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First Impressions

Posted on Sunday May 28th, 2017 @ 10:43am by Commander Declan Macclure & Lieutenant Dylan Nighthorse

Mission: Intermission 1: New Home
Location: XO's office
Timeline: In the not to distant future Next Sunday AD

"First impressions"

Commander Declan Macclure
XO USS Jerusalem

Lt Dylan Nighthorse
Chief Engineer USS Jerusalem

24 February 2392 (a thursday I think)
XO's office

A PADD in his hand and a cup of coffee steaming next to him, Declan Macclure was reading over the information on the new chief engineering officer. She had some good marks and ratings, the one mark he could see was her father's arrest. But that was on him, he thought, besides based on his previous careers he had a bit of a soft spot for the rogues trying to do good.

As he sipped the coffee he waited for her to arrive

[ Just Outside the Door, Ten Minutes Later ]

Having been through intake and dumped her gear into her new quarters, Dylan headed to the XO's quarters. She knew the way from all the studying she did on the trip out through the reality was something vastly better than statistics and diagrams. Point of pride really. No Engineer worth knowing would ask the computer for directions. It was just ... wrong ... She smiled, a soft curve to her lips, as she pressed the door chime. She remembered one of her instructors at the Academy, bellowing at some cringing cadet, 'how can you expect to fix a ship if you can't find the bloody Engine Room'.

She was admitted to the inner office by the duty yeoman. When she walked in the office itself looked more like a museum then a functional office, old looking books on one wall the other contained mementos of a very long and varied career, from diplomas, to old decorations all on display in the middle sitting behind a very functional wooden desk was the XO who stood up and walked over to meet her half way. "Lieutenant Nighthorse, a pleasure to meet you. Please come in."

"Thank you, Sir," she said, her attention drawn back from the study of the flotsam collected from a long life, to the man standing before her. "A pleasure to be here."

"A pleasure to have you." He walked back his desk then pointed to a chair, "Please have a seat, It'll be easier for both of us." He wasn't the most formal officer on record, but then something with having stars at one point means he just didn't bother with fripperies.

She walked over to the offered seat, automatically folding one leg beneath her as she sat down, and waited. Glad, if truth be told, to be nearly finished with the transition. She'd enjoyed being back at Utopia Planitia, enjoyed even more her time at home, but shifting assignments was like this. Periods of intense activity following by longer periods of unrelieved boredom. She pushed thoughts of food and naps and prowling around Engineering out of her mind and waited, focused for the moment on the new XO. Well, she thought. He's not exactly new. Just new to me.

He paused for a bit then spoke, "We've had mostly starbase staff keeping the engines warmed, it would be good to have someone to keep the Antimatter humming." He examined the bio, "Significant theoretical experience in Utopia Planitia, always good to get a sold base. Excellent ratings. " He paused reading the security report on her father, typical bureaucratic foolishness, it's not like he was selling secrets to the Dominion. But he pushed on, "I see you served on a Miranda class, so you've got good practical skills too. So.." He set down the PADD and then continued, "Tell me where do you want to go with your career?"

She watched him read the bio and was grateful that he, unlike so many others, didn't lead with questions about her father. When she answered, it was with lilting accent with which she spoke any language that was note her mother tongue. "I'm in it for the long haul, Sir," she said after a moment or two. "One day, maybe, to move up in command."

He nodded then continued, "Oh excuse my manners, would you like something to drink?"

She sighed softly as she nodded. "Yes, Sir. a cup of Vulcan Spice Tea would be great. "

Rolling over to the small cabinet he shifted some boxes before removing Vulcan spice tea and getting a small pot with leaves steeping. "Command is a good ambition, and being from the Engineering side of things myself I'd love to see more engineers in command track." Setting the small pot next to her there was also a decent sized china mug for her to pour along with the usual accouterments. "I see you have Officer of the Watch certification, that is very good, but we're also going to work on your bridge officer certification. " Then he finally brought up one thing, "Your father is currently incarcerated for smuggling. I see that you were granted appropriate security clearances, that's good, Has it been a burden for you?"

"Thank you," she said as she lifted the lid and inhaled the subtle fragrance of the tea. She poured herself a cup and leaned back in her seat, using the time to consider her answer. "Yes," she said at last. "It has. The shame of my father's actions is something I've had to answer for over and over again." She blew softly across the surface and then took a sip. "But I am not my father."

He watched her for a split second, "No" He said finally, "You are not." Then he continued, "As you've no doubt guessed I've had a rather long career, I've worked with men and women who are trying to put their past behind them, or just rebuilding their lives. But I am pleased to see your career has been yours alone, you shouldn't have to answer, as far as I am concerned, it's addressed, and set aside. "

Dylan smiled over her teacup, the shame clouding the depths of her dark eyes dispersed, as she said, "Thank you, Sir."


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