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Not much to unpack

Posted on Wednesday April 19th, 2017 @ 12:04am by Lieutenant Gabriel Barron

Mission: Intermission 1: New Home
Location: Gabriel Barron's Quarters
Timeline: 17 February 2392, 1430


Gabe strode into his quarters and looked at the few boxes and bags that had been deposited there by the 'bellhops'. He grunted to himself as he rolled his shoulders and moved to the small mass of belongings quickly picking up and depositing the boxes in the appropriate rooms. He looked around his quarters and nodded to himself they wernt huge but they would do just fine.

"Computer, play Guy Clark's Dublin Blues, Austin City Limits version." the soft chords of a guitar could be heard strumming through the speakers of his quarters followed by the voice of a man.

"I wished I was in Austin, mmhmmm, in the chilli parlor bar drinkin' mad dog margaritas and not carin' where you are. But here I sit in Dublin, hhmmm mmmhmmmm, just rollin' cigarettes holdin' back and choakin' back the shakes with ever breath..."

Gabe sang along with the song softly under his breath, his baritone voice offering a counter tone to the tenor of the singer. After a few moments Gabe came across the hard case of his guitar. He paused and pulled the instrument out of it's case and sat down on the arm of the couch, strumming the chords to the song playing before he continued to sing to the end of the song.

"I have been to Spain, and I have been to proud to come in out of the rain. I have seen the David, mmm mmhmmm, seen the Moana Lisa too. And I have heard Doc Watson play Columbus stockaid blues. So forgive me all my anger, forgive me all my faults, there's no need to forgive me for thinkin' what I thought. I loved you from the get go, I'll love you till I die, and I loved you on the Spanish steps the day you said goodbye. Mmmmmm, well I wished I was in Austin, mmmmmmhmmmm, in the chili parlor bar drankin' mad dog margaritas and not carin' where you arrre." as the song ended he put the guitar down and cleared his throat, then coughed. "Ha, I need to put the six string up and finish getting everything in order here.

He stood to put the guitar back in it's case as his mind went back to the girl who did say goodbye on the steps to the Admin building at the UT Houston. He sighed softly and growled as the old anger returned, gripping the guitar by it's neck and raised it over his head and almost slammed it down on the table in front of him before he stopped closing his eyes and breathing deeply. The memory of his old flame was still raw all these years later, her green eyes flashing with the intelligence and fire that drew him to her to begin with haunting his memories. He grunted and bent over flipping the guitar around to be placed in it's case gently before he closed it and locked it back up.

The fight that broke out between her and him and raged for a week as he had just graduated and told her that he was going into the Marines. She didnt think he should go and he couldnt see how he couldnt. The duty and honor of his family, of their tradition of service was just as much a part of him as the striking green of her eyes were as part of her. She went on to finish lawschool at UT and he went on to serve in the war. When he came back he couldnt bring himself to see her, she had married and had a thriving law firm in the city.

He grunted as he lifted the guitar case and another crate and moved into the bedroom, deep in thought he put the guitar in the corner next to the bed and looked down at the case. The case was clearly marked "Living room" and he blinked grunted again and walked back out to deposit the case in the middle of the living room back where he had gotten it. He shook his head and looked at the area that were his quarters before making up his mind to grab the office boxes and head to medical to drown the ghost of loves past in sanitizing chemicals and bright lights.


Gabriel Barron
Acting Chief Medical Officer
USS Jerusalem


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