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Fine Tuning

Posted on Wednesday May 31st, 2017 @ 9:58am by Lieutenant Gabriel Barron & Captain Jason Stone

Mission: Intermission 1: New Home
Location: Marine CO's Office, Sickbay

Marine CO's Office: 0830

"That's everything for the day, go take care of your platoons and get me some status reports. I sent out a reminder for the detachment field day tomorrow, qualification day tomorrow, and PFT/CFT next day. I'll be making the request from medical for a couple additional FMF's. Dismissed." Jason finished up the morning meeting with his platoon leaders, took a couple questions and then went to update his standing board with the status of each Marine in the detachment.

"Computer, is the ACMO available for a meeting at 0900?" He called out, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible. Jason was still unsure about the CMO after the mess of the physical, and hadn't met the ACMO yet to know how that personality would work. Scuttlebutt pointed to a prior Marine, and Klingon, which naturally made him curious.

"Affirmative, ACMO's schedule is open until 1100." the computer responded.

Gabe had stayed up most of the night previous making sure that all the paperwork had been completed for the next day. As such he had carved out a few hours of "me" time before he had to go into sickbay. He had chosen to avail himself of the marine presence on the ship and decided to join them for PT if they would have him. He strode into Marine territory with his PT bag flung over his shoulder, the faded emblem of the corp on the center with Sgt. Barron stenciled in underneath. He looked around and found what he was looking for the apparent office of the Marine CO. He grinned wickedly at his deductive ability because it was the fact that the companies brass was filing out of that one area at this time that made him sure that was where he would find the CO. He turned smartly and headed towards the doors the brass was coming out of and pressed the button that would alert the inhabitant that someone was outside waiting to be allowed entrance.

Hearing the chime, Jason couldn't help but blink and check his own schedule. Seeing nothing pending, his curiosity was now raised. "Come." He rang out, wondering who would be needing to talk at this time of day.

The doors parted and Gabe stepped through, he came to attention and snapped a quick salute to the Captain and snorted as he did so.

"Mornin Captain, old habits die hard apparently. I damned near went into full on reporting mode. Allow me to introduce myself I'm Lieutenant Gabriel Barron, Acting Chief Medical Officer. I wanted to stop by to say hello and see if there is anything yall need. As well as to ask if I might be able to scratch my Marine itch with some PT with the platoon." Gabe said after his hand had fallen back to his side. His Marine training still caused him to stand at attention as he spoke, eyes held at a 45 degree angle to the horizon.

"Would it help if I told you to relax Lieutenant?" Jason asked plainly. A quick evaluation of the man showed him an equal height and similar build situation, with Gabriel probably being slightly heavier. "On the topic of what we need, not really. Set up something the with CMO to figure out which corpsmen we'll be getting, and some field responder training." Now he took a moment to think through the question and walked to the electronic board behind him, tapping it twice to bring up each platoon's PT records.

Motioning at them, he turned back to Gabriel. "Match these up, see which one fits you better. I personally lead the weaker groups, and I have a smaller group that does after hours with me in the gym under my native two-gee conditions."

Gabe grunted "Some times your always a Sergeant." He paused and then continued "As I'm Acting CMO I'll work with your corpsmen and see what they are needing. With regard to the PT I'd enjoy the challange of two gee, gotta keep the body strong after all."

Jason nodded to that, understanding the desire rather well. "If you want to do the two-gee, it'll be a slow build up. I know your system can probably adapt faster, but your boss and the CO would have my head if I let you get hurt coming up too fast. Since you are now a doctor, I take it that means you let your marksmanship fall to a, shall we say, fleet level?" He asked Gabe with an almost evil grin.

Gabe snorted "I shall igore the jellous jibes of Petty men." Then he grinned "You must remember Captain that I am a backwoods bit from Texas I was born with a phaser rifle in my hands. Besides there are no exMarines. Semper fi!"

Jason held up his hands at that comment as he grinned. "Hold on there, I didn't call you an ex anything. Just because you went to the darkside, we still hold the lien on your soul. As it is." Motioning for Gabe to sit, Jason walked to the replicator. "Something to drink? And as for your comment about being a...'Texan', wouldn't know much about that directly since I'm not a Terran. I do know that a lot of individuals who grow up with firearms, which you should know are not phaser type weapons, couldn't hit the broad side of Galaxy-Class saucer if their lives depended on it. You willing to do a marksmanship test?" He asked waiting at the counter.

Gabe threw back his head and laughed rauccusly "Are you asking me st shoot shit? If you were a woman I'd ask you to marry me. I'm asklways down to blow something up with an antique or a phaser rifle."

"I've known a few of your type that as soon as they switched, wanted nothing more to do with the 'old life'" Jason responded, and making the appropiate air quote motion. "I'll set you up with the armory office to withdraw a rifle and a hand phaser. Probably sometime tomorrow, let me know a good time. As for the PT, two-gee is at 1800, holodeck 4. Oh, one note. During PT sessions, rank is non-existent. It's purely ability and performance based. We get enough of pomp and ceremony during the day. Questions?" He paused to give Gabe a chance to ask.

Gabe snorted "If I really wanted nothing to do with the 'old life'" mimicking the captain's air quotes "would I be here now wanting to mix it up with the grunts again? Noooo, Captain I'll always be a Marine the only reason I switched to the Fleet is because they will let me be a Doctor and patch up insubordinate grunts that dont have permission to die from the Generals."

"Generally, as you know, it's more the Gunny that the grunts are afraid of...maybe the Master Guns. Glad to hear you are onboard though. Makes it easier if we can go through you than the CMO." Now Jason wore an almost evil grin. "If you can get the time, I'd like you to re-qual your FMF standing and training. Let me know, and we'll arrange the timing. I'll send you a notice for the PT and high-grav PT sessions, and we'll get you a range time to requal there. Anything else you want to go over?"

Gabe grinned and shook his head. "Nope though I got a feeling Captain, that we are going to get along just fine. I'll be at your PT and then we'll see about the quals when I have time to fit them in."

Jason nodded and stood up. "Well, we both need to get the day started. I will send the notices as soon as I can get them organized. Nice to have met you."

Gabe grinned and nodded "The pleasure was mine Captain."

Jason Stone
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Jerusalem


Gabriel Barron
Acting Chief Medical Officer
USS Jerusalem


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