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Lieutenant Dylan Nighthorse

Name Dylan Nighthorse

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (Cheyenne)
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 114 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown/nearly black
Physical Description Runner's physique, small breasted, with dark, expressive eyes that reflect an active intelligence. Her hair is black, perfectly straight, and falls to mid-back, usually done up in some sort of braid, ponytail or untidy knot when she's working. There's pretty much always something in her uniform pockets, whether its a broken part, a tool, or a puzzle she's working on. Off duty, she has an eclectic, mismatched style of dress that suits momentary whim rather than any notion of fashion or popular opinion. She speaks with a slight lilt having been raised speaking Cheyenne as her native/first language. She's energetic and graceful in her movements - tends toward unusual positions when she's sitting. Bites her lower lip when she's thinking. Eyes go blank, as though she's staring through things, when she's wrestling with a difficult problem.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jamison Nighthorse
Mother Rachel Nighthorse (deceased)
Brother(s) Henry (older by three years) and Jacob (older by five years)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Paternal Grandfather - Victor Nighthorse (Mixed Martial Arts Instructor)
Paternal Grandmother - Jeanine Nighthorse (Ceramic Arist)
Maternal Grandfather - Ben Little Thunder (Professor, Tribal Studies and Anthropology, Retired, Active in tribal governance)
Maternal Grandmother - Suzan Little Thunder (Textile Artist)

Personality & Traits

General Overview - Intuitive, creative, and an explorer at heart,
- Fast metabolism and a lot of energy
- Somewhat absent minded and often forgets to eat, foregoes sleep, when working on a problem
- Slow to trust, which presents as being quiet and somewhat reserved, and its fairly clear that she has levels
- Bilingual, having grown up speaking Cheyenne at home and Federation Standard in school; however speaks all languages except Cheyenne with a lilt and will sometimes have difficulty in expressing her thoughts. Some notice that slight hesitation while she makes the mental translation before speaking.
- Highly curious, loves new technology, and thrives on challenge
- Honest, even when lying would be her to benefit, and direct
- While generally polite, Dylan doesn't back down easily. She has a quiet sort of courage.
- Will take the challenge to sleep in the haunted house overnight. Isn't squeamish.
- Student of mixed martial arts since the age of 5, training has given her a strong center. Emotional storms seem to bounce off of her
- Good under pressure
- It takes her time to process emotional issues and those are reflected in nightmares and loss of sleep.
- If hurt badly, Dylan will retreat - and it all but takes a crow bar to get her talking about it.
- Does not cook - but will reprogram the replicators to provide a random meal to her, based on a predefined set of criteria, using a command she gives in Cheyenne ... she likes to be surprised.
Spoken Languages Federation Standard, Cheyenne, Vulcan
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
- Curious, an explorer at heart
- Creative, highly intuitive
- Not squeamish or overly fearful, good under pressure
- Good in a fight and a decent shot (though she'd much rather fix the weapon than fire it)
- Altruistic - will act for the greater good
- Friendly but also an introvert in the true sense (she needs time alone to recharge)

- Absent-minded - forgets to eat, foregoes sleep, forgets where she put her hair tie, etc.
- Lactose intolerant
- Somewhat reserved - will retreat under emotional distress, doesn't like to talk about what's bothering her. Fine is never actually fine.
- Honest and direct - not the one to ask - 'does this dress make me look fat'
Ambitions Dylan always wants to see what's out there, what's around the next corner, and better still, is there any tech she can play with. She's not in it for political advancement, more, she's in it for the challenge, to see where the path takes her. For all that, she would like to marry one day, possibly have a family.
Hobbies & Interests - Cheyenne history/culture
- Mixed Martial Arts
- Running - when she's planetside, she enjoys extreme running
- Camping - preferably without a lot of gear
- Yoga
- Holodeck programming - creates specialty experiences for her friends/coworkers
- Swimming and free diving
- New technology and techniques - keeps up with latest research/published articles

Personal History

Personal History FEB 2364: Born aboard a civilian freighter, the USS Binan, to Jamison and Rachel Nighthorse
JUN 2364: Guardianship passes to Victor and Jeanine Nighthorse, her paternal grandparents, living on Cheyenne lands in Okalahoma

Dylan's father, Jamison Nighthorse, never had any interest in his cultural heritage to speak of and even less interest in what he refers to as the sterility that is the Federation of Planets. An adrenaline junkie and entrepreneur, he has always worked in the 'gray' areas - ferrying cargo that he never opens. His no questions asked policy attracts a particular clientele and leads him into remote areas of space. When Rachel got pregnant, she told him that she didn't want to raise their child on board a cargo vessel but as he does with many things, Jamison disagreed and refused to entertain the idea of settling down. His only child, Dylan Nighthorse, was born in deep space; the doctor on board was second-rate at best and Rachel died to childbirth. Grieving for his wife, Jamison realized in those first months that he was not suited to raise a child. He returned to Earth and arranged for his parents, Victor and Jeanine Nighthorse, to raise his daughter.

Dylan grew up on tribal lands in Oklahoma. The grandparents on both sides were united in their desire to help raise Dylan. In most respects, hers was a happy childhood. She grew up learning the stories of her people and was bilingual from an early age, speaking Cheyenne at home and Federation Standard in school. Intensely curious and adventurous, she and her friends loved spending time outdoors. On organized camping trips, instituted after one too many times lost in the woods with her friends, Dylan accumulated the skills needed to camp safely and some of her best memories were nights around a campfire, listening to the old stories, lulled to sleep by the soft sounds of the natural world. She would lie beneath a blanket, looking up at the stars, and wishing she could see what was out there one day.

Her classes were all held on tribal lands; she was a good student, curious and attentive in class. Grandparents on both sides were united and often met to discuss issues and possible solutions. Generally, the first couple of months with a new teacher, Dylan was quiet, tending to let the information come to her rather than speak up, but before long, she would be asking questions and volunteering when needed. She was considered a good student though homework was always a battle ground. Dylan seemed to need hands on experience rather than theoretical, and, once that aspect of her nature became clear, her grandparents found tutors who could help fill in the gaps. When she saw mathematics as pointless, the grandparents arranged for her to meet individuals who showed her the practical applications of math in their work. When she grumbled at having to learn names and dates for history, her maternal grandfather helped her see the people and experiences behind the dry facts.

In fact, each of the grandparents, spent time with her, introducing her to the things they knew best. She started martial arts training at the age of five with her paternal grandfather. The training suited her active nature and through that training, she learned a great deal both physical and philosophical. From her maternal grandfather, she learned the stories and history of her people. The stories helped to understand her place within the tribe. From her grandmothers, she discovered her delight in working with her hands and in the creative process. Though it became clear that she didn't have either the temperament or interest in becoming an artist, Dylan did come to realize that she could never be happy in a solely intellectual career. She needed to be out there, doing ... but doing what?

If there was a downside to her childhood, it lay with her father. He was gone for extended periods of time and would return home with presents and stories of his adventures. When she reached the age of 13, after considerable lobbying on her part, her grandparents agreed that she could spend the summer with her father on his ship. The trip proved to be a turning point in her life. It was clear that her father had no interest in his own heritage; in fact, was openly disdainful. The two were at odds more often than not and Dylan found herself taking refuge with the ship's engineer. Through him, she learned about what it took to keep the aging vessel in decent repair and began to associate the engine room with a kind of safe haven. Also while on board, she came to understand for the first time what her father did. There had been small clues. Things he said. The way that he acted when he spoke on com with clients. The air of secrecy that hung around her father with respect to what he did. It all came together when she disobeyed her father's instructions and followed him onto a civilian space station. When the buyers refused to pay the agreed upon price, the exchange got heated and her father was wounded. She confronted him later but he wouldn't explain. The trip ended, with her being two weeks later for the start of the school year.

The following year, when Dylan was 14, her father was arrested for smuggling antiquities and was sent to prison. Because the prison was offworld, Dylan was not permitted to visit and communications were through monthly com visits. They had never been close and for the first time, she felt a sense of shame in the knowledge that her father was a criminal. She became rebellious, acted out, and times were difficult. The grandmothers were both frustrated, at a loss, so the grandfathers took her camping for the weekend. Together, they answered questions and helped her to make sense of her feelings. The shame belonged to her father and was separate from his feelings for her. With their help, she finally realized that her father was human, that he was capable of making mistakes, and that his choices didn't have to affect her life.

During her teenage years, her interest in technology really took hold. When she was old enough, she worked part-time in a local maintenance shop and she began to see the first outlines of what her future could be. Her high school had a series of guest lectures, individuals from different career paths who spoke about their work. The Starfleet officer, himself a member of the tribe, particularly impressed her. He didn't downplay the difficulties of his job but his enthusiasm for the unknown, for pushing the boundaries, was infectious. By the time she was 16, she knew what she wanted to do -- join Starfleet and see what was out there.

Making the decision was hard; getting past the entrance requirements was harder. Much harder. During the application process, her father's incarceration proved to be a stumbling block. She underwent a battery of tests including several visits with counselors, her family and friends were investigated as was her father. Then came the inevitable questions from those same family members and friends who wanted to know why she was being investigated. At the age of 18-1/2, she was accepted into Starfleet Academy; her father's criminal activities were included as part of the record and became a shame that she needed to live down more than once as it turned out.

Service Record

Service Record JUN 2382: Began application process to Starfleet Academy
JUN 2382: Completed Chief Yellow Knife High School on Cheyenne lands, Oklahoma
JUL 2383: Application to the Academy finally approved. Completes a 10-week basic training curriculum (Plebe summer) in San Francisco with field exercises in the Mojave desert
AUG 2383: Sword in as a Cadet Fourth CLass, Starfleet Academy
JUN 2384: Completes Plebe Year, Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
JUL 2384: Completes CONTRACAD training
AUG 2384: Completes Cadet Field Training followed by first official leave home
SEP 2384: Promoted to Cadet Third Class and Squad Leader
JUN 2384: Completes Yearling Year - takes Computer Science as Academic Major
JUL 2384: Completes additional training and serves as part of Cadre during 10-week basic training
AUG 2384: Returns home for leave
SEP 2384: Takes Oath of Office and agrees to a five-year Starfleet commitment
Sumits "Dream Sheet" -- requests Engineering
Promoted to Cadet Second Class
JUN 2385: Completes Junior ("Cow") Year
AUG 2385: Serves an eight-week internship at Utopia Planitia Shipyards.
SEP 2385: Endures interview for Engineering where questions about her father provide the subtext
Given command of a Cadet Platoon - shows an aptitude for command
Promoted to Cadet First Class
DEC 2385: Service Branch Assignment - Engineering - appears in the upper quarter of the Order of Merit list
JUN 2386: Completes Senior Year and is commissioned as an Ensign
Receives a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
JUL 2386: Assigned to the Engineering Department, USS Pathfinder, Norway Class
OCT 2387: Completes Engineering Officer of the Watch Certification
JUN 2388: Assigned to Utopia Planitia Shipyards
JUN 2388: Promoted to Lieutenant JG
JUN 2389: Assigned to the USS Dayan, Engineering Department, Excelsior Class
APR 2390: Completes Officer of the Watch Certification
MAR 2391: Completes rotation on the USS Dayan and returns to Starfleet Academy
JUN 2391: Promoted to Lieutenant
SEP 2391: Completes Department Head Course and Engineer Advanced Officer Course
SEP 2391: Assigned to Utopia Planitia Shipyards
FEB 2392: Assigned to the USS Jerusalem as Chief Engineering Officer