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Shore leave broken

Posted on Tuesday February 14th, 2017 @ 2:16pm by Lieutenant Gabriel Barron

Mission: Intermission 1: New Home
Location: Barron Family Farm Back 40, Zavalla, Texas USA Earth
Timeline: 6 February 2392


Gabriel sat in the main seat of the john deere tractor steering a straight line down the hill that his families farm sat on. He was on day eight of a two week shore leave after undergoing the twelve week department head and advanced medical officer courses at star fleet head quarters in San Francisco. His cowboy had was pulled down low over his eyes as a piece of weed jutted out from between his lips. He enjoyed the warming days of the Texas February, they would lend themselves well to crops his family would be planting this month.
His thoughts were broken by the chiming of the comm system in the cab of the tractor. He leaned back and pressed the button that would open the channel between him and the family home.
"Yeah?" he asked a little more gruffly than he had intended the interruption of his solace was annoying.
"Hey, Gabe, your damned star fleet communicator is cuttin' up quite a racket in the bedroom. I think ya' got one of your all fire important messages from the high and mighties." came the drawled response of his brother in law.
"Aint possible I still got six days left before I gotta take off..." he paused and looked back behind him then back down the hill towards the house and he sighed "Let me finish this row and then I'll be down. Gimme about ten minutes. Hey what's momma got ready for supper?"
There was a sinker "She said you can fix your own food she's on vacation." came the quick reply and the com link was broke. Gabriel laughed heartily at that as he was once again alone with his thoughts.

====Two Hours Later

Gabriel came walking into the main room of the house his cowboy boots stomping loudly as he went. As the door opened his pulled the dirty formerly white cowboy hat off his head revealing the klingon ridges of his forehead as he crossed the threshold that marked inside from out. He turned and hung his hat up on a hook next to the door and grinned as he smelt the scents of brisket, potato salad, baked beans and deep fried rolls. He looked at his brother in law.
"Well you wernt lying, she is on vacation, Dad's doin' the cookin', sweet mammaries on glass this is gonna be good." rumbled Gabriel.
"Yeah well you know how she is, turned into a lazy woman once dad retired..." Joshua turned as the squeal of children running down the hallway caught his attention. The scene of a younger boy of about nine years old chasing an older girl of about eleven years down the hallway with a captured frog in his hands caused both men to laugh.
"DADDIE save me!" came the high pitched scream from the little girl.
"It's a prwince, it's a pwince kiss em!" came the slightly slurred answer from the pursuing child.
A loud feminine voice broke the den of noise the two children were causing "If you two dont cut it out I'm gonna switch ya! If you wanna go runnin' around like banshees take it outside! I swear Momma's trying to take a nap." it was the voice Gabriel's sister, Alisha. As the ruccus moved out and the door slammed behind the two happy kids Alisha shook her head and handed a PADD to Gabriel.
"This thing is wanting you." she said "Got that fancy seal on it and everything." she grinned turning up the country accent. He took his and placed his thumb over the reader unlocking the PADD. He read was popped up and his grin slid down around his belt buckle.

[Starfleet Bureau of Personnel header]
FR: CDR Roberts, James, MC - BUPERS-74
TO: LT Barron, Gabriel, MC
DATE: 6 February 2392
TIME: 1800 Zulu
SUBJ: Transfer orders
CLASS: Unclassified

LT Barron:

On order of the Chief of Starfleet Personnel, you are detached from current assignment and assigned Permanent Change of Station as Assistant Chief Medical Officer, USS Jerusalem, with temporary additional duty as Chief Medical Officer, USS Jerusalem. Travel via government transportation is authorized. Household Goods will be shipped separately. Dependents are not authorized aboard this posting and will be quartered at Starbase 39-Sierra or other location of your choice.

Report to Starfleet Personnel Movement Terminal, San Francisco Spaceport, Earth, no later than 0900 8 February 2392 for transport via shuttlecraft to SS Ontario, which will transport you as passenger to Starbase 39-Sierra, arrival no later than 0900 19 February 2392.

Per Starfleet Personnel Regulation #670-292 you are to report to Starfleet PMT SFO in duty uniform with the following items:

Spacebag, fully packed per latest guidance
Issued PADD, cleared of all official papers EXCEPT these orders, enclosed travel orders, enclosed per diem vouchers, and USS Jerusalem Welcome Aboard Packet (enclosed) - storage of non-official documents is authorized but PADD is subject to search by Starfleet Security for necessary purposes.

Weapons of any type are NOT authorized, under any circumstances.

Upon arrival at Starbase 39-Sierra, you are to report to Executive Officer, USS Jerusalem, and Commanding Officer, USS Jerusalem. They will direct further to complete the coming-aboard process.

For the Chief of Starfleet Personnel:

CDR James Roberts, MC

"This aint right I still got six days left! I'll have to leave now to catch the transport!" his first desire was to smash the PADD against the wall but instead he closed his eyes and breathed deeply.
"Shippin' out orders?" came the male voice behind him. "I know that look, shore leave broken, your momma says I had that look on my face many times when the Marines would yank me from her early." Gabes father Stephen said as he came around the doorway out of the kitchen to look at his adoped son.
"Yeah, Dad, I gotta leave sorry I wont be able to finish the back forty, or help with the cattle." Gabe answered as he placed the PADD down on the table so he wouldnt be tempted to smash it.
"Eh, I got plenty of help, besides they cant yank you away before we get some BBQ in you. Go take a shower and get clean." Stephen wrinkled his nose "And for god's sake get in some clean cloths what did you do roll around with the pigs?"
Gabe laughed "Actually yes, that one sow didnt want to let me get close to give her the antibiotics the Vet prescribed for her infection."
"So you decided to flop around in the muck?"
"The sacrifices we make for bacon." Gabe said as he headed for the shower. "God do I love bacon!"


Gabriel Barron, MD, FAEM
Acting Chief Medical Officer
USS Jerusalem


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