Preparing for the Nightmares

Posted on Friday July 14th, 2017 @ 11:15pm by Lieutenant Gabriel Barron

Mission: Intermission 1: New Home
Location: Gabriel's Quarters
Timeline: 7 March 2392, 2215


It had been a long day several days previously the CMO had returned, it was still unclear as to what had caused him to be forced to leave. Gabriel hadn't had a chance to meet him yet but would try to take care of that as soon as possible. He stretched as he removed his tunic and tossed it on the bed, then shimmied out of his slacks and threw them on the bed as well. He reached into the closet in his bedroom and pulled out a t-shirt that would stretch snugly across his barrel chest and bulge satisfactorily against his biceps. He snorted to himself at the memory of his first love explaining what a 'woman' looks for.

"Honey, a woman wants a man who can wear a t-shirt like it's pained on his chest and arms and lose around his belly. That means he's got muscles, and not from eatin' cornbread and beans."

Her voice echoed softly in his mind as he finished stripping off his cloths and gathering the t-shirt and shorts he would put on before heading to bed. He moved into the shower area, cloths in hand where he placed them above the toilet as he waved a hand across the sensor that would turn on the water. He slipped gracefully under the steaming water as he washed his face and body with the scented soap his mother had made on the farm. He stood there taking a moment to loose himself in the heat and allow the warmth to loosen the knots in his back and shoulders.

His mind came back to the present and wondered what he would be doing now that he was no longer the Acting Chief Medical Officer. He wondered if he might be able to suggest that his talents would be best suited to training medical personnel in emergency medical practices that would be beneficial on away teams. He paused for a moment as a though struck him.

"Perhaps I can get attached to the Marines and away team as the ground medical officer for operations." he mused to himself as he washed the last of the soap off of himself. He waved his hand thoughtlessly as the hot water beat against his skin. The thoughtless movement caused the temperature setting to drop to almost freezing.

"GAHHHH SWEET JESUS!" he bellowed as he lost his footing trying to get away from the freezing cold water and fell on his backside. He pushed the door open and battle crawled to extricate himself from the unfriendly fire of the shower head. He popped up and moved towards the shower and paused as he took a step rubbing his backside that was now slightly tender.

"Devil take you." he said as he waved his hand over the control that shut off the shower. He toweled off and slipped into the t-shirt and shorts before walking out into his quarters and pulling a precooked dinner out of his refrigerating unit. He grabbed the a set of utensils and put both down on his dining table before heading to the replicator and grabbing a sweet tea. He moved back and sat down at the table to eat. The pressure that always came about this time of night when he prepared for slumber began to press against his mind. The pressure of the memory of those that had passed on before. He lifted the glass of tea and poured a little into the lid of his container.

"Here's to you boys, your not forgotten."


Gabriel Barron
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Jerusalem