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Impromptu Dinner

Posted on Friday June 9th, 2017 @ 11:50am by Lieutenant Dylan Nighthorse & Lieutenant Gabriel Barron

Mission: Intermission 1: New Home
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 24 February 2392 - Early Evening

USS Jerusalem: Deck 10, Main Sickbay
24 February 2392, Dinner Time

Dylan made her way to to Sickbay with the confidence born of study and a burgeoning understanding of the ship (her ship though she wasn't about to say that out loud). She'd spent the afternoon studying engineering logs because engineers always (and if it wasn't always they'd be hearing from her) recorded everything they did. Course, all that coupled with the fact that she hadn't had anything to eat or drink since early morning, had left her with a headache. Thus, her visit to Sickbay. She entered and looked around for someone on duty.

Gabe was in his office going over the reports from the earlier shifts. He had gone back to his quarters and popped in on the overnights shift because he couldn't sleep and he wanted to see how they ran their rotations. So far it had been min or things bumps bruises and a few small lacerations that the staff had handled admirably. He looked up from the PADD he was studying when he heard the whoosh of the doors. He got up and moved out into the sickbay proper and spoke.

"How can I help you?"

Dylan offered a smile as she turned toward the Lieutenant dressed in Medical blue. "Hi. I'm Dylan Nighthorse, newly assigned Chief of Engineering," she said in her husky, accented, alto. "Been studying Engineering logs for hours. Was wondering if you had something to help with this headache?"

He pulled out a tricorder and ran it over her. He grunted and went back to his office and then came back out carrying a plastic container and some silverware. He handed it to her and said simply "Eat, judging from your scans you haven't eaten in over 10 hours."

She cocked her head slightly to one side as she accepted the container and then nodded. "Fair enough.." She inhaled the aromas as she stood there, one foot hooked around the other., while her active mind considered possibilities. "That came from your office. You have your own replicator?"

He nodded "Yes it did, yes there is, no that's not. That came originally from my quarters where I prepared it for lunch." He sighed "Patients come first and my Dad would crucify me if I didn't give you my food. Hospitality is big in the family. "

She smiled at that as she took a small bite of the pinto beans and nodded in appreciation. "The same is the true among my people ... always has been. Though I hope you saved some for yourself because this is seriously good."

He snorted then looked longingly at the steak. "Yeah I have some fixins in my quarters but the steak I'll have to pull another out of storage." He shook his big head and looked back at the woman "Sacrifices must be made."

"We'll share," she said and then added, with a slight shrug, "Its a hospitality thing."

He snorted "Well, if your the Chief Engineer I'll make you a deal. You can have the steak and all the sides that go with it if you will look into getting me a federation-compliant grill for my quarters. As you can tell" he slapped his belly "the fat redneck loves his foods."

She pursed her lips and squinted her eyes as she considered his offer. "Counter proposal. You help me finish this, I'll get to work on your grill and you invite me to dinner once its all up and running." She waved the plate under his nose. "Come on, you know you want to ..."

He laughed and nodded, "Well get in my office and off your feet you don't need the strain it will aggravate your head." He turned and waved a welcoming hand to his office.

Dylan followed him into his office and sat down on the guest side of the desk, drawing both legs up so that she was sitting cross legged, and then set the container down in the center of the work space. Her lower lip caught between her teeth, she cut the steak into two pieces and pulled the smaller half toward her side. "Do you have extra silverware," she asked, waggling her eyebrows, "or are we sharing that too?"

He raised an eyebrow and smirked "Oh my," he grinned and then pulled an extra set of silverware out of the desk drawer "but I think we can have separate utensils." He flipped the lid of the container over and slapped larger pice of steak onto the lid and began to cut it.

"So what brings you to the Jayru?" he asked using his nickname for the ship.

"Orders," Dylan said as she helpings of mashed potatoes and pinto beans to his makeshift plate. "I was doing a second rotation at Utopia Planitia when the orders came through. Haven't even been here a full 24-hours yet." She cut off a small piece of steak and ate slowly, savoring the taste. "Seriously ... this is good. I have no ability whatsoever in the kitchen other than repairing whatever ancient device of my grandmother's needed fixing. How about you?"

He shrugged as he took a bite "I grew up on a rural farm in Deep East Texas so I know my way around the kitchen a little bit. With a proper stove and oven I can make a decent meal." he took another bite and then stood up to head to the replicator "Computer, Barron tea one." he looked at Dylan "Drink?"

"Katheka," Dylan said and made a mental note to let the replicator know her personal preferences at the first opportunity and followed that by a second note that she really ought to find her quarters at some point. "Straight." She tracked backward in the conversation and realized how that must have sounded. "Personally, I'd probably starve but that wasn't what I meant. What brought you to the Jerusalem or ... Jayru, wasn't it?"

"Katheka." he said and pulled the drink from the replicator along with his own and headed back to the desk placing her drink down and sitting. "I got transferred here after the CMO had something happen where he couldnt serve for a bit. So here I sit Acting CMO across from a lovely engineer."

"Thanks," she said as she accepted the cup, ducking her head slightly under the unexpected compliment; her slender hands cupping the warm sides, she blew gently across the surface before taking a cautious sip. "And what happens when the CMO is... able to serve again? Will you stay?"

"From what I hear I'll be the Assistant CMO when he returns." he grinned "And I'm fine with that maybe they will let me go out with the Marines on occasion." His grin widened as he remembered his time with the Marines.

She couldn't help but grin back at his enthusiasm, it was infectious and cheerful all at the same time, though the subject matter wasn't exactly ... cheerful, that is. "With the Marines, really? You like being in the thick of the action then?"

He nodded and pointed to his shadow box "I was in the middle of it as a medic during the war with the grunts. Only reason I'm in this uniform is the grunts don't like Doctors wearing their uniform."

"Combat medic," she said softly as she shifted position to get a closer look at the display. "Why?" Thought followed thought and before he could draw breath to answer she realized she'd done it again. A question that wasn't specific enough. "I mean to say, why would they not want a healer to wear their uniform?"

He shrugged "Depends on who you ask. If you ask a grunt he'll tell you they are an elite fighting force. You ask a General and he'll tell you a Doctor has no place. It was only recently that they allowed medics in their ranks, normally it was Fleet medics that joined them. The war changed that so that they recruited their own medics. I think it boils down to economy. Why have a doc when your troops are ferried by the fleet, picked up by the fleet and will ultimately end up on a fleet installation. That way the Marines can focus on doing what they do best. Blowin shit up and killing the bad guy before he kills you."

"The practicalities of it make sense," she said as she took another long sip of the Andorrian coffee. "If the Marines are intertwined with Starfleet, then it makes sense to just use their medical personnel rather than duplicate resources that already exist. Still, there's practical and then there's the ... emotional factor. Did it bother you? Not being welcome?"

He laughed "I don't have time to be bothered, offended or any other emotion that puts someone else in control of my mood. It was a challenge and I can still help the Corps here. Teaching advanced life saving skills to the medics on the ship." He took a bite of steak and followed it up with some beans and taters then chugged a few swallows of tea.

"I like that. I've studied martial arts for years, learned about control, about not letting anyone pull a response out of me." She took another mouthful of steak and chewed thoughtfully, resolutely pushing away memories as she did so. "Do you like to teach?"

He nodded as he finished his bite of steak "It is quite enjoyable knowing that something I've done may help a Marine in the field. Even if I can not be out there with them." He drained his tea down to half way and grinned at her "You're a very curious woman is that what lead you to be an engineer, the desire to know what makes things work?"

She smiled, waiting while she finished the bite of steak she was chewing before answering, "Curiosity plus a love of technology, especially tech I haven't seen before ... its a lethal combination. Add to that a love of exploration and well, the writing was, as they say, on the wall." She pushed the plate away and smiled. "Thank you. Feeling better already."

He grinned "Obviously it was." he finished the last bit of his as well and looked over her shoulder into the sickbay. An Ensign came in limping slightly and looking like she was in pain. He nodded to the doors "Looks like it's horse and buggy time. You get that grill installed and you'll have the first steak that comes off of it." He stood and headed out "If you'll excuse me, it was a pleasure by the way."

"The pleasure was mine," Dylan said as she headed out of Sickbay. She thought about going to her quarters and then stopped, remembering something she should check first. So, back to Engineering she went though this time, sans headache.


Gabriel Barron
Acting Chief Medical Officer
USS Jerusalem


Lt. Dylan Nighthorse
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Jerusalem


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