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Unlikely Encounters

Posted on Saturday June 3rd, 2017 @ 3:37pm by Lieutenant Commander Jaca Lands-on-feet & Lieutenant Gabriel Barron

Mission: Intermission 1: New Home
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 24 Feb 2392


Gabe sat behind his desk in the sickbay. He had been warned of oncoming officers that would no doubt find their way to sickbay for the routine medical officer's stamp of approval. As he had just finished getting things situated in his quarters he decided to decorate his office with a few of his rodeo beltbuckles and the few medals and ribbons he had earned in the Marines during the war. Since he was not longer able to wear them on his star fleet uniform his father had crafted a lovely stained oak shadow box to display his awards as well as his marine strips. He had a velvety smooth country and western singer from the 1960's playing over the speakers as he made his office 'his'. He sang along with the song his deep bass voice providing a counter note to the barritone of Jim Reeves.

Jaca didn't need to check her datapad to know she had to get signed off on by a medic. She'd been through it enough to know it was best to get it over and done with, at least be early in the physical line if there was one. It would likely be like all the others, some human medic who'd be stunned at the amount of injuries and scars she had. If she went into the various stories of how she'd gotten each one, they'd end up needing to sit down. It was just one of those things and guaranteed to win her some free drinks at bars when it came to playing Old Scars Showdown.

She strode into sickbay. It seemed standard enough, though the music she heard brightened her mood. She knew that twangy old Earth music and it had the few good memories she had of her Academy days. While she hadn't been impressed at all of modern Federation Earth, finding the little hidden spots where Old Earth still existed...those had been treasures. They ate real food, good fire cooked meat, drank strong liquor, and appreciated hearty explosions and fireshows much as her people did. From what she recalled of skimming crew files on her way to the starbase, both lead medics had human names. Perhaps one or both were from the Earth regions she genuinely liked? If so, this posting was looking up.

She stood at attention near a biobed and waited for the medic.

Gabe looked over his shoulder and saw a woman in security gold standing by a biobed. He grinned and headed out into the bay.

"Howdy..." he looked at the woman's collar "Commander, what can I do for you?" He asked a he headed towards her with quick strides.

While Jaca had seen many strange and diverse things in her life, nothing had quite prepared her for seeing a Klingon that wasn't Klingon. She had been around plenty of humans who bought into the Klingon honor culture circle jerk, but as she looked at the Klingon before her whose voice was rich and warm, not bluff and bluster...and who carried himself at comfort rather than all stiff and puff chested as if he was competing to have either his cock or chest enter the room first, not to mention his complete lack of calling her an honorless animal, she was left with only one conclusion: The Architect's Plan is vast and complex and while one of the Bandless would say this was a Sign..who knew what sign of what it was?

"The report for duty look over.", she said candidly, "Apparently it's not enough that I'm breathing and mobile for Starfleet."

Gabe chuckled "Well dear Commander Starfleet does love it's paperwork. Let me get a PADD and I'll give ya the one over." He moved quickly and grabbed the PADD that was laying on the counter for patient reports. He reached into the pocket of his medical coat and pulled out the tricorder he kept there. He flipped it open with a practiced movement and began to scan Jaca.

"So tell me Commander, what do you prefer to be called by?"

Jaca would've said that she could've counted on her Uncle Three-Fingers' hand how many times anyone ever asked that to her in Starfleet and *still* would have had fingers left over. "Either.", she said, "Both mean me. Humans keep splitting it into their first name-last name convention. Looks strange on paperwork to me."

Gabe snorted and nodded "Very well Lieutenant Commander Jaca Lands-on-Feet, you may call me Gabriel or Gabe for short. I'm the Acting CMO until the regularly assigned Doc gets done sunning himself on a beach... or diving through paperwork or what ever he's doing. It's a bit of a mystery to be honest but that's the fleet. They say go and I go." He grunted as he scanned her and went trough her injuries. "I'll be damned, you got almost as many injuries as I got during the war. They won't have a problem identifying your remand just look for the calcifications."

"Okay, Gabe.", she said, choosing the shorter form of his name since it flowed more natural to her tongue compared to his fuller name which felt more proper for an Intent Challenge and they certainly didn't know each other well enough for either form of that. "Us Djuundi heal faster than most. I think my last posting I finally managed the last injury to qualify having every bone either fractured or broken at some point." She grinned at the memory, "Got chucked into a bulkhead by an escaped mugatu being smuggled." She sighed with a smile, "Good times...Good times."

He snorted "Sounds like you would have prefer the Marines. We pride ourselves on 'war wounds' I have a few pretty ones from when a Dominion mortar went off near by. Blew out my ear drum and gave me a rather sexy case of connect the dots scars across my back."

"Djuundi and Marines were decided to not be a good combination according to Starfleet.", Jaca said, "Not sure if one was said to be a bad influence on the other or what. We all end up in Security because anywhere else gives Admirals grey hair and wrinkles."

He laughed "Well the fleet thought I was crazy to go into the Medic Corps and then I had the unmitigated audacity to get my MD." He finished the scans and nodded to her. "Other than some likely pain from the injuries you've sustained your in good shape."

His verdict was expected since as far as Jaca was concerned, the Architect's Plan was as it was and there would simply be no dying or serious injury until the Plan decreed it. "So, I'm breathing and mobile and good to go.", she said with a smirk.

He blanched "You've summed up your condition perfectly, are you sure your not a doctor?"

"With my warband, we often rotate positions as needed.", Jaca explained, "Been drill instructor to the younger ones, been mess hall cook, been order keeper, been field medic, been brewmaster. It made things interesting for the Academy when trying to figure in past experience."

He snorted at her answer. "Don't have sarcasm on your planet eh?" He shrugged his massive shoulders and grinned "But you have alcohol, hmmmm..." he eyed her and then spoke again "Your not part of Security right now, are you?"

Well, as she technically hadn't set foot in her office, it could be argued she hadn't started her official duties yet and medic's orders...were medic's orders...and by the Architect's Plan she really wanted a drink. "Obligatory warning, Djuundi alcohol works for drinking, fueling engines, and used for explosives. Goes down pretty smooth.", she said with a grin.

Gabe snorted "Since you like rocket fuel I'll give you a snort of some fine Texas moonshine. After I'm off come see me in my quarters. Bring some of yours and we can par take in some 'cultural exchange.'"

"I've had that before!", Jaca said with a happy grin, "On leave at the Academy I tended to travel around the south east and southwest mostly. The locals introduced me to moonshine and the old musicians Banjo & Sullivan. I never learned to pickplay unfortunately."

He grinned "Well your in for a treat. The folks brew a special moonshine. It's a flavored shine that has a pecan pie finish. Either that or you can try the whisky..." he looked around before lowering his voice "I have six kinds of whisky one bottle is over 50 years old straight from Ireland."

"I will try whatever you put in front of me.", Jaca said, now greatly looking forward to later as considering the morning she had, drinks would be a delight, "And if we run out, I'm pretty sure we can find more in the contraband locker."

He laughed "We wont run out. The whisky is only some of what I have. Privlages of being a country boy from deep east Texas."

Gabe had established himself as a definite bright spot on this deployment by this point even if he looked like the Klingons she'd mercilessly taunt for the fun of it. "We'll put the chance of running out to the test then."


Lt Cdr Jaca Lands-on-Feet
Chief of Security


Gabriel Barron
Acting Chief Medical Officer
USS Jerusalem


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