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First introductions

Posted on Friday June 2nd, 2017 @ 6:05pm by Commander Declan Macclure

Mission: Intermission 1: New Home
Location: XO's office
Timeline: There was a Guy named Joe Not so different from you or me

Commander Declan Macclure

Lt Commander Jaca Lands-on-feet
Chief of security

It didn't take long for Jaca to find the docking port for the Jerusalem and board the ship. While her datapad did have her quarters information, instead she immediately headed for the XO's office to report in and have the required meeting. She figured once it was over, she'd knock out the one with the captain, then head to her quarters.

Rushing back to his desk Perkins had just settled in to his desk, being docked at the Starbase had allowed him the luxury of running off to a burger joint for lunch and getting the double meat with a big milkshake, As he had settled in with his post lunch drowsiness the door opened and he looked up, "Uhh....Can I help you?"

"Reporting in.", Jaca said, looking down at Perkins with a look that was much like a cat's with not being sure if it meant a pounce or not.

Perkins still stared at her warily, as he got up and moved towards the door, "Hold on.. I'll let the XO know you're here." He then activated the intercom.


"Yes What is it?"

"There's an armed woman here to see you."

You could here a sigh, "What do you mean armed?"

"She's got a gun bigger than her strapped to her back and she says she's reporting in."

"Send her in."

"Yes sir."

Then he looked up, "you can go in. Would you like to leave your baggage here I'll keep an eye on it."

"No.", she said as she walked in and stood at attention in front of MacClure's desk.

Macclure stood up and looked at her for a bit, "Commander, Welcome aboard." After a pause he gestured to a chair, "Have a seat."

She looked at the chair with a raised eyebrow and continued to stand at attention. "I'm good.", she said simply.

He paused, "then I have to ask, who is Shagga, and why does he love the cock? He asked looking at her bag it was decorated as most warband bags were with obscene drawings and a phrase "Shagga loves the cock"

Jaca blinked as no one had ever really asked that one. It was a standard graffitti comment that ended up adorning anywhere Djuundi spent longer than a walk through along with many diverse drawings of genitals and naked breasts. "Because...Shagga loves the cock?

He paused for a second then chuckled, "I can't argue your logic on that one. Though Shagga might, depending on his or her sexual proclivities." Then he looked the bio again, "Well considering I once knew a bomber crew who wrote "fuck you Adolf" on their ordinance during Normandy. It makes sense."

"Shows all soldiers have their version wherever they are.", Jaca said matter of factly, "Same with doing artillery or assault cannons as genitals poses."

"If you go back to the time of the Roman Legions somewhere is a picture of two Legionnaires using a ballista as a phallus for the amusement of comrades. warriors never change and I've been in my share of wars."

Jaca nodded in agreement, "The Architect's Plan for us is what it is. Some designs are solid enough for anyone."

"Quite so." Then he paused, "The Architect?"

"The one who organized the reality we live in and how it ends.", Jaca said simply, "Unless the Architect's Plan dictates, we Djuundi cannot die."

Macclure paused, not sure how to take that but he persisted, "So your fate is planned, you could walk in to a burning building and if it's not your time then you live but if you're walking down the street and it's your time a brick falling from a building could kill you."

"Exactly.", Jaca said, "My brother Khoda lived through explosions, ship crashes, a sprint across molten lava, a mile run across a live minefield with rounds going off everywhere, at least three stumble falls down mountains, and several firestorms. Lost his boots more than a few times, lost an eyebrow at least twice. Laughed and swore through it all. He died walking across a meadow, got hit by a lightning strike from a brewing storm. Architect's Plan was for him on that meadow."

"I recall one of my earlier trips with Starfleet, I met a gentleman who was acting as a liason from the Djuundi people, Vosta Stump-Leg, we had a conversation about this topic, he said that the Architect must have had big plans for several Starfleet officers because they should have been dead."

"My great-grandfather is still a stickler for order.", Jaca said, now beginning to look at Macclure with a fresh eye, "You are...Everman?" Her great-grandfather had mentioned meeting an interesting person who looked every bit like a human but Architect's Plan had the man living for far longer than any human or Djuundi.


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