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Lieutenant Gabriel Barron

Name Gabriel Barron

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 250
Hair Color Brownish/Black
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Gabriel stands a tall six feet three inches with broad shoulders and an imposing face. His eyes twinkle with a mischievous glean, the gray in his eyes changing from gun metal to light gray from day to day. His hands are large with long slender fingers and large veins pressing against his skin. He has a barrel chest that tapers down in an inverse triangle to his hips. His legs are large and muscular.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Stephen F. Barron
Mother Emilia R. Barron
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Alisha H. Hendry
Other Family Joshua J. Hendry - Brother in Law
Titania Hendry, Niece
Elija Hendry, Nephew

Personality & Traits

Spoken Languages -Federation Standard -Vulcan -Latin -Klingon
Strengths & Weaknesses +Intelligent
+Calm under Pressure
+Wilderness survival
-Forgetful when working
-Uncoordinated with modern weapons
Ambitions Possibly to command a star ship or take over Star Fleet Medical.
Hobbies & Interests -Martial Arts, various
-Musical Instruments
-Ancient Weaponry
-Hunting/Wilderness survival

Personal History

Personal History Horkor of House Molek and Shanla formerly of House Fratok, who filed for asylum and moved to Earth five years before. Horkor's grandfather had acted in a dishonorable way a century before and had caused the Empire to levy discommendation upon him and his family for seven generations. As such when Horkor met and fell in love with Shanla they decided to move away from the Empire where they were treated as less than second class citizens and attempt to make a life for themselves on Earth.

Gabriel was born and with in two weeks both Horkor and Shanla was killed. The authorities assumed it had been klingon operatives who had carried out the poisoning. After Gabriel's parents had been murdered and no one in the Empire seemed interested in a honorless klingon child born to discommendated parents Stephen and Emilia Barron adopted the orphan.

Gabriel was raised on the working farm/ranch of the Barron family. From the time he was old enough to walk he was helping his father feed the animals tend to the plants and going to school. His father knew how hard it would be to raise a rambunctious klingon son as he had studied the issue from the first day they decided to adopt their neighbors child. As such everywhere he went Gabriel went with him, he worked the boy until he had no energy left for mischief. This strategy worked well for all of 12 years. Then when Gabriel was a few months past his twelfth birthday the klingon hormones began to assert themselves and simple manual labor was not enough to fully blunt Gabriel's anger and overall klingon-ness. When Stephen saw that his methods were not enough any longer he decided it was time to start teaching Gabriel about hunting. From then on Stephen would take Gabriel out into the woods that surrounded their home and they would stalk and hunt game. Teaching Gabriel about the wildlife and how to live off of the land. His thirst for bloodshed and violence quenched by the hunts and the ever increasing workload of life on a farm helped to keep Gabriel grounded.
At fourteen Gabriel entered the rodeos and competed at breaking broncs and riding bulls. Two years later he turned sixteen and he won his first bull riding competition in 2365. He won all state in bull riding and as such took the belt buckle and the cup in 2365 in Texas. It was during this time that he learned he had some skill for the healing arts. This seed would take root in his mind as he continued to live the country lifestyle of tending the land and caring for the animals on his families farm.

Gabriel graduated from High school and earned a full ride scholarship at the University of Texas in Houston on their rodeo team. There Gabriel studied premed. Gabriel graduated premed from U of H with a 3.9 gpa and the Dominion war broke out. He enlisted with the marines and went through boot camp quickly, from there she went to Field Medical Service School. After four months he was assigned to his first squad as medic. He served on the front lines moving up from private to Sergeant by the cessation of hostilities. At the end of hostilities his stint with the marines was up and he returned to Earth.

Once back on Earth he applied to Washington and Lee University in Virginia for medical school, and was accepted. There he continued to ride in the rodeos when they came through and hunted in the lush forests around the university with permission from the university security staff. Gabriel graduated from Washington and Lee University as valedictorian and began his career as a baby doctor doing his internship back in Houston at the University of Texas Health Science Centers at Houston. This began his six years of internship. The first year was his general internship where he rotated through all the different areas of the hospital. At the end of his general internship he decided to go into emergency medicine and surgery, this internship lasted for five years.

It was during these years that he met Admiral Shora (retired) of Star Fleet Medical, she was the one that supervised the training of the interns and saw in Gabriel a bright mind and a skilled if rough country surgeon. She suggested to him that Star Fleet might be a good fit. He wanted to continue his training and begin the process to get his board certification for emergency medicine. Gabriel was accepted into OCS, Admiral Shora sponsored him with typical Vulcan stoicism. Sixteen weeks later he was commissioned as Lieutenant JG and assigned to Starbase 001 as an ER doctor. Gabriel was transferred to San Francisco and assigned to a star fleet hospital as Assistant Chief of Night Operations over their emergency medicine department. Several years later he was promoted to Lieutenant and made Chief of Night Operations over emergency medical department at the star fleet hospital he had been assigned to.

Service Record

Service Record 2373 – Private – Marine Boot camp
2373 – Private First Class – Marine Field Medical Service School
2373 – Private First Class – Marine Recon Detachment, Medic
2374 – Sergeant – Marine Recon Detachment, Medic
2385 – Lieutenant JG –Star Base 001, ER Doctor
2389 – Lieutenant JG – Walter Reed Starfleet Hospital, Assistant Chief Night Operations in Emergency Medicine
2390 – Lieutenant – Walter Reed Starfleet Hospital, Chief of Night Operations in Emergency Medicine
2392 – Lieutenant – USS Jerusalem, Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Professional Certifications
-2373, Marine Basic Medic certification
-2389, Board Certified in Emergency Medicine with Sub-specialty in Surgical Critical Care
-2391, Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Fellowship