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Lieutenant Commander Jaca Lands-on-feet

Name Jaca Lands-on-feet

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Djuundi
Age 65

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 2"
Weight 250
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black/White
Physical Description Splotchy grey/white skin, black lips and tongue, eyes are black with white irises and black pupils. All teeth are pointed. Hair is worn in thick, short, tight braids, has stubby claws on her hands and feet. Build is solidly muscle.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Tyonda the Mountain-Tall
Mother Niish Pisses-Fire
Brother(s) Numseh, Khoda (d), Jiith, Tak, Na'arl (d), Drou'na (d), Bikkar (d)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Warband Syoran-Tzaah

Personality & Traits

General Overview Very matter of fact to the point of bluntness. Generally if asked her opinion, she will give it in full. She does tend to get a bit homesick as Federation life is so...dull and bland compared to home. She is accepting of the conditions of her contract service for the most part, but occasionally she just gets that "itch" to shake the boundaries a bit.
Spoken Languages Djuundi, Federation Standard, and Romulan, understands Klingon, Cardassian, but only bothers to speak insults
Strengths & Weaknesses Has enhanced physical strength and endurance due to the gravity of her arid homeworld. Was born with heightened senses, but due to her proximity to artillery situations without protection throughout her life, her sight, hearing and sense of smell is equal to human levels. Her sense of taste is still enhanced.

Due to her species innate hardiness, they recover quickly from injuries and are resistant to several forms of radiation. On average what might take a week to recover from for humans is about a day for a Djuundi. Because of this, it is difficult for Jaca to get drunk off of most other species' alcohol to the degree the strongest bloodwine is considered a drink for children.

Djuundi diet is primarily meat, cheese, and flatbread in the form of roasts, stews and soups. They do require a higher caloric intake due to their metabolism.

Highly skilled sharpshooter, demolitionist and unarmed combat.

Due to her people's incessant mockery of warrior cultures like Klingons, Jaca has trouble holding her tongue around those peoples. She's gotten better over the years, but it's still a work in progress. To those peoples, she's seen as a typical honorless Djuundi dog.
Ambitions To drink all the booze, fire off all the big guns and celebrate firing off the largest explosions while getting married at some point during all that.
Hobbies & Interests arms crafting in traditional manners, military history, weightlifting, endurance running, homebrewing explosives, grilling/barbecuing.

Personal History

Personal History Jacaranda or Jaca is an average Djuundi, which is to say she was raised since birth to be a warrior in her familial warband. Jaca's eventual recruitment into Starfleet began with a particularly drunken bar brawl on Sigma 3. She had been in a sour mood following a failed intent to marry brawl with her intended who ended up having a glass jaw and attempting to drink her disappointment away when a band of Naausican pirates started a fight with some undercover Starfleet investigators. Jaca was on the fence about joining in the fight, but once a Naausican threw Captain Dunbrough onto the bar and spilling her tankard, the fight was now personal. Captain Dunbrough was amazed that the 'wee slip of a thing was throwing Naausicans around like toys' and struck up a conversation with her after they'd all gotten thrown out of the bar.

Jaca had no interest in Starfleet but did refer the Captain to her father as head of her warband. After much discussion and drinking, Tyonda felt some time away from home and family might do Jaca some good and had the family contract binder add Jaca to the amendment clause on the Starfleet contract with an option for renewal once her tour of duty is concluded to Starfleet's satisfaction. Captain Dunbrough and his team were happy to provide her letters of recommendation.

Most of Jaca's issues during her Academy time stemmed from cultural differences and not fully realizing how fragile humans can be. While her Starfleet career has been strictly starbases, it is because she's excelled highly in keeping order in that diverse environment of Federation and non-Federation species.

Species Notes: The Djuundi are essentially a species become army with training beginning the moment an infant can hold a pointy stick with their homeworld, the moon of Djuu essentially being a moon sized military encampment. The Federation's first official encounters with the species was during the Dominion War with the unintended liberation of several prisoner of war camps. Essentially the Jem Hadar offended the Djuundi which resulted in waves of warbands ravaging anything remotely Jem Hadar and if prisoners fled during the chaos, so be it.

Unlike most warrior cultures known to the Federation, Djuundi have no interest in the concepts of honor or glory, but see combat as a celebration of existing with the finest way to rejoice in that celebration is to be intoxicated while firing off ordinance. Equally, unlike most warrior cultures which prize physical strength over all, Djuundi appreciate "mental strength" as well so one who might not be as physically strong as the others but able to hold thier liquor and design innovative weapons will be just as respected as one able to headbut a naausican unconscious. They are a short people with Jaca's father being unusual in standing 5' 8" with most ranging 5'2" to 5'5".

While most total military cultures in history have had a servant or slave caste to provide resources such as food, the Djuundi have utilized the art of contract making to fufil this purpose and have raised it to a level which Ferengi envy. Warbands typically hire themselves out as mercenaries, bounty hunters, supplemental military, and trackers/hunters in return for food and material goods. Starfleet currently holds a 8000 page contract with the species that in short is for the service of the dozen Djuundi currently enlisted to follow Federation rules and regulations in return for an agreed upon tonnage of foodstuffs and non-military material goods. Should the Federation want to hire warbands in a military capacity, that would require a separate contract Vulcan drafted as the first one was. Each Starfleet serving Djuundi is highly versed in the contract and able to cite individual clauses and points upon request.

It is considered an unthinkable thing for a Djuundi to break a contract because they depend on the payment goods greatly. While raiding and pillaging are known options, the general consensus is that gets boring after a while. Starfleet Diplomatics Corps does maintain a subdepartment strictly for the handling of any Djuundi contracts which is staffed by several Vulcans and Ferengi who helped draft the initial contract.

Djuundi technology is universally known to be lacking in safety features and recklessly overpowered. They happily will scavenge anything that has 'boom potential'. Their opinion of Federation technology is "It sucks." due to the redundant safety features which is consider limiting. Paragraph 2 subsections A through T of the Djuundi Contract details the extent of no Djuundi "improvements" to Starfleet technology no matter how well intended.

Djuundi religion centers around The Architect, an interpretation of Death as a planner/organizer with the belief that the Architect has one's end planned so until that time comes, one is immune to dying. It is believed by Federation cultural anthropologists that this developed from the species general hardiness and the Djuundi brain does not process fear as most species do. To them, it's the same sort of excitement one would feel going on a pleasure trip. The closest thing to a clergy Djuundi have are The Bandless, solitary wanderers who travel the galaxy to learn the various signs and portents of the Architect's design. Any Bandless is eagerly granted full hospitality by any warbands.

Names are a serious matter with Djuundi. One is granted a full name at birth which is never used outside of specialized situations and relationships and has a diminutive that is more commonly used. Appellations are earned and can change several times in one's life. As an example, Jaca's full name is Jacaranda and has only been used when she was issued an intent to marry challenge by her intended. Her appellation of Lands-on-feet stems from when she argued with her father over a decision and he backhanded her so hard she flipped completely around and landed on her feet. In the case of her intended, his appellation was Spits-Fire but became Limp-Cock after failing his marriage brawl. Calling her Jaca or Lands-on-feet is acceptable in public.

Service Record

Service Record Academy writeups for smoking in non-smoking area, accidental injury of fellow cadet, and unapproved ordinance augmentation

Starfleet Academy 2373-2377

Starbase 260 2377-2380 security
Starbase DS12 2380-2384 security
Starbase 213 2384-2389 assistant chief security
Starbase 235 2389-2392 chief security
USS Jerusalem 2392-

Academy Graduation Ribbon (2377)
Meritorous service medal (2382) Riot control