Season 1: Break out the pennant

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USS Jerusalem, NCC 61658, begins her journey.

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Included Missions

Requested and required

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The crew receives their orders posting them to the USS Jerusalem.

IC Time: 26 December 2391 to 1 January 2392

Intermission 1: New Home

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Now safely at Starbase 39-Sierra after her shakedown cruise, USS Jerusalem and her crew take some time to relax, integrate new crewmembers, repair bugs found during the shakedown cruise, and get ready for their certification exam, Exercise LION PASSANT.

Shakedown and Training

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Ye olde Shakedown cruise. For testing ship's systems and seeing what breaks. And testing the crew, and seeing who breaks.

IC Date: 2 January 2392 to 2 February 2392