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Lieutenant Commander T'nella

Name T'nella

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Romulan
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 2"
Weight 100lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description To most she looks like a standard fairly attractive Vulcan, though to those familiar with Vulcanoid species, she does have the distinctive ear tip curve marking her as Romulan. By Romulan standards, she is a classic beauty.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Sothan
Mother Nii s'Jeiai (d)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Vulcan Clan Yehenik who have disowned her and her father.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Once one gets to know her, T'nella is actually pretty personable with a witty sense of humor which is more human than alien. However the main hurdle is the prejudice directed against her for her Romulan ancestry.
Spoken Languages Romulan, Vulcan, High Vulcan, Federation Standard, Spanish, Italian, Sicilian, French, Greek, Latin, Klingon.
Strengths & Weaknesses Dislikes Vulcans, thinks the emotion repression is a sign of functional insanity

Pities humans as they reached the pinnacle of societal development with the Roman Empire and have been in a downward spiral ever since.

Not fond of Cardassians, they smell bad like lizard tank bad

Strong sense of duty, almost to the extreme

Intensely dislikes Klingons with a passion, it's a marvel their society has lasted this long without devolving into non-stop internal brawling

Does get exasperated with the Federation attitudes at times but duty is duty so she endures.
Ambitions Plans on entering politics after completing a satisfactory enough series of tours in Starfleet. She would love to eventually have a command position but some in Starfleet have taken the stance of her only wearing command red over thier dead bodies.
Hobbies & Interests Earth history, especially classic cultures. artifact restoration, earth club culture, dancing, loves her pet crabat named Beepo.

Personal History

Personal History T'nella's father was a member of Vulcan Intelligence and on deep cover within the Romulan Empire as an attache to Senator Nazerius, a rather controversial member of the Romulan Senate noted for taking unpopular positions against certain focuses within politics, such as treaties with the Klingons and the poor treatment of the Reman populous and admixed Romulans. It was only a matter of time before the venerable senator eventually ended up on the bad side of a political rival and ended up arrested along with his personal staff. As he was still considered too valuable a resource for execution, he and his staff were sent to one of the rarely known Romulan prison colonies for prisoners considered too dangerous to be allowed in Romulan society, but too potentially useful to be executed. Sothan continued to keep his deep cover role and eventually had a relationship with a fellow attache, Nii s'Jeiai.

T'nella grew up surrounded by influential freethinkers, subversive artists, and controversial historians and so had a Classical Romulan education (5 yrs physical prowess, poise, and mental acuity training, 5yrs academic training, eventual 5 years social skills and etiquette study). If it were not for her parentage, she would be considered quite a catch for a newly appointed young senator with ambition. Had a particularly ambitious action within the Romulan military not decided to raid Helvan V of it's prisoners, she likely would have been reasonably content there. But during the chaos, her mother Nii was killed and Sothan took advantage of the moment to escape with his then 10 year old daughter.

He did make it to Vulcan and while he was welcomed back, his admixed daughter was not so welcomed. His clan was a particularly old and respected one who felt his half breed child was a disgrace to be cast aside. Clan Yehenik insisted Sothan reject his daughter and put her up for adoption, but his logic dictated by them rejecting her, they were also rejecting his blood in her veins so he willfully exiled himself from his clan and Vulcan. They relocated to Earth where he had friends and got a job at Elerian Technology, a respected company devoted to terraforming and developing terraforming technology.

Strongly identifying as Romulan despite having zero position in Romulan society and having a very poor first experience with the Federation through Vulcan, moving to Earth was probably the best thing for T'nella. Due to the difficulty human vocal chords had with her Romulan name, her father reversed the spelling and softened the intonation and fricatives, and she adjusted to their new life in Italy very well and converting to Catholicism. While their home is on Lake Cuomo, they did travel as work dictated to many of the nations around the Mediterranean. T'nella became very interested in the unusual diversity of historic cultures on Earth, particularly the Roman Empire as it had so many commonalities with early Romulan culture and came to the opinion that Earth society had reached it's pinnacle with that and everything since then had been a downward spiral. During her time as a student at La Sapienza, also known as the Universita di Roma, she achieved undergraduate degrees in Earth history (focusing on the Ancient Era of the Roman Empire) and archaeology. Along the way, she competed extensively in university athletics competitions and as a member of La Sapienza's varsity soccer team.

Finishing her education, while she had the opportunity to join her father at ElerianTech, she chose Starfleet. This is not surprising as her Romulan education did stress duty to the state and this was the closest approximation. Needless to say, Starfleet Intell had a conniption at first and after many closed door meetings with her father and Starfleet officials, she was allowed to enroll. Even then, enrollment was not easy as while her entrance tests showed she would be an excellent cadet for any department within Starfleet, most were very iffy about having a Romulan involved. Security and Tactical considered her a risk, Engineering considered her a possible saboteur, Intelligence wanted her as a spy, and Medical considered her a potential assassin. This left only Sciences and Operations and even they had some apprehension. She chose Operations as she felt Starfleet could use some improved organization but still has strong interest in her History studies.

Her OCS record was for the most part exemplary, it is marred by difficulty with Vulcan students and staff, and some rambunctiousness with her Orion roommate who also had some difficulty with the more staid aspects of Officer Candidate School. Intell still has interest in recruiting her as a spy against the Romulan Empire despite her steady refusals and she has accustomed herself to constant suspicion from the more standard Starfleet elements. She does suspect her heritage is what has kept her from advancing past Lieutenant rank and Starbase assignments, and really wouldn't be surprised if she's under constant surveillance. She has been subjected to multiple covert loyalty tests and passed each time, and has glowing letters of recommendation from her past commanding officers.

Service Record

Service Record Education: Universita di Roma, Earth History, Archaeology studies (2377)

Starfleet OCS 2377
DS K-7 2377-2378
Starbase 260 2378-2380
Starbase 157 2380-2382
Starbase 211 2382-2385
Starbase 82 2385-2389
Starbase 235 2389-2392
USS Jerusalem 2392-

Shuttlepilot Certification (2377)
Meritorious service commendation for notable efficiency(2378)
Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry for counter piracy operations(2382)
Starfleet Silver Palm for counterpiracy operations(2385)
Starfleet Silver Palm with Clusters for countersmuggling operations(2389)
Starfleet Medal of Commendation for investigation against medical supply smuggling(2389)
Christopher Pike Medal of valor for action against Klingon pirates (2390)