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Lieutenant Aislinn Kelly

Name Aislinn Granuaile Kelly

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 120
Hair Color Copper
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Petite, has lean muscle, built more as a dancer than a fighter. Pale skin that colours a bright red when she gets angry. Hair that hangs about halfway down her back when not tied up, which it normally is. Her eyes are generally soft and surrounded by smile lines. Moves rather cautiously almost like she’s trying to keep from frightening or angering a skittish animal or person, until she loses her temper and then she pulls up to full height and walks with purpose.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Arden Kelly
Mother Jean Kelly
Brother(s) None.
Sister(s) Siobhan Kelly
Other Family Aunt - Cara Acker

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aislinn has a caring heart and is highly driven in her job. When she is in an appointment she is soft spoken and kind. Her passion can lead her to what her friends tease as being an Irish temper. When she does lose her temper she is most likely to just storm out of a room so as to not make a bigger issue. However if they keep going at her she will fight back.
Spoken Languages Federation Standard. French. Conversational Gaelic.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths;

fear of failing like her father did.
can be distant in relationships.
Ambitions Has the dream of keeping PTSD out of the Federation. Has a more realistic dream of being a better mother than she considers her own to have been.
Hobbies & Interests Archery, Horseback Riding, Weaving, Reading, Singing, dancing.

Personal History

Personal History Born the Daughter of a starfleet officer Aislinn spent the first seven years of her life only seeing her father on his occasional shore leaves on earth. During those years she idealised the thought of being a starfleet officer like her father. However when he returned from active service in a vessel on a particularly active front of the neutral zone her opinions began to change.
For the first couple of years after he returned she saw nothing wrong. He seemed more distant than most of her friends fathers but he was still loving.
As she got older however she began to notice her father's issues with anger and drinking, her mother could no longer keep it from the children, as they began to notice that something was wrong. When Aislinn was 13 her mother took her and her sister out of the house with the assistance of her sister who had been stationed with Arden and had seen the same things but actively sought counseling where Arden just went to the mandatory sessions but did little true work. The catalyst for leaving was that Jean saw her daughter’s noticing the abuse she was suffering and she realised she needed to get them out before it did any psychological damage to them, before this she had hoped that maybe she could help her husband through his PTSD, she did still love him and wanted to help but knew it was him or the children
They lived with Cara for the next few years until Aislinn’s Mother found a small apartment she could bring her daughters to.
Given that they had seen the problems Aislinn and her sister were sent into counseling and this is where she learned that he was suffering from Post Traumatic stress disorder.
Aislinn remembered the pain this caused her and her sister and made it her mission to fight back against this for anyone she could. She enrolled in college at 18 years old with this as her focus and spent the next ten years in schooling for counseling on starships, in the hopes that she could prevent anyone else from ever coming home like this. She was a very dedicated student who graduated second in her class. Aislinn’s passion and drive for her career propelled her to push herself to her limits every time so she could learn all she could as fast as possible.
Her undergrad was simple enough she just had to spend most of her time on studies but she didn’t mind that, it was a step closer to her goals. She did her undergrad at starfleet academy so that, in her words she would “be better equipped to have an idea of where they’re coming from as people”. The first two years of her grad program proved much more difficult than Starfleet Academy. This was when she began studying the details of different mental illnesses. Those first years on the gritty details helped her understand more of where her father was, but also reminded her of a child who watched her father slip away in his pain. It was her Aunt who helped her the most through this. She reminded Aislinn that with proper care this could be prevented, or at the least helped. And that Aislinn’s passion and caring would serve her well in this, that because of her father she would have a drive to try harder.
One other thing she discovered in this time was a love for dancing, Aislinn realised she needed an outlet for herself as most of the other med students had found something, so she started searching and finally settled back into dance, something she hadn’t done much of since she was ten and last went to a ballet lesson. She took any class she could find and ended up with a blend of some of her favourite styles for her daily exercising and stress relief.
During the last two years of her graduate program she was assigned to an internship on star base 983 and worked under direct supervision of one of the on call counselors there, hours were rough as, for the first time, she had to keep to a schedule based on the needs of the crew on the base instead of hours she set herself for classes. but after a few months with minimal sleep she finally adjusted and learned tactics to take naps when needed from the students in the final year of internship who were there.
During her internship Aislinn came face to face with mental illnesses she had previously only read about. She had previously had a textbook understanding of how they all looked, but when seeing it in person it became something entirely different. She had known she would have to work with more than PTSD, but now she truly understood the importance of why as she watched strong collected crew members battle with depression or anxiety. Men and women who explained that there were days upon which they fought just with the idea of moving from bed. Or who did not take the necessary initiative to get promoted through the ranks because they were petrified of the chance of failure. She saw people whose entire lives were shaped by these illnesses and who could be helped by the skilled counselors she was training under. This is what finally drove home everything being a real counselor for Starfleet meant.
After finishing her graduate program Aislinn was stationed on the same starbase she had interned on. She developed some friendships there but nothing extremely close as she often would spend her free time poring over old files she could get a hold of to try and find better ways to manage some of the illnesses. The friendships she did make were through her hobbies, especially dancing as a few of the other female counselors, and one of the men, enjoyed dancing as well and they managed to get a small group together for it. After a while they even opened it up as a class to the rest of the base in the hopes that it would help some of the crew to manage better with anything they were stressed about. After around 16 months Aislinn’s higher ups on the base began really taking notice of how hard she worked and how skilled this had made her, so she was assigned to the position of assistant chief counselor after 18 months on the base and began helping with the running of the department.
After about two years stationed on starbase 983 Aislinn was given the transfer order and learned that she was to take the position of chief counselor aboard the USS Jerusalem.

Service Record

Service Record ***Start service record***
July 2378 - Sworn in as Cadet 4th Class, Starfleet Academy, San Francisco campus
May 2382 - Graduates Starfleet Academy with BS in Psychology, commissioned as Ensign, Starfleet and assigned to Counseling Education Holding Group during graduate school at Eruditus University in Rome.
September 2382 - Begins PhD program in Clinical Psychology at Eruditus University, studying "the application of bio-electric manipulation techniques to the treatment of abuse-related PTSD in human adolescent and adult patients”
March 2387 - Assigned as Counseling Intern, Starbase 983
March 2389 - Completes Counseling Internship and awarded PhD in Clinical Psychology, dissertation topic of "the application of bio-electric manipulation techniques to the treatment of abuse-related PTSD in human adolescent and adult patients” by Eruditus University; assigned as Counselor aboard Starbase 983, promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
August 2390 - Assigned as Assistant Chief Counselor, Starbase 983
February 2392 - Assigned as Chief Counselor, USS Jerusalem, promoted to Lieutenant

Educational Qualifications:
BS in Psychology, Starfleet Academy 2382
PhD in Clinical Psychology, Eruditus University 2389 - dissertation topic of "the application of bio-electric manipulation techniques to the treatment of abuse-related PTSD in human adolescent and adult patients”"

***End Service record***