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Whisky in the Jar (tentative title)

Posted on Sunday June 18th, 2017 @ 2:30pm by Lieutenant Commander Jaca Lands-on-feet & Lieutenant Gabriel Barron

Mission: Intermission 1: New Home
Location: Deck 10, Sickbay
Timeline: 25 February 2392

After leaving sickbay, Jaca went straight to shift. Her office was standard Starfleet cushy as was her quarters. She had an informal meeting with her staff of which it was looking like she was the shortest one in the department. Out of habit, she checked with their port base to see if any of her department ended up in the brig. Nothing yet, but it was still early in this posting. Even checking the confiscated contraband locker was positively mundane. The rest of her shift was uneventful to the point of she probably could've taken a nap in her office and no one would've noticed. But soon as the shift end Gabe had told her hit, she was off to her quarters to change and head over.

As she only owned her Starfleet uniforms and her Djuundi issue cammies, she changed into her comfiest set that was fairly faded with a white stripe where her assault cannon usually rested. She caught herself before just barging into Gabe's quarters with a booming greeting of "ohai" and politely chimed the door.

Gabe had changed quickly upon entering his quarters into a pair of faded blue jeans and a tshirt. The image of an ancient green tractor and the words "John Deere" above the image faded into the well worm grey shirt. He had a ball cap twisted backwards keeping his hair out of his face as he pulled two inch thick steaks out of his refrigerator. He slapped them on the counter and sprinkled some salt and pepper over them and grinned to himself as the aroma of aged whisky floated up from the marinated steaks. The door chimed and he called out "Come" as he warmed up the skillet wishing he had a grill.

Jaca strode in and at the smell of real meat cooking, grinned wide enough to make one wonder if her head would've split in two. From her experience, Federation only did replicated food save for those few wondrous areas she'd found on Earth. Only way this would've been better would have been firing up a grill. It was tempting to offer to throw one together with parts found on ship and wave her position overrides at the computer the moment it would panic, and after a swig of one of her home brewed jugs before she set them down, the idea was sounding really promising. "Had I known we'd be having civilized food, I'd've come prepared.", she grinned.

Gabe grinned "Make yourself useful, open the fridge and grab a few tomatoes and slice them up. As for civilized food the purple who grew it were definitely not civilized by federation standards. One reason they were able to raise me." He punctured the steaks with a fork and put them back in the whisky marinade. "I fear I'm going to have to go make friends with the Chief engineer so I can get a grill installed." He finally turned and looked at his guest "Well fatigues look good on you. What's your poison?" He moved to a handcrafted mahogany cabinet and unlached the two latches and opened the large box displaying his collection of alcohol.

"I'll trust your judgement.", Jaca said as she started slicing tomatoes, "With my people, we're always improvising grills. My advice on using the pull the drive panels off and cook on a plasma coil way is watch carefully because you blink and end up with charc'd meat. Still tasty in it's own way though."

He snorted "Unfortunately I dont have the grill and I'm not quite so skillful in the art of plasma cooking so we will just have to have it pan cooked." he leaned down and opened a small cabinet under the range top and pulled out a large iron skillet before plopping it down on the range and retrieving the large heavy lid that covered it. "Dont worry, I've done this before." he grinned.

"During my Academy days, I cobbled together a small grill for a cookstove from parts to get replicator recycled from the Engineering students. My roommate thought I was backwards for not using the replicator, but she never fully understood that my people can definitely taste the difference between real and replicated. Drove the officer from Starfleet Corps of Engineers crazy when he had me taste test and I picked out everything that was replicated. Even the plates. Until I found the regions on Earth that still cooked real food, I was living off field meal kits sent from home.", she said as she finished the tomatoes and began wiping up after them.

He nodded "I understand, I think they have become desensitized growing up on a diet of replicated foods. Coming from a working farm where I tilled the land and watched the fruit, veggies and cows grow I know what your talking about. Those tomatoes my family raised, the steaks were going to eat, they raised the cows from a calf, the beans came out of our garden." he grinned and pointed at the grey jug with a cork stopper "The moonshine from our stills." He poured a little oil onto the skillet and set the range to warm up. He put the cover back on it and moved to grab two glasses. "On the rocks or room temp?" he asked as he put the glasses down and pulled the jug from the mahogany cabinet and pulled the cork with his teeth to begin filling his glass.

"I've never had a preference.", Jaca said, now understanding how Gabe could be the most unklingony klingon she'd ever met, "My people have always been the brew and drink types."

He poured her a warm glass of shine and recorked the jug before putting it back in it's place. He scooted it towards her and picked up his lifting it "To old friends and new acquaintances which will become old friends."

"May we live as full as the Architect's planned for us.", she said, returning the toast.

He sipped and then gave an appreciative "Ahhhh" before dropping his voice conspiratorially "I plan to live longer than that personally." He turned his attention to the meat that was marinating in the whisky and he pulled the lid off the skillet and flipped the meat and whisky marinade into the skillet and dropped the heavy lid back into place.

Jaca chuckled and took a larger than usual sip. Feeling the warm burn down her throat, she grinned, " of the few drinks that lingers long enough for me to feel it. After drinking something like this, I simply can't understand the draw synthehol has."

He laughed "Yeah it does have a lovely burn dosent it? Wait for the finish, it's a lovely pecan flavor that dances along the tounge as the alcohol burns the belly!" he laughed uproariously, as he pulled the top off the skillet and flipped the meat making sure the sides browned before turning down the heat and adding the chopped onions from the fridge and letting it simmer.

"I could finish off a full jug on my own.", Jaca said, clicking her tongue to better savor the touch of pecan flavor, "In fact many gatherings where they brought out a jug for me to taste, I probably did just that."

He laughed "I'll talk to the folks next time were around home. I might be able to keep you supplied provided you dont drink the entire damned jug in one sitting." he picked up a piece of tomato and put pepper and salt on it before popping it whole in his mouth.

Jaca raised her hands in a mock surrender and smiled, "It's the downside to my people's metabolism. While we heal faster than most, we also need to drink more to feel it...and eat more to keep running. Things like wine and beer are like drinking flavored water at best."

He laughed "Well that's definitely not beer or flavored water. It's 190 proof or 95% pure alcohol. The other 5% is the flavoring. My father told me that it was strong enough to fuel an ancient vehicle called an 'automobile'." he shrugged he breathed in deeply and grinned "Do you like rare meat?"

"Rare or raw's good. Easier on the teeth.", Jaca said, "But I'll take it however it's cooked. I'm too used to 'can't be choosy in the field'."

He laughed and pulled the lid off the pan and flipped the steaks and dropped the lid back over the pan. "If you like it rare then it should be ready in a few minutes give the marinade time to soak into the meat. Should be very very tender. It's been in the whisky for a day."

"After the day I've had, it's sounding like perfection already.", Jaca chuckled.

He laughed and sipped at the moonshine and grinned "Yeah I understand indeed." he grinned and nodded to her "So what was so bad about today?"

Jaca shrugged and sipped more of her drink, "Nothing I haven't encountered before. The standard Federation 'We embrace all differences...unless you're just that bit too different for us' Just because I'm so used to encountering it to where I expect it doesn't mean that I'm not tired of it." She took another sip of her drink, "I guess the good take from it is I appreciate when it doesn't happen."

He snorted "Ah, yeah the uniformity of it is rather tiresome." He sipped again and stood to check the meat. He pulled some plates down and slapped the steaks on them. He opened the door to the fridge with his foot and nodded "Grab the beans eh?" he moved to the table and put the plates down on the table and turned to grab the skillet to pour some marinade over the steaks before grabbing some potato salad and putting it on the table. "Ready to eat?"

"I've been ready since I walked in the door.", Jaca said with a grin as she grabbed the beans.

He grinned and nodded to her seat across from his plate. He replaced the skillet onto a cool burner and moved to the replicator to get a sweet tea. "Computer Barron tea 1." he looked at her "Anything other than the 'shine?"

"Why tamper with perfection.", Jaca said as she sat down, "As long as it keeps flowing, I'll keep drinking."

He laughed and sighed as he pulled the jug and placed it on the table. "Just dont bloody die and you can have the jug as a gift. I'm pretty sure I have another in my storage." he sat down and nodded to her.

"I won't take unless you have more.", Jaca said as she savored the smell of the food, "It'd be bad manners to take the last you have."

He laughed "Take it even if it is the last. It will only be the last until the resupply gets to us. My family keeps me in the 'primo rations' as Daddy says. He served as a grunt in the Marines a while ago so he understands."

"Well, if you ever have trouble getting anything shipped through, let me know.", Jaca said, "I'll happily throw rank and title around to take care of any bureaucratic tangles."

He laughed "I appreciate it, you'll want a cut of course. A jug for the greaser?" He picked up the fork and knife and cut himself a piece of meat and grinned. "Damned can I make a hunk of meat!"

Jaca knew most in the Federation used cutlery unlike her own people who tended to just bite through things and use flatbread when necessary since her people could taste the slight tang left behind from metal utensils. But the steak smelled so good, she didn't want to taint the taste from knife and fork use, at least for the first bite. She leaned down with steak in hand and took a neat bite, pointed teeth going through it like butter. As expected, it was perfection. "This...this is bliss in meatform.", she said with a smile as she chewed.

He snorted "Happy you approve, I'll let the folks know that a true meat eater says they know how to make a cow." He grabbed the steak as well and sank his teeth into it ripping a piece off and grinning as slight tendrles of blood flowed down his chin. "It's even better with butter on it I swear on all things holy. I'll have to see if they can sneak me a few sticks of the good stuff."

"I would classify that as Critical Supplies.", Jaca said as she tore off another bite, "Wouldn't be the first time I've used that one. It's what I'm going to miss from starbase duty, getting an officer who you'd never see otherwise slink into the office, try small talking before trying to be discreet about it being possible to have some specialty from home come in without having to go through all the red tape and clearances."

He snorted and took another hunk of meat off of the steak. "You know I tend to think you might be right about that Commander." He grinned toothily and sipped some shine after raising the glass towards his guest in a gesture of a toast. "To senseable security chiefs!"

"May we keep being sensible.", Jaca said as she returned the toast.


Jaca Lands-on-Feet
Lt. Cdr.
Chief Security


Gabriel Barron
Acting Chief Medical Officer
USS Jerusalem


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