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Lieutenant Elara Trax

Name Elara Trax

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (joined)
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7" (171cm)
Weight 120lbs (54kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Elara is 5'7" tall and weighs 120 pounds. She has brown hair and green eyes, and a slim figure which she maintains through a near vegetarian diet and twice daily workouts (a compulsion she picked up from her third host). Like all Trills, her hands are naturally cold and she is highly allergic to insect bites. She has twin columns of spots that run from her forehead all the way down to her feet.


Father Takaia, 68, Resides on Trill
Mother Azeri, 64, Resides on Trill

Personality & Traits

General Overview To those who work hard, treat others with respect and have a passion for whatever they do, Elara is a warm and friendly person whose sense of humour tends to fall in the playful and non-malicious teasing spectrum. That said, having spent her career around men and women who loved all things mechanical as much as her, she has little patience for laziness, negativity or procrastination, and has been known to snap at those who indulge in either quality (more so since her joining).

The only other noteworthy thing is that Elara is a fast talker when she's in her element, and multitasks as naturally as she breathes. She is seldom seen sitting down for long periods of time, and many communications with fellow engineers are done on the go (which is where the phrase 'Trax's office' came into being on her previous post, to describe whatever room or corridor she happened to be standing in).
Spoken Languages Federation Standard, Trill, Klingon, Ferengi
Strengths & Weaknesses [+] Highly intelligent in all things engineering.
[+] Is only ever interested fixing the problem; not the blame.
[+] Has experience and knowledge beyond that which she gained herself, via her symbiont (though is often hesitant to draw on it, preferring to rely on her own abilities wherever possible).

[-] Too focussed on her job, to the detriment of her social life.
[-] Has no patience for those who are lazy, negative or procrastinators.
[-] Is dependent on weekly Benzocyatizine doses to ensure that her Isoboramine levels do not fall to dangerous levels.
[-] Still experiences the effects of Transient Conjunction Syndrome, such as confusing her memories and pronouns with prior hosts.
Hobbies & Interests *Anything mechanical or electrical.
*Orbital skydiving.
*Resistance training (her favourite holodeck program is a simulation of a gym that her third host used to attend).
*Artificial intelligence.

Personal History

Personal History When the class of 2379 graduated from the Triumvirate Capital Highschool on Trill, conservative parents Takaia and Azeri were almost certain that their daughter, Elara, would pursue a career as a civil engineer. Her grades in the subjects of science and mathematics were unparalleled by the other teenagers in her school, and her parents had been pushing her to enter the symbiont selection course, following in the footsteps of her symbiont-joined father. Unfortunately for them, she had other ideas.

When Elara approached her parents with the news that she wanted to join Starfleet, they presumed that she was joking with them and it wasn't until after their initial outburst of laughter that they realised she was serious. At first, they tried to convince her that such a career would be a waste of time, but she was obstinate that she was going to become an officer in the Fleet and quickly began making arrangements for the flight to Earth. Her father, furious at her stubbornness, forbad her from going but to little avail.

Departing from Trill on a civilian transport, Elara left her homeworld behind - her relationship with her parents still on negative and unresolved terms. Arriving in San Francisco, she enrolled at the Academy and passed the selection exams, choosing to major in engineering. Life at the Academy quickly proved to be everything that the young Trill hoped, being assigned a dormitory with a Betazoid and Vulcan student, both of whom she keeps in close contact with via subspace, even to this very day.

Elara's enjoyment of the Academy was such that when she graduated in 2383 with a major in Engineering, she requested to serve at the San Francisco campus in whatever capacity she could, but due to inexperience her request was denied and she was subsequently transferred to the USS Mitterand. Despite the initial disappointment, Elara found life aboard the Akira-class starship equally exciting and thrived with every challenge her superior officers assigned her way. In 2386, she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior-grade and again to Lieutenant in 2389.

In February of 2389, Elara was attending an Annual Engineering Symposium on starbase 7 with several other officers from the Mitterand, when she was approached by a member of the starbase's medical staff. A Trill officer posted on the base had been found dead of natural causes just 91 hours prior to Elara's arrival, and although the Trill Symbiont Commission had rushed an emergency team to the base they arrived with just hours to spare before the symboint would die. Worst still, they had no biologically compatible candidate available… until Elara's arrival.

Sitting in a meeting with a representative of the Commission, the situation was explained to Elara that, although she was under no obligation to agree to the blending, if she didn't agree she would effectively be letting four hundred years of memories and experiences die. Guilt aside, Elara's main thoughts during the meeting were of her estranged father and how being joined would please him - she hadn't spoken to either of her parents in over a decade. With little deliberation, she quickly agreed to the procedure and within an hour the Trax symbiont was successfully implanted into her.

93 hours after the operation, Elara and the symbiont had become biologically interdependent. After gaining special dispensation from Starfleet Command for an unplanned leave of absence, she travelled back to Trill where she spent the next four months adjusting to life as a joined Trill. Re-initialising contact with her parents, her father was extremely proud of her and, being joined to a symbiont himself, proved quite adept in helping her adjust (along with a counselor assigned to her by the Symbiosis Commission).

It was during this adjustment period that the Commission discovered something of considerable concern, that they had failed to notice in their rush to save the Trax symbiont. Elara has naturally low Isoboramine levels - the neurotransmitter that mediates the synaptic function between host and symbiont. With no possibility of transplanting the symbiont into a new host so late after the procedure, Elara must now take weekly Benzocyatizine doses to ensure that her Isoboramine levels do not fall below forty percent normal.

Her relationship with her parents repaired, Elara was anxious to return to duty and was granted clearance to do so by June of 2389 - just under four month since she had left the Mitterand. Upon her return she was assigned to the position of assistant Chief of Engineering, and over the next three years she gained further certification in her chosen field - proving herself to be particularly adept at damage control on several of the Mitterand's more dangerous missions. In 2392 the opportunity to transfer to the USS Jerusalem arose, which she successfully pursued.

Service Record

Service Record 2379: Enrolled at Starfleet Academy, San Fransisco.
2383: Graduated Starfleet Academy and assigned to USS Mitterand as an engineering officer at the rank of Ensign.
2386: Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior-Grade.
2389: Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Granted four months Leave of Absence due to extenuating circumstance. Subsequently assigned to assistant Chief of Engineering position.
2392: Transferred to USS Jerusalem.