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Captain Ariel Ostheimer

Name Ariel Enara Ostheimer

Position Task Group Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 126lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Ariel wears her hair long - a good five inches past her shoulders, the maximum length allowed, as decreed by health and safety protocols for her field. On duty it is typically in a pony-tail, and allowed to fall over one shoulder. Off-duty she prefers her hair unrestrained, and allows it to do whatever it wishes. Rather short and slim to boot, Ariel is somewhat sensitive about her height; but has come to terms with her petite frame.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Phillip Ostheimer
Mother Sarah Emir
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Aunts, uncles, and various other extended family members.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ariel (or Ari, as she prefers to be called), can be described with many words with ‘cheerful’, ‘friendly’, ‘outgoing’, and ‘gentle’ being the more positive variety, while ‘loud’, ‘shameless’ and ‘immature’ as the more negative. Ari has a rather perverse sense of humour, one most fulfilled with the embarrassment of others, something which often leads to uncomfortable bedside situations. Despite her seeming inability to be serious, she can adopt a more sombre attitude. Bad sense of humour aside, she is undeniably a talented doctor, and regardless of the situation, patient care has always been her highest priority.
Spoken Languages Federation Standard, English, French
Strengths & Weaknesses Though her inopportune jokes tend to make people uncomfortable, Ari also has the ability to clear the air and dispel the discomfort...not that she does it often, much preferring to watch people squirm. She has an excellent grasp of her field, being one of the most gifted doctors in her year. One of her strengths happens to be a literal one – despite her size, Ari has freakish physical strength, and often moves her own boxes out of sheer stubbornness, and a need to prove others wrong. And, though she usually doesn't act like it, Ariel is also whip-smart, able to comprehend even the most technical of descriptions and procedures, mastering them on the first try.

Weaknesses include food (particularly chocolate), and her highly competitive nature. Though it often drives her to do even better, it also has the tendency to make her rather hard to work with. She holds herself to a certain level, and requires that her staff do the same. Any acts of (what she sees to be) stupidity, are met with coldness and irritation. She also has a short temper when it comes to incompetence.
Ambitions Her ambition was a simple one - to be the best doctor in the fleet, and recognized for her abilities. Since her promotion to Commanding Officer, her desire has been a tad redirected. She no longer wishes to be the 'best'. All she wants now is the health and safety of her crew, whom she has begun to see as her extended family.
Hobbies & Interests Ari loves books and any form of literature. Her personal quarters include a large wall of books, filled with classics by such literary giants such as Shakespeare, and several philosophical works from Human and Vulcan authors alike.

Personal History

Personal History Ari, an only child, was given all the freedoms and opportunity a child could be given. Though not spoiled, per say, Ari still feels a certain entitlement to the world, and everything in it. With little worries to occupy her mind, Ariel was pressed to do the very best she could in anything she tried, leaving her a very competitive individual. Much to her chagrin, she found she had little athletic ability, and an even lesser musical talent. In her words: ‘I can’t play an instrument to save my life,’. She did eventually find, however, that she had sharp mind, and she did her best in her studies.

She never had any life altering moments, no sickness in her home, no injured animals, nothing that would turn her onto the path of doctor-hood. No, literature was her love. But little presented itself in the form of a career based in literature. Knowing she had the ability, she applied herself to the medical sciences.

Always fascinated with stars (such pretty things they were) and space travel, she enrolled in Starfleet, and applied herself to the medical field. She graduated with her doctorate at the age of 23. After her graduation, she was given the rank of Ensign, and offered a post aboard a Starship, the USS Dunton. She managed to last only a matter of months aboard the ship as assistant to the Chief Medical Officer, (in her opinion) a brutish, and boorish man. After butting heads with him for the final time, she left the Dunton, and took a post as Assistant Chief Medical Officer on the USS Tory. A science vessel, she was given more freedom with her work, and managed to develop several new vaccines, and assisted in advancing many medical procedures.

She spent five years aboard the Tory, and despite her achievements, felt generally unfulfilled. Seeking advancement, she took the position of Chief Medical Officer with the USS Hudson, and served them faithfully for three years until the ship was decommissioned. Hearing that there was a need for a doctor on the USS Edison, Ari applied for the position, and was accepted.

The Edison went through two captains in quick succession. After the disappearance of the her second captain, one Commodore T'Yuna, Ariel, then XO of the ship, was given command of the vessel.

After the destruction of the USS Edison by a hostile alien race known as the 'Evrenlx', Ariel, and her crew, were transferred to the Prometheus-class, USS Archimedes.

Service Record

Service Record 2379 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy
2379 - 2383 - Medical Officer; U.S.S. Dunton
2383 - 86 - Assistant Chief Medical Officer; U.S.S. Armoured Bear
2386 - 88 - Chief Medical Officer; U.S.S. Hudson
Early 2388 - Chief Medical Officer, Executive Officer; U.S.S. Edison
Later 2388 - Commanding Officer; U.S.S. Edison
Even Later 2388 - Commanding Officer; U.S.S. Archimedes