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Lieutenant Vaughn Gregorius

Name Vaughn Samuel Gregorius

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6 feet
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A solidly built human, Sam is a bit vain about his hair which he keeps styled, as an active member o the security staff he keeps in top shape though he has lost a step or two to younger officers he makes up for it with stamina and often greater strength.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Abel Gregorius Jr - NYPD Chief of Detectives Age: 66
Mother Clara Adisa Gregorius - Housewife Age:64
Brother(s) Abel Gregorius III – NYPD Detective Age: 40
James Patrick Gregorius – NYPD Sergeant Age: 39
Sister(s) Emma Cherise Gregorius-Salvadi - NYPD School Safety Officer Age: 37
Other Family Christopher Salvadi - NYPD Cadet Age: 20

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sam is a friendly, people person, though on duty he can appearsternand sometimes dour given his responsibilities, he loves his work and tries his best to treat all comers with dignity and respect.
Spoken Languages Federation Standard
Strengths & Weaknesses + Well educated
+ Enthusiastic
+ Dedicated
- Sometimes too compassionate
- Only speaks Federation Standard
Ambitions To perform the duties of his position to the best of hisability and thereby ensure the comfort and safety of those under his charge/

To be assured that his staff are the best trained and equipped officers in Starfleet, mentally, physically and emotionally.

To perhaps one day move beyond security to the command ranks. (This is not an active goal, just an idle dream.)
Hobbies & Interests Trap Shooting

Personal History

Personal History When Abel and Clara Gregoius welcomed their fourth child into their lives, it was with some trepidation. Clara had become pregnant accidentally and had been told that after their third child that it could be dangerous to both her and the baby to have another. Vaughn Samuel Gregorius, though, turned out happy and healthy and Clara had no adverse effects.
While during his earliest years he was called Vaughn, his brothers and sisters soon began to call him by his middle name, Sam. His parents soon adopted this as well and Vaughn became Sam. Abel and Clara especially doted on their youngest child. Though the family was at times pressed for money on an NYPD salary, they made do with what they had, all four children were products of the New York City Public School System. Sam attended the Samuel Clemens Charter School and the High School at the School for Law Enforcement Studies at the Lehman High School Campus. Attending this high school, following in the footsteps of his brotherskept Sam out of trouble and guided him into college after High school.
While attending John Jay College for Criminal Justice, with an eye towars perhaps Law School, Sam attended a camping and hiking trip sponsored by his local community center for youth. Sam had been volunteering but enjoyed the experience in the outdoors so much that it became a lifelong passion. Over the course of his college summers and vacations he managed to hike the entire length of the Appalacian Trail in pieces. He hopes some day to have the time to hike the whole length in a single trip. Akso during college he met a girl, Julie Gronkowski, nd dreamed of starting a family with her. For this reason after only receiving his Bachelor’s degree Sam decided to enter the Family Business and entered the Police Academy.
Sadly like many relationships, the one with Julie soured just after his Academy graduation. A heart ache filled Sam was left with a jobas a patrolman at the 49th Precinct in the Bronx. He didn’t have much to complain about in the 49th, aside from Riverdale it was one of the most peaceful and safest precincts in the borough. That dreamer streak entered into things again though and Sam was dissatisfied as only the latest Gregorius on the force, he wanted to do something more unique. Searching for something to fit the bill, Sam came across an advertisement in the public service newspaper, The Chief, for a career in Starfleet. Taken with the idea, Sam pursued it.
Deciding to join Starfleet turned outto be the easy part, only slightly harder was going through the procedures to take OCS training rather than attend the Academy for four years. Those parts were all very easy, the hard part was telling his family. There were actually mixed reactions, from his brothers, shock and incredulity that he was leaving the police force. From his father a stoic approval, though a low key one, once the two discussed the why and what Sam’s plans were, this though came with a warning about his mother. Mrs. Gregorius, you see, was and is dead set against space travel, even more against interstellar travel. When he told her she yelled at him. Sam was shocked. He had thought that of all people his mother would have beenthe most supportive. To the contrary, she admonished him over and over aboutflying in tinfoil cans through the unknown. She was even more disturbed when he said he was going into security, It was bad enough she said that her husband and other three children were on the job… now he was going to be on the job, and in space!
Support came to him from the most unexpected quarter as well, his older sister, long held to be the family wild child. She was a single mother to a young son, but she encouraged Sam and provided a place to stay the few times their mother threw him out of the family home, mostly over fights about Starfleet. His sister also went with him to drop him off for OCS, there they were surprised to find his father and brothers also present to see him off. His mother refused to get out of the car or even open the window to talk to him. Finally though as the shuttle launched, he could see from his window seat that she had finally emerged and was waving with the others, her face tearstained. In that moment Sam knew just how much his mother loved him.
Arriving for training in August of 2382, the Starfleet Security Department was in a bit of flux, that was just beginning to trickle down to the Training areas of OCS and the Academy. Historically Security and Tactical operations had been covered by one department, now after the realities presented by the Dominion war revealed that in large part the two areas were just too much for a single department, the Combat Operations department was officially introduced in 2380. This eventually would mean that in training one would study Security or Tactical. In 2382 this was still a new concept at the training level and therefore most officers were still trained in both disciplines though with a concentration in one or the other. As had been hi plan, Sam stuck with Security, though he did enjoy his time working with the tactical systems as well. By the time graduation came in June of 2383 Sam had begun the coursework toward his Master’s degree in Criminal Justie. Immediately following OCS Commencement, Sam attended two months of intensive Security/Tactical Operations Training. At the end of those two months finally, graduation! Graduation was a proud day for Sam and his family, nearly all of whom attended. At the end of the ceremony the candidates received commissions as Ensigns and orders for their first assignments. Sam was to report in two days’ time to serve aboard the USS Iwo Jima
Those two days’ time allowed his family to spend time with him on the campus. Everyone had come except his mother, who could not be convinced to take the shuttle ride. With the family though on his first trip off world was his nephew. Sam and Chris spent hours hikingon the Lunar ridges and exploring craters, though Sam did spend much of the time pulling the child bck by his tether as Chris had a fascination with jumping and seeing how long he could stay off the ground. Both Gregoriuses truly enjoyed the two days, as did the family when they were able to catch the two hikers. When it was time for Sam to depart for the Iwo Jima, Abel Sr. insisted they all have a picture together, everyone posed and then, of course, Chris jumped and wound up in the picture with a huge grin… above everyone else’s head and with Sam’s hand grasping his ankle.
When Sam arrived on thhe USS Iwo Jima, he found a vessel stuck in the same trnsitioning he had seen during OCS. It was 2383, but many vessels still retained their old departmental structures. The Iwo Jima was one of these, here though there was nominally a Combat Operations Chief, effectively he was a department unto himself and Security still handles both roles. Therefore Sam proved to be one of the Iwo Jima’s last tactical officers. The Iwo Jima was a small well fitted ship and spent much of it’s time ferrying dignitaries and diplomats. This meant a great deal of maintenance and testing of weapon systems for the newly minted ensign but no major combats, only one in fact where the Iwo Jima powered weapons but never fired a shot. The brigand vessel threatening them being scared off by the arrival of two Sabre class vessels carrying the other diplomats for the summit to be held aboard the Iwo Jima hosted by a Rear Admiral. Sam argued to be included in the security teams protecting the dignitaries, but the arguments fell on deaf ears. It was felt he was more needed at tactical. At the end of his two year service, the Departments were reorganized and the two remaining tactical officers were reassigned.
The next assignment for Sam was aboard the USS William Henry. This was his first assignment to a solely Security Department. While serving as Brig officer, Sam had close interactions with the criminals and other prisoners incarcerated. These were experiences that would stick with him. He came to know these prisones as people, not just prisoner numbers. Even the most hardened criminals had their moments of weakness and fear. Sam came to realize that the treatment of these individuals was as important as the treatment of any person a Security officer came into contact with.
Sam’s tenure on the William Henry ended abruptly. Starbase 689 had experienced a murder and the accused perpetrator was the Base’s Commanding Officer. This officer, Captain Thomas Grant, was a decorated and well respected individual who maintained his innocence. In order to be sure that the investigation was handled as evenly and independently of the loyalties of the normal base Security force, Starfleet assigned a Special Investigator. Unfortunately the assigned officer was delayed with another prosecution and Sam was available as the William Henry had just arrived at the Starbase for resupply. Therefore Sam was assigned as the interim Special Investigator. During his investigation, Sam did uncover a second and third likely suspects but could not at the same time totally clear Grant. When the official Special Investigator arrived, Sam turned over his case files. It was finally discovered six months after Sam had been reassigned that one of his two suspects had framed Grant and had been the murderer. Sam though was on to other things. While at the Starbase though Samm had discovered there was a Satellite Campus of Georgetown University and he began again to amass coursework by attending classes very part time and eventually continuing by distance learning while aboard ship.
In 2388 Sam began his tenure as Security officer aboard the USS Driscoll. During this time, two years, he continued to work on his degree and to try to perform his job to the best of his ability using his new knowledge. His superior officer, Security Chied, Lieutenant Commander Sarah Whitehope, encouraged him and constantly challenged him with both physical situations and tough descision making while on the job. The lessons of these challenges again stuck with Sam as he advanced in his career. It was on Whitehope’s recommendation that Sam earned his next assignment as Assistant Security Chief at Starbase 314 as well as helped to secure his promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2389.
Sam started at Starbase 314 as Assistant Chief Security officer in February of 2390. The job was more active than he had imagined, but despite this he was able to complete his distance Coursework and earned his Master’s in Criminal Justice with a concentration in the Starfleet Code of Military Justice in May of that year. The graduation ceremony was on the holodeck so that his family from earth could attend, even his mother. The diploma was presented by the Commanding officer of the Starbase who instructed the Chief Security officer to ‘give the boy more work!’ The comment was tongue in cheek, but Sam was given more work and responsibility for the department. The situation for Sam at the Starbase was a good one, but it was cut short. A massive ship, the USS Jerusalem was entering the space near Starbase 314 and had urgent need of a Chief Security officer as its former Chief had departed abruptly due to a family emergency. Sam was the nearest available and qualified officer and received the transfer order.

Service Record

Service Record 2392, January – Assigned to USS Jerusalem as Chief Security Officer
2390, February – 2391, December – Served as Assistant Chief Security Officer at Starbase 314
2391, May – Earned Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice with focus on SFCMJ from Georgetown University
2389, July – Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2388, January – 2390, January – Served as Security Officer aboard USS Driscoll
2387, July – 2387, December – Served as interim Special Investigator in murder case on Starbase 689
2386, January – 2387, July – Served as Brig Officer aboard USS William Henry
2383, October – 2385, December – Assigned as Tactical Officer aboard USS Iwo Jima
2383, June – 2383, September – Attends Security/Tactical Operations training.
2382, August – 283, June – Attended Officer Candidate chool, Graduates and is commissioned as an Ensign in Starfleet
2380, June – 2382, July – Served as NYPD Officer
2379, October – 2380, May – Attends NYPD Academy
2379. June – Graduates with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice
2376, August – Declared Major, Criminal Justice
2375, August – Enters John Jay College in New York City