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Lieutenant Commander Madison Apple

Name Madison Alice Apple

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7" (1.70 m)
Weight 130 Lbs (59 kg)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Madison's beauty draws stares, as a result, she has never been able to truly blend into her surroundings. Stunningly curvaceous and radiant, she posses an appearance that stays in the minds of most people she meets, leaving a lasting impression. She stands 5 fleet, 7 inches, which ensures that she's only slightly shorter than most of the people around her. Her hazel eyes seem to hide mystery and hold all of the "sass" she projects. Her blonde hair is always kept well-styled and is usually kept in a loose bun when she is on duty. Her voice is low and sultry and she speaks with a thick Jersey accent.


Father Jon Apple
Mother Alice Apple
Other Family Martha Apple (Aunt)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Charm is one of Madison's strongest qualities. She is very charismatic and is known as a natural leader, even to the point of cockiness at times. Most of her energies go into finding new ways to have fun. It is a quality that has earned her some powerful friends and enemies in her time. It has also earned her no small reputation as a lady who "always gets what she wants". In contrast to her charm, she possess an arrogance that is not totally undeserved, but very well annoying to most people; not that she cares. She is very sensitive to criticism and has a difficult time focusing on that which she has no interest in. She has a history of making her own rules, something that has also made her just as many friends as it has enemies.

While managing to remain serious on duty, Madison is otherwise a very entertaining woman, especially when she likes someone; but that courtesy is something that is seldom extended to those whom she dislikes. Sporting a violent temper, Madison is prone to rages and has been known to break things while in them. Intelligent and clever, she is an exceptional markswoman and strategic commander, if not a bit reckless.
Spoken Languages Federation Standard
Strengths & Weaknesses [+] Charming
[+] Bold
[+] Original
[+] Excellent People Skills
[+] Practical
[+] Great Sense of Aesthetics and Beauty
[+] Very Observant

[-] Easily Bored/ Constantly Seeks Excitement
[-] Very Sensitive
[-] Poor Planner
[-] Independent-Minded
Ambitions Madison longs for excitement, stimulation, and novelty and looks forward to experiencing as much of these things as she can while she is still young. She has very little desire to ascend in position in Starfleet, as higher ranks tend to come with more responsibilities. she would, undoubtedly, be very good at it, but doesn't find the idea entertaining.

After her time in Starfleet has finished serving her, she has dreams of resigning her commission and opening a club on Earth. She also wants to, eventually, get married and have children, if she can ever find the man who can "handle her".
Hobbies & Interests Madison longs for excitement, stimulation, and novelty and looks forward to experiencing as much of these things as she can while she is still young. She has very little desire to ascend in position in Starfleet, as higher ranks tend to come with more responsibilities. she would, undoubtedly, be very good at it, but doesn't find the idea entertaining.

After her time in Starfleet has finished serving her, she has dreams of resigning her commission and opening a club on Earth. She also wants to, eventually, get married and have children, if she can ever find the man who can "handle her".

Personal History

Personal History Madison was born to John and Alice Apple outside of Bend, Oregon. Her grandparents, John Senior and Clara Apple, owned a cattle farm and managed one of the most successful and high-quality ranches in the world. Madison's parents and she lived in the farm house with her grandparents, a house of little grandeur and wealth, though its inhabitants certainly had it. John Senior and Clara had lived humbly, putting much of their money into savings after paying the dozens of men and women who worked the farm and herded the cattle, and giving to charities. They taught that frugalness to their children, the oldest of which was Madison's father, and he, in turn, taught it to his daughter.

Madison spent much of her childhood oblivious to her family’s wealth. It was a subject that her Grandmother forbid in the house, valuing humility above many things. It was only when her grandparents died when she was 11 that any talk of money was present. Their deaths were very close together, as is common in old people, having lived so long with their spouse that they find it taxing to try their lives any other way. Their savings were distributed to the remaining six of their children while Madison's father, being the oldest, inherited the business.

After the funeral, Madison’s Aunt Marta, a fashion columnist from New York City, invited her to come and stay with her for a while. She was hesitant, but her parents agreed that it was good for their daughter to get out of their small farm village and see the world, so they urged her to go. Madison finally agreed, and was with her Aunt in New Jersey within the next six months. She was planning on staying a year at most, so she wouldn't’ have to leave school early, but she ended up staying in the city for three years. In just three years, Madison had become a different person in many ways. She developed into a very voluptuous and mean-looking girl, and developed an attitude to match it. In the time she’d lived away from home, she had not only learned east-coast customs, but had acquired the New Jersey accent very strongly. Every trace of her Western heritage was gone from her voice. She had even started taking some advanced dance classes and showed a great amount of talent.

When she was 17, Madison was all but forced to return home and help her parents with the business. The time apart from their daughter had given John Junior and Alice, who were only 18 when they’d had her, time to mature, but it had created an obvious divide between them. Madison gave them hell on the farm, between smoking and drinking to arguing with the local girls, as it was a skill she’d mastered in the City, they barely knew what to do with her; she was not the girl they had tried to raise in many ways.

After Madison had graduated from High School, excellent grades and terrible behavior marks caused her parents to have faith that she would mature with time. They hoped that she would stay on and inherit the cattle ranch, though they were still in their thirties and that would hopefully be a long way off. Madison soon expressed her desire for other things. She wanted to join Starfleet, having been amazed by what she learned of the opportunities to see the galaxy it offered while she was away. She told them that she wanted to be an explorer, and they were extremely encouraging, proud that their daughter had such lofty dreams. They soon found someone to sponsor Madison for application into Starfleet Academy.

Bright-eyed and hopeful, and more than a little cocky, young Cadet Madison Apple walked the halls of the Academy like she owned the place. Her ability as an officer was deniable though, because she seemed to have a particular lack of discipline. She made more friends than she’d realized and more enemies than she’d like to admit in many places. Those who liked her found her charming, whitty, smart, sexy, and confident, while those who disliked her found her arrogant, rude, and impatient. She thrived nonetheless.

While she entered as a physics major, she switched to Logistics Management after her first semester. During her first year, Earth suffered attack from the Breen. Though she never got a chance to take part in this excitement, she did get to witness it first hand. She developed a quick love for "things that go boom" and began to live for the excitement of combat. She developed a workout regimen and, when she wasn't studying her craft in blatant nerd-like fashion, she was being the absolutely life of every party she attended. She became quite popular and was considered a leader among her peers. At the end of her second year, she took a security and weapons specialty.

During the summer after her third year, Madison served as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer aboard the Academy-run USS Ranger. This was a fantastic opportunity for her to show those who had entrusted her with this position of authority that she could behave and be an effective officer. She had been asked, though there were those with better grades, because of the leadership she demonstrated with her peers. Many of those ambitious young students were not happy at her selection because they believed she wasn't serious enough or worthy of leadership; the instructors disagreed. She demonstrated impressive leadership abilities and prowess with a phaser-rifle. Many of the people who were "on her back" as it were, began to lay off.

Madison graduated the academy near the middle of her class, having been Captain of the cadet fire team "War Party" and the dance team. She received degrees in Logistics Management and Dance. She was exhausted, but too excited from getting her promotion to Ensign to take a break. Against her parents’ wishes, Madison went straight to her first posting instead of coming home, as a Tactical Officer on the USS Carthage. Her first posting was a simple and boring one involving more science than fighting. This was the reason she was out there, of course, but one didn't get to enjoy the wonders of the final frontier walking security routes around the lower decks. One of the lessons she could have learned while posted aboard the Carthage was that life was not necessarily always about excitement; she still had difficulty grasping that fact. Madison worked diligently, taking initiative at every possible turn to encourage her superior to notice her. The adverse effect of this activity was the contempt she sensed from her colleagues who resented her resulting standing as the Chief’s “favorite.” She explained to them during a confrontation that, while they were sulking about their low status and complaining about things not being fair, she was doing the best job she could. Nevertheless, she suffered from loneliness often. she was an intense introvert and she found that she had to go outside of her department to find anyone who was willing to converse with her at all.

In two years, her superiors took notice, making her Assistant Tactical Officer and promoting her to Lieutenant JG. The Carthage was a small science vessel, and on such small ships it became obvious that Madison's promotion meant no advancement for the other security officers, causing more dismay. Despite the lack of friendship and friendliness in the Tactical Department, Madison was able to do her job effectively, earning their respect if not their favor, as well as the respect of many in the upper ranks. She found that her new job gave her more paperwork to do, something she despised and avoided as much as possible. She worried about the responsibilities that higher rank would bring, but she concluded that Starfleet was still the right place for her for the moment.

Madison received high recommendations for promotion and higher leadership from her department head and her XO. Lieutenant JG Apple received a promotion to full Lieutenant and was recommended by the Captain of the Carthage as a personal request for an officer transfer from the Commander of the Vulcan crewed ship, USS Vulcan. She was transferred as a result and made Chief Security/Tactical Officer to a ship on which she was the only non-Vulcan. For three years, Madison spent her time among Vulcans, something she had come to hate. It was more than once that Madison got in some very serious debates with some of her emotionless shipmates. She’d been disturbed by her Vulcan colleagues reactions to her “illogical bouts of rage”, something she’d never been without, as bad tempers ran in her family, and the Vulcans made her blood boil. Their mission was one of science, just like her last posting, and she found that she still was not able to experience real combat because of it. She found herself constantly shut out at staff meetings and developed a rather aggressive approach to her work as a result. Where many people would have responded with calm and understanding, she responded with resentment and anger, handling her Vulcan shipmates more harshly than she had to.

She was greatly relieved when she received her transfer to the USS Republic, a sovereign class vessel. She was more than excited to get away from those pointy-eared freaks, even if it was on the strong recommendation from the Vulcan captain that she "seek emotional counseling with her own kind". Aboard the Republic, she was assigned as Strategic Operations Officer, a post to which she had very little interest. She had skills that lent well to fighting and strategy, but not to methodical work, plus she resented that she never saw combat as a Tactical or Security Officer. Nevertheless, she accepted her assignment without complaint and remained grateful to get away from the Vulcans.

The Republic was tasked with mapping the areas near the Gorn Hegemony. This assignment proved to be a thousand times more interested than any that she had experienced before. Attack and threat of attack was a constant for her crew as they ran into conflict with the hostile species. Captain Harold Daines developed quick affection for Madison, especially for her matter-of-fact style. He made her his second officer within weeks of their arrival near Gorn space. She developed a great deal as a leader and an officer during her time aboard the Republic, as she and much of the crew had become very close. She considered them family and would have done anything to save them. Captain Daines had also proven to be quite the mentor and father figure to her and she slowly began to calm down from her previous assignment.

The XO of the Republic, Commander David Winter, had been getting alot of pressure from his wife to return home. As a close friend of his, Madison could hear the guilt of leaving his wife to raise five children without him in his voice whenever he spoke on it. After he resigned and went home, Captain Daines all but begged her to take Winter's place at his side, and after some initial reticence, she agreed and received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. Many would think that this promotion was received too early in her career considering her age, but the friends around her knew that she could do it.

The vessel got into a number of unexpected scrapes with the Gorn in the years after Madison had become Executive Officer, but her tactical prowess had always helped to get them out of those scrapes.. The last one proved to spell the destruction of the Republic. During a fight against a more powerful enemy, the Republic took on heavy fire and Captain Daines suffered a heart attack on the Bridge. Apple was forced to take command and, after some impressive work by the Bridge crew, their Gorn attackers were forced to flee. Nearly eighty people aboard the Republic died including Captain Daines and many of her friends. It became clear that the ship was damaged beyond repair and was no longer capable of sustaining life support. Holding off her grief, Madison ordered all remaining crew to escape pods and activated the auto-destruct sequence.

After three weeks of floating in space, the escape pods landed on a nearby planet. During the journey, many people died of woulds or lack of food. After landing, Madison was told that nearly half the crew had died. She remained in command as the grieved survivors set up camp on the planet and awaited rescue for a month and a half. The tragedy was grave and very harmful to Madison, but she refused counselling and insisted that she was strong enough to deal with the grief on her own. She received commendation after standard court marshal for her valor and command ability through the crises, but she would have given all the honors and recognition up seven times over if it would bring back just one of her friends. She went home to Earth and stayed with her parents.

After a few months of forced leave, Madison put in for an assignment she believed would put her in the middle of the action. A few months earlier, it would have been for sheer enjoyment and the thrill of the fight, but now, she may have just wanted to take her anger out on someone. Anyone. She quickly received the new assignment and headed straight for the USS Jerusalem as her Executive Officer.

Service Record

Science and Tactical Concentration
Logistics Management Major
Dance Minor

USS Carthage
+ Promoted to Ensign - Age 22
- Assigned as Tactical Officer

+ Promoted to Lieutenant JG - Age 24
- Made Assistant Tactical Officer

USS Vulcan
+ Promoted to Lieutenant - 26
- Assigned as Chief Security/Tactical Officer

USS Republic
- Assigned as Chief Strategic Operations and Second Officer - 29

+ Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
- Assigned as Executive Officer - 31

USS Jerusalem
- Assigned as Executive Officer - 33