle lazily, framing her face.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father SCPO Harold Halsey (Ret)., Special Agent, ISPA, Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General, 65yrs
Mother Cpt Alison Halsey Ph.D., Professor of Naval and Military History, SFA, 62yrs
Brother(s) - Lieutenant Joseph Halsey, Science Officer, ESD, 32 yrs (Phoebe's Twin),
- Ensign Harry Smallegan, Security Officer, Starfleet Academy, 22 yrs (Foster Brother)
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vivacious and spunky, Phoebe likes to have fun. She takes her duties seriously but strives to foster a more light-hearted atmosphere. This has led to many presumptions forming regarding her responsibility. She is quick to friendship, keen to build a network aboard any ship she serves upon, demonstrating a lack of departmental prejudice when selecting peers.

Living in the shadow of her esteemed mother, one of the first Combat Ops transfers, Phoebe is prone to push herself to the professional limit in order to demonstrate her independence and abilities. Her vivacious nature tends to project a confusing sense of leadership with those below her, at times, finding themselves confused by her switch from friendly to stern.
Spoken Languages Federation Standard, Klingon, Romulan
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Meticulous, Diligent, Personable, Driven.
Weaknesses: Unbalanced Leadership Styles, Always driven to prove her worth, Struggles with close-knit bonds, Fresh to the field of Combat Ops.
Ambitions She one day hopes to progress from behind a console to the center chair of a ship tasked with protecting the Federation.
Hobbies & Interests War Studies
Enjoys spending time running combat simulations
Tabletop gaming

Personal History

Personal History Like most military brats Phoebe was born in San Francisco, not far from where her mother had been stationed after the scandal of her partnership with an Enlisted Officer had come to light. In order to prove the relationship would not impede their dedication to the United Federation of Planets Lieutenant Commander Allison Halsey had happily stepped down from ship side assignment and agreed to instruct at the academy whilst Harold, Phoebe's father accepted a deal that would seem him receive an Honorable Discharge in order to ensure he could maintain post-military employment.

Thanks to Allison's position at the academy, the fractured family had an opportunity to expand. They did so in 2360, welcoming a pair of fraternal twins into the world - Phoebe and Joseph.

Allison enjoyed a brief maternity leave, spending roughly six months with her children before returning to the academy; where, for the next decade or so, she would be swamped with an influx of students applying to the academy after growing hostilities throughout the Alpha and Beta quadrants became apparent.

Due to their mothers rate within Starfleet, Harold and Allison had decided that he would spend the first five years with their children before he was to get work. This would serve to help the children foster a strong bond with their father; often going to him, rather than their mother, for advice on matters that were troubling them.

Once the children were in full-time education, Harold began to look for a job. After much hunting, in part due to his five-year interim, he landed a role in the United Federation of Planets Department of Defence. More specifically, he began to work for the Intelligence and Special Programs Assessments Branch of the Office of the Inspector General, focusing specifically on instances that involved special weapons programs, due to his tenure within Starfleet. The role meant he would have to dedicate extraordinary amounts of time to his work, whilst not being able to share anything past the bare minimum with his family.

By the time the children were ten, Allison had decided to get a full-time nanny due to work commitments. The discovery of the Bajoran Wormhole and the increasing hostilities with the Cardassians had ushered in an unprecedented recruitment drive by Starfleet.

Both twins would be around thirteen when they decided they would work towards joining Starfleet themselves after school. The dominion war had hit home tremendously with their mother finally being ordered back into active military service, serving as the Chief Tactical Officer aboard the USS Impervious, an aged Excelsior Class. This would lead the children to not see their mother until the end of the war with her being sent out to the fringes of the conflict.

The year following the twin’s fifteenth birthday would be one of their most profound. Early 2375 saw the Breen Confederacy enact a bold raid on Earth, causing significant damage to the San Francisco infrastructure surrounding Starfleet HQ, an event which the twins closely watched from the shore of the Marin County beach. Phoebe would later recall that this was the first time she had had her heart broken. After the close of the war, Allison and Harold had decided to foster in order to help prevent another child from becoming an orphan after the war.

Five-year-old Harry Smallegan joined the Halsey family quicker than was expected, forcing the children to adapt quickly. Phoebe was the least resistant of the twins, finding it easy to adopt the big sister role rapidly. It did, however, take Joseph a few months to grow comfortable with the situation, the male twin being the more reserved of the twins.

By 2376, the family had settled back into the way things once were, Harry universally being accepted by the family; Phoebe would later recall that the arrival of Harry was what was needed to help the family heal from what they had witnessed the year before. Unfortunately, Allison Halsey felt like an outcast within her own family, in part due to her extended absences and work with the fleet. To combat the feelings she was developing, Allison sought to gain a tenure-track position at Starfleet Academy, overseeing the History Department, whilst teaching Naval and Warfare History.

Phoebe would start to gain her own sense of independence as a result of the changes to the household. Her mother spent more and more time at the academy, her father dedicated more time to Harry's development, and Joseph started to spend more time with his friends rather than his family. Phoebe would follow suit.

Sometime around her sixteenth birthday, a spark of rebellion began to take hold. After the Dominion War, Allison had never been subtle in her efforts to push her children away from Starfleet, hoping that they would be prevented from enduring similar experiences that she had. Unfortunately, Phoebe had made her mind up; she was to become a Tactical Officer within Starfleet. For the next two years, she spent most of her free time married to any literature and documentaries that focused on the non-fictional aspects of naval warfare; striving to prove her worth when the time came to enroll at Starfleet Academy.

Educational wise, Phoebe ensured she was ahead of her peers. As such, she found a little time to socialise, preferring a loose social circle to closer bonds; though she would never feel lonely.
To bolster her academic successes Phoebe would partake in numerous extracurricular clubs; her favourite being the model UFP club eventually working her way towards gladly representing the planet of New Arkhangelsk, and the Victoria 282 system; finding the idea of representing Earth to be cliche due to it being her home planet. She would spend the remainder of her free time on gymnastics and field hockey - she would eventually become the team co-captain. Her senior year would turn out to be one of the most stressful years she had yet experienced. Between waiting for a reply from SFA, sitting for her exams, and continuing on with her extracurricular activities, she found herself being stretched thin.

The time she had dedicated to her education soon paid off and she graduated the top of class, narrowly surpassing her brother by a few points to achieve the position of valedictorian. As a public display of rebellion towards her mother, Phoebe’s speech consisted of telling her fellow classmates to follow their own paths, regardless of the influence of others. Stressing the importance that they were now adults and needed to forge a path separate to the ones set for them in order for them to truly be happy.

Of course, this was poorly received by her parents, who admitted great disappointment at what they would label as immaturity due to them being aware of the intended recipient. The family didn’t have long to mull over the matter though due to both twins happily throwing themselves into the pre-academy Cadet Basic Training.

Their mother was also advised to take a year-long course at the Starfleet Staff College where she would step into the role of the student like her children to prevent any bias with regards to their grading. She was also informed that after the training she would be required to take part in a three-year tour of duty at Starfleet HQ.

Phoebe sailed through her cadet training, demonstrating a drive to succeed and strong teamwork capabilities. Like the majority of her class, upon completion of the course, she was then separated from her peers and placed onto the Tactical Track. However, this wouldn’t mean she would spend little time with her brother due to taking mandatory classes that overlapped with Tactical and his choice of the Security track. These courses included basic hand-to-hand, Electrical Engineering, Fundamental Warp Theory, and, Physical Training.

Phoebe would also take her own separate classes which would focus exclusively on the theory based aspects of her chosen field. Being a Cadet 4th Class, this would mainly consist of history lessons looking into the various tactics, successful or not, utilised throughout the ages. They would also touch on science-based topics teaching the cadets how the weapon systems they would manage were able to function and the developmental history surrounding them.

Her second year would see her begin to take up more practical courses. Whilst they would continue to looking into the topics of her first year they would become more complex and evolve into topics which required more than listening and reading. One of the ways their critical thinking was tested was via tactical simulations hosted in one of the Academy’s vast holodeck facilities. As second years, they would also begin to immerse themselves fully into the chain of command with cadets being broken down into squads of ten. Phoebe would go on to be Tzu squad’s 2IC throughout the year, discovering an enjoyment of leadership.

Phoebe’s final two years would be recalled as a haze as the mental and physical expectations grew more intense. This led to a series of cadets dropping out, which was barely noticed by those whom’s attention lay solely with academic and professional progression.

In 2382, Phoebe’s hard work eventually paid off. She graduated with an average GPA of 3.90; majoring in Weapons Systems Engineering. She would go on to request assignment within the Tactical Department, with additional requests being sent out for Security, Operations, and, Engineering. She would eventually receive acceptance into the Tactical Field pending completion of a 12 week Security/Tactical training course that would see her split her time between the San Fran academy and an annex on Andor. After completing the course Phoebe and her brother attended a formal ceremony during which they were promoted to the rate of Ensign.

Not long after the ceremony, the fledgling Tactical Officer was granted her first assignment, the USS Nagasaki, a Sovereign Class Battleship that had been commissioned during the Dominion War; yet hadn’t seen much action like the rest of her class. Whilst she would consider it mundane, Phoebe would be grateful for the experience she had gained as an officer aboard a large cruiser. She spent most of her time conducting supervisory duties, assisting with the maintenance of the Nagasaki’s Phase Array and Ordnance Systems.

Her meticulous nature and her ability to foster an easy going atmosphere led to Phoebe receiving a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. She was also granted the opportunity to shadow the ship’s Assistant Chief Tactical Officer, providing her duties were completed; in order to gain enough experience leading up to the end of her five-year posting in order for her to transfer up the chain of command.

After her five years with the Nagasaki, Phoebe decided a change of scenery was in order. She felt she had gained an adequate amount of understanding into the operations of the Federation's most advanced Battleship.

Her next assignment would be the USS Resilience, a Defiant Class escort; the most advanced of her type. Designed to combat the Borg, and tested extensively throughout the Dominion War, the ship proved to be a fantastic show of force. With the new assignment, came the promotion to the position of Assistant Tactical Officer. A role where she would be able to demonstrate her ability to perform under pressure. Running the Tactical Station during the Beta shift, Phoebe gained experience manning the weapons of a ship and directing orders to fellow members of the tactical department under fire; during a number of engagements.

Phoebe again demonstrated her tactical prowess and ability to work in uncertain circumstances leading to her receiving a promotion to the rate of Lieutenant. It was around this time that Phoebe began to feel as though there was more to learn, and that she wasn’t 100% aboard the Resilience, something about the ship wasn’t enough. This would be resolved one year after her promotion when she would transfer to the USS Rabin, an Akira Class Carrier as the ship's Chief Combat Operations Officer. As such, she was also required to complete the Combat Operations Advanced Training Course; in order to further acquaint the duties that would be added on top of those typical to the CTacO role.

She found that she was enjoying life on the carrier. She realised that she had missed life onboard a ship with more than a handful of crew. She also quickly found that she enjoyed the level of unity required between the departments for the carrier to succeed any given task. After 10 years with Starfleet, Phoebe had decided it was time to settle down and try to stick to an assignment for longer than the standard 5 years.

The plan didn’t stick, however, due to the Rabin being destroyed whilst engaging a splinter faction of the Romulan Imperial Military, who had withdrawn support towards the Empire. After which Phoebe took a few weeks shore leave, before she looked for her next assignment.

She applied for various ships, mostly carriers, yet was hopeful that one, in particular, would accept her. The USS Jerusalem was not only the largest carrier to meet her needs, they also required a Second Officer, which sparked a desire to return to her slow, but steady, climb up the chain of command.

Weeks later, she found that she was accepted.

Service Record

Service Record 2378: Tactical Cadet, Starfleet Academy (4 years)
2382: Graduates Starfleet Academy, promoted to the rank of Ensign.
2382: Post Grad Tactical Officers Training Course (12 weeks)
2382: Tactical Officer, USS Nagasaki, Sovereign Class
2386: Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade
2387: Transfer. Assistant Chief Tactical Officer, USS Resilience, Defiant Class
2391: Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant
2391: Transfer. Chief Tactical Officer, USS Rabin, Akira Class
2391: Combat Operations Advanced Training Course (12 weeks)
2392: Transfer. Chief Combat Operations Officer, USS Ascension
2392: Begins Officer of the Watch Certification