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Lieutenant Commander Rowlf Van Richten

Name Rowlf Rienheart Van Richten

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ekosian (identical to humans in every way.)
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 150 lbs.
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Rowlf stands at average height, he has muscle tone, he is on the lean side. His skin is slightly tan and he has perfect teeth. There is a rumor that he has a tattoo on his body, the rumor is he got drunk one night while on Rigel and had the words "Welcome Aboard" Tattooed just above his manhood. He does not talk about it.


Spouse Gretta Van Richten (Dead, Age 33)
Children Karl Van Richten (Dead Age 3)
Father Olaf Van Richten (Mayor of Eisberg, UEG Appointed)
Mother Griselda Van Richten (House Frau)
Brother(s) Luther Van Richten (Federation News Service age 40)
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Ensign Richard Heston (Academy Roommate, views as a Surrogate Brother.)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quiet and reserved are two ways to describe him, He is also learned and near Vulcan with his ability to repress his emotions. Even when he is off duty he seems to be hard to make friends with because he pulls away so much. His uniform always seems clean and pressed, his quarters are kept tidy to the point of OCD, His evaluation from his Cadet Cruise and Academy was written saying he can almost walk on water.

Underneath all of that is a very broken man trying to make his way in the galaxy, The loss of his wife has left him wondering what was the point of falling in love, The loss of his son he feels is a message from the universe that he is not allowed to procreate. So he has thrown himself into his work.

This has made him a very dedicated doctor. He seems to be almost wooden in personality, but he is always the first to respond to a medical emergency, always willing to talk to his patients, most of all when he sees pain, he is willing to medicate.
Spoken Languages Federation Standard, Ekosian German
Strengths & Weaknesses Dedicated to a fault: He will work double shifts if needed to make sure patients are taken care of, he is not above using a stimulant to keep him going as medical regulations dictate. He is the kind of person who would be willing to go down with the ship.

Nerves of Steel: He is stoic. He can be exceptionally calm under fire, calm in tense situations and in one incident he broke an ankle, gave himself painkillers and kept going till the retrieval he was on was complete.

Thine Own Self: He prefers to be alone in his quarters, the loss of his wife and son still haunt him. He will occasionally go to the lounge and mix with the crew, or have dinner with some of his staff, but he just throws on his duty face and trudges through the interactions as if it was an assignment.

Code of Honor: Self defense; He will only discharge a weapon if he has been fired at first. He feels he is a doctor first and a Starfleet officer second.
Ambitions He joined Starfleet with the idea that one day he and his wife would get to be citizens, They had a dream to move to Earth, when he was to get out of fleet they were going to open a Bed and Breakfast. Even though his wife is a ghost, he still has that desire. This of course is subject to change.

His other immediate and more tangible goal is to make a good impression on his peers as well as subordinates. The most important goal is the preservation of the sick and injured. Though in his heart of hearts, he wants to make a discovery that no other being in the galaxy has made.
Hobbies & Interests Builds Ships in bottles. (Seems to be rather known for it.) Baking (He knows how to make a lot of different baked goods. He drives his shipmates crazy when he gets access to ingredients and bakes bread or pastries.), Has an interest in Andorian Jazz, Polka music and beer.

Personal History

Personal History Born on the world of Ekos, it was a world that suffered contamination by the Federation. Long before he was born there was a civil uprising and the Furher of the planet was deposed and something called the UEG or United Ekosian Government was formed. His father was appointed as Mayor/High Magistrate of a small Hamlet in the mountains, one hundred miles from the capital. His mother did not need to work at all.

He grew up not knowing need or want, the small mountain hamlet kept him sheltered from the world, even the universe as a whole. He got to have a classical education from private tutors. He learned how to fence, speak Latin,properly dance and even sing in a choir. By the age of Eighteen he was ready to see the world, He was hit with some wanderlust.

This led him to go to University at the Capital, he was to Study in the Premed program. While attending he fell in love with a woman who belonged to a religious minority that his father did not approve of. Her name was Gretta Silverstein. His father became furious and threatened to cut his son off if the relationship did not end. He refused and his father did indeed cut him off.

This forced Rowlf to take a job while he went through the Ekos Premed Program. He got a job as a baker. Specifically he learned how to make Pretzels and pretzel bread. He worked there for two years, he graduated with honors and was to go to a four year college. His father began to sabotage his son, he would prevent Rowlf from getting into his first three choices of college.

So Rowlf did the only thing he could do, He talked to some of the Federation Observers on the world. Since Ekos was a Federation Protectorate, he could apply for Starfleet Academy. Rowlf failed the first two times to take the entrance exam. But his third was very impressive. He got accepted into the academy. He spent four years going through academy, and a year of officer training. then was posted back at the Outpost that was in Orbit around Ekos. That is when tragedy struck. Gretta ended up pregnant from one of his weekend liberties, the Dominion War had begun and the outpost was turned into a orbital hospital. At the end of his Internship, he took his first tour of duty as thoracic surgeon on station.

It was not the Jem Hadar or even the Cardassians that attacked Ekos, it was the Breen. The Breen hit Ekos hard, the idea was to damage the Federation's reputation as being able to protect its Allies. The station was hit with Breen Energy weapons disabling it and the Refitted Constitution Class the world had for protection. The station was out of power for four days, during that time. He had to make do with being trapped in the lounge of the station while all he could do was watch the Breen destroy what he saw as his home world. While that happened he performed several emergency procedures and earned himself a reputation for being calm during crisis,

The Breen then dumped a horrible weapon into the Atmosphere of Ekos, similar to the disease called "The Blight" (See episode of Ds9 The Quickening) His wife and child were killed on the planet surface. All he could do was watch on as his precious homeworld not only burned but was affected by a bioweapon of terrible devastation. However during those four days he developed a deep dislike for anything to do with the Dominion, an anger he still feels to this day, he does hide it quite well.This is also why he retreated into his work and tries to be an island unto himself. After the peace treaty was signed, the Dominion provided a cure for the Blight, the whole time he could not go down and see his precious Gretta, He found out that they both died of the blight six weeks after it hit the world, they were living in the apartment the three had, All the power to the building was cut, and he found a goodbye letter scrawled in her own blood because she could not type it out electronically.

This made him seek counseling; he went through it for the next few years, from the two other postings he had, the next brought him to Luna, where he served in a Starfleet Rehabilitation Center, helping victims of the war mend their wounds both physical and mental. This allowed him to take a fellowship as a Hematologist and get a good grasp on how to perform cybernetic implantation. He also got a good grasp on himself, working with one of the Counselors there. It was at this point of seeing good folks die from the horrors of war, he decided there was no future in making friends or even socializing, he retreated into himself, He makes obligatory appearances at social functions so he does not seem so out of place, but he is usually the first one to leave.

His second tour was at the Starfleet Penal Colony of Algor II, there he worked in the prison's Medical Facility, mostly refilling prescriptions and giving exams. It was relaxing for him, he did not have to be cheery, but there he polished up on his bedside manner. He also learned to love coffee. He reconnected with his Academy roommate who was working in the Supply Department. Together they uncovered a plot to riot and kill the Warden and hijack a supply ship. The reward was the warden promoting him and recommending him being sent to Department Head training. Starfleet agreed and he was sent back to the Sol system to undergo Department head training. While going through he excelled in it giving his all.

Upon graduating Department Head School, He was posted to the U.S.S. Akron, It was a ship that was a rapid response vessel. He spent the next few years fighting pirates and rogue Klingons. He was pleased that nobody really wanted to talk to him, he just did his job and kept to himself. But he was the assistant Chief Medical Officer. This led to him being selected for the posting on the USS Jerusalem. Apparently somebody selected him for the post.

At night he sits alone and listens to Ein Klien Nacht Music, he gazes out at the stars and wonders what life would be like if things had turned out different. Those nights are the hardest for him and he will often try to break the mold of who he was, sometimes he fails and retreats into that depressed sad person he once was, but he has had a lot of counseling, sometimes it stays true, sometimes it does not. He does his best to hide it

Service Record

Service Record 2368-2369 Attended Ekosis University (Completed Pre-Med Program)
2369-2373 Attended Starfleet Medical School (University of Earth, San Francisco)
2373-2374 Starfleet Basic Officers Training
2374-2375 Midshipman Cruise (Completed at Outpost Z-95)
2375-2376 Assigned to Outpost Z-95 Staff Doctor
6/2376-01/2377 Psychiatric LOA
2377-2380 Stationed on Starfleet Medical Rehabilitation Center, Luna
2380-2388 Assigned to Algor II, Federation Penal Colony
2389-2390 Department Head School Training
2390-2392 Assigned to USS Akron (Assistant CMO/First Response Combat Medic)
2392 Assigned to USS Jerusalem