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Settling In

Posted on Friday June 2nd, 2017 @ 5:42pm by Lieutenant Dylan Nighthorse

Mission: Intermission 1: New Home
Location: Deck 7 - Chief Engineer's Office
Timeline: 24 February 2392 - Afternoon

USS Jerusalem - Deck 7/Chief Engineer's Office
24 February 2392 - Afternoon

After leaving the Captain's office, Dylan went straight to Engineering where she spent the next hour introducing herself to the on-shift personnel. It wasn't until she entered the Chief Engineer's office that she realized she'd forgotten to drop her bag in her new quarters or, for that matter, find out where her new quarters were. The internal debate over what to do next ended at about the moment her gaze came to rest on her workstation. She'd spent the trip out pouring over diagrams and specifications and fact sheets on the ship; the urge to continue that exploration was all but irresistible.

She dropped her bag on the floor, rolling her shoulders a bit to relieve the tension, and then squatted. The bag was old, clearly well-worn, telling the tales of her travels and some of her Grandfather's as well in its worn seams and occasional scars. Inside, nestled among her duty uniforms was a ceramic bowl, crafted by one of her Grandmother's friends, and alongside that, a bag of assorted candy, sweets that spanned the cultures of several worlds; she emptied the contents of the bag into the bowl and, straightening, set the bowl on the corner of her desk.

Engineers and candy. My old Chief was right about that. And about how it became that much easier for the staff to check in with the lure of candy ever present. She stopped for a moment, running her fingers along the glazed surface, tracing the geometric patterns done in shades of black and gray and red. She knew the stories nearly as well as her Grandfather. At one time, the people had been nomadic, following the buffalo herds, but before that, before the European arrival and the introduction of horses, her people had been agricultural. Traditions nearly forgotten had been taken up once more and her Grandmother's friend was one such artisan.

For the first time since coming aboard. Not in an interview. Not squirming in a semi-hot seat. I'm actually here. Here feels good. She walked around the edge of the desk and dropped lightly into her chair, automatically shifting position so that one leg was folded beneath her, as she looked about the room. It was alright in the vanilla sort of non-threatening way that was a hallmark of Starfleet design. Not particularly interesting but that will change over time. We brand the places we inhabit, make them our own.

There was a great deal of information available in the computer with regards to the Jerusalem -- reports from the shakedown cruise, engineering logs from the preventative maintenance routines, alignments, and minor repairs, as well as shift reports and the individual reports made by the engineering staff upon the completion of each task. Each piece of data contributed to a complex whole and within moments she was deeply immersed. Everything else all but forgotten.

Lt. Dylan Nighthorse
Chief of Engineering
USS Jerusalem


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