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Introductions and Steaks

Posted on Saturday March 11th, 2017 @ 6:39pm by Captain John Williams & Lieutenant Gabriel Barron

Mission: Intermission 1: New Home
Location: USS Jerusalem, Deck 1: Ready Room
Timeline: 17 February 2392, 1400

Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Jerusalem
17 February 2392, 1400

Tucked in his ready room to do some of the inevitable paperwork that came with being the CO of a 6000-person crew and a fairly gigantic ship, John Williams was as close to "in the zone" as he could be while doing paperwork.

From the bulkheads, hidden speakers were playing Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a prayer" as he worked, and his eyes actually had some life to them instead of their usual dullness when he was doing paperwork.

Gabe had just left his meeting with the XO and had decided to report to the CO. The computer had informed him that the Captain was in his ready room on the bridge so he was headed to the bridge. The doors to the lift closed and he drawled out "Bridge please." When they opened again he exited into a corridor and moved to the doors labeled "Ready Room". From there he pressed the buzzer to await entrance.

With that, the music paused and Williams checked his console, there checking the cameras that showed him who was outside the entrances to the ready room. "Enter!" he called, once he was satisfied it wasn't a crewman being dumb.

The doors swished open and Gabe walked in. He stepped quickly to the front of the captains desk, came to attention and barked out strongly.

"Lieutenant Gabriel Barron reporting as ordered sir." He maintained his at attention posture waiting to be acknowledged by the Captain.

"Lieutenant, at ease," Williams said, standing and extending a hand. "Have a seat. Want anything...Coffee, water, tea?"

Gabe relaxed into the at ease position and shhok his head. "No sir, thank you though sir." He replied to the inquiry. He moved to sit across the desk from the CO and waited.

Williams, for his part, didn't waste time. Once he'd pulled up the transfer orders from Barron's PADD, he endorsed them swiftly before pulling up the doctor's personnel file.

"OK, so. As I go over things....First thing you need to know. Technically you're assigned as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Unofficially, you'll be running the department for the first few weeks, including during our certification exercise; Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Van Richten, is an Ekosian with experience treating the bio weapon the Breen deployed on Ekos during the Dominion War...A virus which has appeared in a few systems lately. Starfleet Command pulled him for a temporary duty assignment leading one of the teams fighting it. Ideally, he'll be back soon enough, but until he is, we needed an experienced surgeon to run the Medical department. You got the nod after we saw your latest training scores.

"Second: Because you're leading the department is on a hopefully temporary basis, I'm going to ask you to leave personnel and procedures more or less as you find em til either Dr. Van Richten returns or he's permanently reassigned. Day to day stuff is not where I'm concerned about, just big-picture stuff. Same goes with the layout of sickbay and so forth. You could change it, but please don't do so yet.

"Third: Yes, you have a chaplain on your roster. Since they're relatively new to the Fleet, I'll ask: How much experience do you have working with the Chaplain Corps?"

Gabe nodded taking in the information then opened his mouth to respond. "I understand that the Chief position is a temp one. Second, I promise on my honor as a Southern gentleman to leave all the toys where I find them. Third, we had a few chaplains in my division in the war. Granted my experience with them was limited to a diffrent uniform but I doubt that there's much difference between a man of God in green as there is in teal."

"Fair enough. Basic rules with the chaplain now that you're more than enlisted medic: Legally, his chain of command goes from him to me, directly, with no intermediary. As a practical matter, he trains and organizes under the Medical department for day to day stuff, but even though he's a trained psychologist and fully available for Counseling surge support when needed, leave whether or not he does so up to him - he's a Catholic priest first, who happens to be a Starfleet officer, and so he has obligations under canon law, not merely Starfleet regulations. Let him figure out which applies, but if you're in dispute, bring it to me and I will discuss it with both of you. Also note: He's the only chaplain we've got at the moment. Please don't break him. Everybody except the Catholics gets handled by lay leaders for now, and he'll give you a list of those as they're trained and endorsed by the various endorsing agencies. We're trying to get more chaplains, but the very notion of having them beyond Marine brigades or Starbases is a bit of a test run, and recruiting for the Chaplain Corps is difficult. That said, since the ship is named Jerusalem and since the regs were unclear on whether to assign a chaplain, it was decided that with 6000 people aboard regularly assigned, a chaplain was probably not a bad idea to include on the roster. Not to mention that, well, Space Is Weird and metaphysical strangeness happens enough that chaplains in general were probably overdue on starships, in my opinion. Seen too many good people get broken by struggling with it in a Starfleet that used to be really hostile to religion." A quiet swearing at one Jean-Luc Picard crossed the CO's mind at this point. Starfleet had gotten better on the issue, but not without kicking and screaming.

With that said, a change in topic.

"Going over your records....I see you're new to starship service. Plenty of time in starbases and planetary settings, but this is your first starship tour as a medical officer as opposed to an enlisted Marine. I'm told it's a rather different job between the various settings, so I guess my first question is: How are you feeling about the idea of being the senior medical officer within any real distance, usually?"

"The only difference I see between starship and starbase tours is the ship is a hell of a lot more mobile compared to the floating mushrooms. To be honest a broken arm isn't much diffrent here as it is there. I'm sure I'll get into the groove of it quickly enough sir. When it comes to bandaids and duct tape I got you covered." His slow speech and particular accent became more apparent the more he talked.

That got a grin. "Well, OK. You'll find we're as equipped as any starbase hsopital in simple equipment and gear, simply because you can fit a lot, but you're doing it with far fewer staff and no residents or interns. On top of that, you'll have the specialized medical needs of the flight units, for which they need you to do flight surgeon coursework if you haven't already, and the Marines - again, they appreciate it if you do orientation work with em, though I don't know if Captain Stone will insist given your prior Marine experience." A pause from Williams, then. "Any questions for me, Doctor?"

Gabe laughed softly "I'd be more than happy to do orientation with em maybe if I'm a good doc they will let me pull out my old PT uniform. As for their medical care I'm more than happy to provide that to the whole crew. Smaller staff, and no interns? Well hot damned I won't be tripping over anyone that will be a sweet pint o peace!" Gabe's smile widened "Yes I do have a question for you Captain, when was your last physical?"

"Last week or so with Dr. Van Richten," Williams replied, like the cat that just swiped the canary.

Gabe laughed fully and grinned back. "As my grand pa was fond of saying. Trust but verify Captain."

"Want to review my records, go ahead," Williams shrugged.

Gabe grinned "I trust ya Captain, for one your not a flag officer I had to chase a Vice Admiral for three days to get hers. As God is my witness she looked me in the eyes in medical and told me she just had finished her physical. I had to bring the security vids to her on a PADD before she would relent. I swear I've never had anyone piss down my back and tell me it was raining as much as that non disclosed Admiral."

That got a laugh. "What's sad is, I can probably name the flag officer," Williams admitted. "Me and Admiral Quinn," the Chief of Staff of Starfleet AKA Williams's old boss, "used to have running bets on which admiral would be next to have a heart attack."

Gabe snorted "That sounds about right." He laughed.

"Yup. And surprisngly, I guessed right more often. Considering I'm a fighter pilot, it kind of creeped out Admiral Quinn sometimes," Williams mentioned nonchalantly, but with a grin. "Otherwise, any other questions?"

Gabe shook his head "No sir, other than where my new diggs are, oh do you like steak and fresh produce?"

"Quartermaster team should have given you your quarters assignment when you stopped off to see him before meeting the XO; I presume he did given the lack of a spacebag with you, anyway," Williams replied. "As far as the steak and veggies...I had a warning about this in your file," he noted with a grin. "Accepted gladly, but have enough sent for the entire wardroom; aboard Jerusalem, I make it a point to have the senior staff eat dinner, and other meals if we can pull it off, together at least semi-regularly, as a wardroom, like aboard traditional wet-navy vessels. While the CMO is not aboard, you'll be Medical's guy in the wardroom; it has its own galley and galley staff, since I've discouraged folks from having cooking appliances in their quarters." Pause. "Reason for that is simple: I was CAG aboard the Munich when she had that massive fire a few years back; I was Officer of the Watch during the fire, and to be quite honest it leaves me really cautious about fires and fire hazards aboard a starship. So, since I also encourage real food over replicated - I know I know, nutritionally they're the same, but the common morale does not agree that they taste the same - the Jerusalem has mess halls for junior enlisted, and other common dining facilities, with full galleys staffed by food service specialists under Operations, in part to limit the fire risks."

Gabe laughed again "Be careful what you wish for Captain, if I tell my mother that she'll send enough steak to feed the entire crew. She has done it before when I was assigned to Walter Reed she brought enough food to feed all the staff and most of the patients that could eat solid food. Granted that was with the help of a few of the neighbors." he nodded to himself and did some quick math "If we assume that there will be about 10 officers in the wardroom instead of having steak two to three times a week we can dial it back to about once every two weeks. When were back at Sol I can send a message to the folk and they will likely have another shipment of food ready to be sent up. It will just be a matter of quantity but it's more than doable with what they sent me so far."

"OK then. All that said, you're dismissed. Go get unpacked, then go meet your department in sickbay. I'll signal em to come back from the starbase when you let me know you're ready."

Gabe nodded and stood "Thank you sir, I'll go do that. Give me about thirty minutes to make sure everything's in my quarters and then I'll head over to sickbay to take a look around and meet the staff."

CAPT John Williams
CO USS Jerusalem


Gabriel Barron
Acting Chief Medical Officer
USS Jerusalem


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