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There's an XO on them thar starship?

Posted on Friday February 24th, 2017 @ 1:16pm by Lieutenant Gabriel Barron & Captain John Williams & Commander Declan Macclure

Mission: Intermission 1: New Home
Location: Docking port 5C, Docking bay 5, Starbase 39-Sierra
Timeline: 17 February 2392, 1200

Docking Bay 5, Starbase 39-Sierra
17 February 2392, 1200

"We have now docked with Starbase 39-Sierra. Departing passengers, remain at the docking port until the green light comes on indicating a complete seal. Thank you for sailing with SS Ontario and Canadian Pacific Starlines," the PA system aboard the transport crackled.

As usual, some passengers - not many, but some - were giving the Klingon in the Starfleet uniform a curious glance. Klingons in Starfleet, even in the 2390s, were far from common or expected; not many Klingons followed Worf's path, after all. To see one in the teal of the Medical or Science departments was even more unusual.

In any case, the light soon turned green above the docking port, and the hatch cycled open within seconds as passengers grabbed their luggage and moved to debark, there to be met by a team of Starfleet Security personnel from the starbase, who would check their credentials and direct them on their way.

Soon enough, it was Gabriel's turn.

"Lieutenant, your ID and travel orders, please?" asked the Petty Officer in charge of the detachment.

Gabe glowered at the Petty Officer and handed over his PADD along with his identifying documents. "I've been reassigned to the Jerusalem. I've heard tale that it's here."Gabe's deep voice rumbled.

"It is, sir. Your ID checks out, orders check out, you're good to go," the Petty Officer replied, handing back the PADD and ID. "Check the listings in the main concourse to find where your ship is docked."

Gabriel took back the offered material and stowed them away in his carry on bag. He nodded to the Petty Officer and headed towards the ship listings on the concourse and found where his new ship was berthed. From there he made quick time to the berthing and nodded to the enlisted man on duty.

"Chief, I'm Lieutenant Gabriel Barron, the new CMO of the ship. Where is the officer of the deck I would like to report into the Captain and XO as soon as possible and get my things stowed." Gabe offered the PADD and his ID again to streamline the conversation.

The Chief took the paperwork, looked it over, and nodded. After saying where the OOD is, he noted, "CO requests that you get your quarters assignment and survival gear from the quartermaster shop on Deck 16, stow those and your spacebag, then report in to the XO, sir," he explained as he handed everything back. "It saves us insanity given we have 6000 people aboard including a thousand officers."

Gabe nodded and took his paperwork back stuffing it back into his carry on bag, with the exception of the PADD. He pulled up a schematic of the Jerusalem, oriented himself on the map and started down the path to the quartermaster's to get his berthing and gear assigned to him then off to meet the XO. He took a turbolift and exited on deck 16 then down the corridor until he stood before a set of doors with "Quartermaster" beside them. He nodded to himself and stepped through as the doors parted before him. He nodded to the man behind the desk and offered his ID and PADD with order pulled up on it to the man.

"Seems like all I'm doing now days is showin' people my paperwork." he drawled to the man behind the desk.

The Chief raised his eyebrows. A Klingon with a redneck accent? What the hell? Nonetheless, he responded. "Eh, with as many people as we've got aboard, there's really no other option. Anyway, I verify your ID and posting. Everything you need will come through slot 1 in a moment. Your quarters assignment is Deck 3, compartment 021," he replied. "Welcome to Jerusalem."

Gabe grinned toothily at him and nodded "Thanks Chief." he moved to slot one and picked up the gear that was deposited there. Turned and went to the turbolift.

"Deck Three please computer." he grumbled aloud. A few moments later the doors parted and he stepped out, walking down the corridor till he found compartment 021. He stepped through the doors as they swooshed open and deposited his equipment and gear onto the small couch. He walked to the restroom and washed his face before changing into a new uniform. As his dad had said many times and his marine training had drilled into him. Fresh uniform when meeting the XO and COs of your assignments and by god look like you deserve to be there.

He looked in the mirror after donning the new uniform making sure all the lines were right and straight and the creases were sharp enough to cut a steak with. He grinned to himself and nodded "Damned I look smart." as he headed out to find the XO.

"Computer what is the location of the XO?"

"Commander Macclure is in the Executive officer;s office, would you like directions?"

Gabriel straightened his uniform and responded "No thank you computer." he headed to the turbolift and ordered the proper deck then stepped out and moved down the corridor to the door he knew was the XO's office. He waited outside to be allowed in.

The door opened and Gabriel walked in to an office decorated in what could be described as part museum and part, walk through someone's life, on one wall was a collection of framed documents, letters, three diplomas, a collection of medals, and various photographs, the other side had a collection of ships, from an aircraft carrier, to the more recent USS Jerusalem, there was a small sitting area and in one corner was a desk and some leather chairs. the Executive officer by this point had stood up and walked over to introduce himself, "Doctor, I'm commander Macclure welcome aboard."

Gabe raised an eyebrow in a very vulcan way before nodding to the XO. "Normally Commander I get to introduce myself first." A loud rumble emitted from Gabe chest as he laughed softly to himself "As you know who I am should I still 'report'?" He extended his hand to the commander to shake.

Taking the offered hand Macclure continued, "Formalities and all that, besides I like to talk to each of the chiefs just to open communications and all that."

Gabe nodded "Yesser boss. What can I do for you? "

That accent again, usually a Klingon would have a very gutteral accent, since Klingon was a harsher language, reminded him of some of the second generation German speakers he'd known, but this was southern, "This is just the informal introduction portion, all in all I do try and make it quite painless."

Gabe grinned "Lovely sir, I appreciate it." Gabe paused "Your over incoming supplies correct sir?"

"Yes." Macclure said then continued, "Your best bet is our operations officer but I can pull strings as needed."

Gabe nodded knowingly then grinned mischievously "You know I was raised on a workin farm in deep east Texas yeah? Well momma has a tradition when ever I ship out she sends me a care package. Do you like steaks?"

"Most definately. Especially from a working farm. " It does explain why the Klingon medical officer sounded more like LBJ then Kahless.

Gabe's teeth appeared again as he grinned "Excellent, one thing I learned from my time in the Marines. It don't matter what hell hole I get dropped into mommas gonna find a way to get me a care package." He chuckled to himself which was more of a low rumble "I 'member a time when my squad was about to deploy in the war. Mail call came and there was a package from Texas. My CO hollered at me 'Tex' your momma sent somethin' save me a tomato." His grin faltered a moment as he remembered the battle and that he wasn't able to save his CO. Then he shook himself slightly and the grin returned. "She always sends enough for me my CO and XO to have a few steaks and some home growed maters along with other veggies and sometimes some jams or preserves."

"In one of my earlier assignments I had a lad in my platoon, who's mother would send baked goods. He died in the Somme unfortunately." Macclure paused, "I'll smooth things with ops, we'll get it on board we'll even find a proper grill to put some to flame."

Gabe nodded "Much appreciated, I can't wait for the bacon." Gabe eyed the commander and grinned "Maybe when we're back around earth way you can come to the farm. We can raise a toast to those left behind with some good Tennessee whisky."

"Sounds like a plan." Macclure responded

Declan Macclure
Executive Officer
USS Jerusalem


Gabriel Barron, MD, FAEM
Acting Chief Medical Officer
USS Jerusalem


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