Welcome to the USS Jerusalem Wiki

Welcome to the USS Jerusalem OOC Wiki. Use this for all of your OOC information needs about the sim. Feel free to navigate by the options on the right-hand side of your screen.

Current categories

OOC Stuff - Sim rules and other out of character stuff goes here.

Rules - The rules of the sim go here.

IC Stuff - Things like info on IC places and so forth goes here. May be written from an IC perspective, should be obvious when that is the case. May be written from an OOC perspective, otherwise.

CO's headcanon - This is a place for the CO to store the writings he refers to as "headcanon" - his summary of his thoughts on how a specific part of Trek works. Not Jerusalem canon (and hence not required for use) unless sorted in with the IC stuff category. May contradict other canon, but he'll try to note when that happens. Posted more because he talks about it a lot sometimes and it's good that everybody knows what he talks about. Usually used in building his characters, PC and NPC alike.