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Posted on Wednesday June 7th, 2017 @ 11:24am by Captain John Williams

Mission: Mission 1: Exercise LION PASSANT
Location: USS Jerusalem, Deck 1: Ready Room
Timeline: MD01, 0700

USS Jerusalem: Deck 1: Captain's Ready Room
MD 01, 0700
(8 March 2392, 0700)

"Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate 69184.2. After departing Starbase 39-Sierra one week ago, USS Jerusalem has arrived in orbit of Vieques III, and is slated to begin Exercise LION PASSANT within a few hours. Starfleet Forces Command is providing a team of ground and space Observer/Controllers led by Captain James Proxmeyer, as well as a Marine Opposing Force composed of Alpha Company of the First Battalion of the 21st Marine Regiment, and contractor-manned Adversary Squadrons for the Air Group. Meanwhile, Jerusalem's crew is going to be busy: Not only will they be practicing combat and wartime missions in their various domains, but Jerusalem is expected to lead the way on the design and construction of a potential colony on the planet - either for use as a training area or an actual colony, Starfleet and the Bureau of Colonization Affairs haven't decided between themselves. Given the system's proximity to the Neutral Zone, I could see it going either way. In either case, the design-and-construction mission alone will take a cross-departmental effort. Which probably makes it a good thing to throw at us, I suppose. And it'll all be graded, which should prove interesting. End log."

With that task completed, John Williams pressed a button on his desk's console, activating the all-hands PA system. A recorded bosun's pipe played "All Hands", giving him a second to breathe before he spoke.

"Attention all hands, attention all hands, this is the Commanding Officer. We have now arrived at Vieques III. Senior staff briefing in three hours in Main Conference Room. All personnel, prepare for exercise start and ensure Material Condition Yoke. That is all."

And now to find breakfast.

[OOC: Anybody who wants to join the CO for breakfast in the wardroom (set before the senior staff meeting) while we write the senior staff briefing, feel free! I can juggle multiple JPs at once!]


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